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									                                 A New World
   The future for our planet will be full of changes and new ways of doing
things. Perhaps the biggest changes will be in science and technology.
Space will be explored. Humans will take advantage of new discoveries on
Earth. Also, transportation will evolve so that destinations can be arrived at
with much greater speed. As well, jobs will be streamlined; machines will
take over many of today’s typical occupations. As you will see, the
challenges of tomorrow should make life on Earth easier.
   The world has evolved since the year 2003. One example of, evalution is
a cure for cancer. Another example, is there are clons all over the world. A
further example, of Science is telloporting people to other planets. We go to
other planets to gather soldiers to create the strongest allience of the
universe. In addition, we will destroy aliens with our ray guns. Lastly, we
will be destroying planets with our nucular war heads. To conclude, science
is all aboute war.
   In the near futur there will be meany changes in technology. First, the
housing will be completely self sufficint and completely mobile. Second,
cars will not run on gas, and they will hover when they are in mid air. Third,
the mushens will do all the work, and you will go and wach the mushens.
Forth, farming there will be comupers comins, and the will do there feallds.
Finaly, schooling will be only 1 hr a day; the schooling will be easy to
unersand. To sum up technology will be easy to control.
   In the year 2053 Transportation will be really cool. First cars will fly.
Second shoes will increase a persons running speed. Third bikes will be
able to fly, fourth. Cars will be able to transform in to Planes, boats. Finally
The trains will be Powerd by Jet engens.
   Jobs in 2053 will be vary different then today. First, in eduction their
will be no teachers, and all the student will taught by computors. Second,
everybody with manteonice jobs will be layed off, and replaced with robots.
Third, cars will be able to tell the customs all the good furtor it has; this will
be bad for all saleman. Last, bingo worker will be replaced with computor
that are monted into the tables. To sum up, mantiance people, Bingo
workers, salesman, and teachers jobs will be totally different.

Sentences—At least 5 errors

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