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scheduling spas @ work

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									                    SCHEDULING SPAS @ WORK

     Dress professionally! No jeans!
     Make a list of where you want to stop. Put a smile on your face
      and have a Positive Attitude!!!
     Take with you Spa @ Work Introduction letter (found on team
      site at, Spa flip cards and your Date
      book (have dates in mind that you want to fill up)

                 WORDS TO SAY AND WHAT TO DO

     Ask for the manager, human resource contact or owner—PAY
     Make good solid eye contact, shake hands (you offer your hand
      first) and
     Say, ―Hi, I am __________________. Thank you for seeing me.
      I own a mobile spa business OR I do Relaxation
      Therapy.(whichever one works for you)
     I wanted to offer my complimentary services to you to treat your
      staff (or employees). We all have so much stress in our lives it
      filters into our work. This is a great way to show your
      appreciation for their work.

Listen and answer questions. Some frequently asked questions----and

     What does this cost? It is complimentary. I hope to promote my
      business in this area.

     How does it work? I will set up in a location preferably in a
      lounge area/or staff lunch area. Your staff can come to me 2-3
      at a time, for 20 minutes on their break or lunchtime. Or we can
      schedule it for everyone right after work
      What do you get from this if you don’t charge? I hope to
       promote my business in the area and book in home spa escapes.

      We can’t let you sell product here.----That is okay!! This is a
       service I want to offer you and your employees and my focus will
       be on relaxation therapy and again my hope is to promote my
       business in the area. I will not promote selling of my product.
       However, is there any project or foundation you raise money for?
       If so, I can donate a percentage of the proceeds to that
       organization or project.

If they say they have to check---get a number to call them back and
say ― Is __:00 a good time to call you tomorrow to check back with

Say ―Thank you for scheduling this special treat for your employees
they are going to love it. I will be back in contact with you by _____.
I am looking forward to pampering you and your staff!‖

Make eye contact and shake hands again!!!

Or say ―Thank you for taking time to see me. I will talk with you

Or if they don’t want to schedule leave your information and say Thank
you for taking time to see me. If you decide to offer this special treat
to your employees, feel free to contact me.‖

                  PREPARING FOR YOUR SPA @ WORK

Stay in contact with the individual you scheduled it with.

- spa music and cd player
- candles
- paper towels
- heated neckwraps
- hostess packets prepared (several so you can book on the spot and
hostess coach)
- contact slips (found on team site)

                                 SET UP

   -   Have candles lit and spa music playing
   -   When they come in put a neckwrap on them, and give them some
       SHOW OF HANDS to go to sink
   -   Put lip apeel on
   -   Tell them to close eyes and relax – massage the extreme repair
       hand crème on their hands
   -   Take off lip apeel and give lip balm
   -   Give Herbal Serenity foot crème to put on elbow
   -   Green Tea Masque and Hydrating Mist on wrist
   -   Demo Microderm Abrasion on one hand

Pass around the spa flip cards with the picture of the spa escape and
explain this is what you do and offer to them in their home for them
and their friends

They will receive a neckwrap free just for holding it

Say ―I am here to pamper you and de-stress you!! How do you feel? So
many times you fall in love with the products you’ve experienced and I
just want to share with you the products I used in case you want to
take them home with you.‖

Go over sets – set sheet found on team site

Give them the contact slips and have them fill out the information and
mark what they are interested in at the bottom.

Give hostess packet to those interested in booking a Spa Escape and
schedule a date on the spot
Follow up with in 48 hours to book, purchase or recruit
―Hi Sally, this is ___________ with BeautiControl. I’m your Spa lady
that was at (your workplace) on (Thursday)

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