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Dear John Walsh,
Re: Nicole Vienneau 32 Year Old Canadian Missing in Syria
Last Seen: March 31 2007
Location: Cairo Hotel, Hama, SYRIA

My name is [NAME] I recently came across this story on the internet and recall seeing it all
over the news back in April here in Toronto Canada. I have decided to volunteer and help
the Vienneau family in any way I can to help search of their sister, daughter and friend.

Above are links to websites, one is a blog created and maintained by Nicole’s brother
Matthew, both websites have in detail a lot of information on her last whereabouts, the
family is in search of certain people that may have been at the same hotel as Nicole, may
have even seen her on the morning of March 31, 2007 as she set out to go sight seeing and
they just want to find these people to see if they recall seeing her leave with anyone or if
she said anything to them of a change of plans, or if she outlined her day to them so they
can have an idea if they are looking in the right directions.

I religiously watch your show, I never miss an episode and I know in my heart of hearts if
anyone can get the word out it’s you and your show. I personally plead with you to please,
please help this family and help bring Nicole home to her mom and her brother and the rest
of her family and friends that love and miss her dearly. I personally don’t know Nicole but I
know by the efforts of her brother and friends out in Vancouver that she has a lot, and I
mean a lot of people that care deeply for her and miss her terribly and just want to know
what happened, just want to know where she is, want her home safe.

On the website here is a detailed list of her
travels from March 13 to the day she was missing, if someone sees this it may spark a
memory that can assist. They know that Nicole sent her last email home on March 29, they
also know that she attempted to log into her email on March 30 from the Internet Café in
Hama, it is assumed the internet connection was bad and she had given up. Then on March
31, 2007 Nicole disappears after leaving the hotel in the morning. More of these details
can be found here at this link .
The family is even offering a reward of 1,000,000SYP (20,000USD) for reliable new
information that leads to the return or location of Jacqueline Nicole Vienneau, or to the
identity of any person involved in her disappearance. More of this information can be read
here .

I will include a picture here of Nicole and there are many on the websites above as well, if
you can please state the names of the tourists that could possibly help, have them contact
Matthew Vienneau at I will also include the current list of tourists
that they are looking for, if just someone, anyone has a clue or anything they can share with
the family about what happened to Nicole, we need to reach out and have them contact the

Again, please I have a daughter myself and I cannot imagine what this family is going
through, with your compassion I know you can help find Nicole. I thank you so very much
for your time and consideration, keep up the good work you are doing such a good job for
the public thank you.

Below I have included many links to news articles about Nicole’s disappearance.

Kindest Regards,


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