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					                                      TO THE PARENTS OF
                          THE ST. VITAL VICTORIAS "AA" HOCKEY CLUB

                                       REGISTRATION FEES 2005/06

                  Minor Peewee thru Midget Boys $750                 Bantam & Midget Girls $650

Registration fees are required on: Monday Oct. 3rd, 2005 @ St. Vital Arena
    Minor Peewee Boys @ 7PM
    Peewee Boys @ 7:30PM
    Minor Bantam & Bantam Boys @ 8PM
    Bantam & Midget Girls @ 8:30PM
    Midget Boys @ 9PM

All cheques or money orders are to be made payable to the St. Vital Victorias "AA" Hockey Club. If two
payments are requested the first must be made at team registration, the final no later than November 30th (a post
dated cheque must accompany the first payment).
Registration Fees include:
• Winnipeg minor Hockey Association player assessment
• St. Vital Minor Hockey Association player assessment
• CAHA Insurance
• League and Play-off games
• Game Ice 1½ hours
• Game Officials
• Timekeepers
• Approximately 2 hours practice ice per week, up to Play-Offs
• Uniforms, Socks, Name Bars
• Team Equipment (pucks, Water Bottles, First Aid Kits, etc)
• Misc. game and practice expenses
• All Star Game
• Contribution towards “Vics Official Championship Rings” (team entitlement upon Championship win is
   $80.00 per player and ½ of the cost of the Coach’s rings)
• Coaches Clinics
• Administration fees (costs to include: postage, stationary, etc)
• Two Social Tickets to the Vics annual "Face Off” Social
• Risk Manager Trainer costs

Financial Statements are available at the annual St. Vital Minor meeting, which is held in the Spring.

How often do we practice and play?

Most teams practice twice a week, and play either once or twice, depending on the league schedule.
When does the season start and end?

The season officially starts in mid October, and ends with play-offs, near the end of March.

What commitment is there on the part of the player?

They have made the team, accepted the position on the team, therefore are committed to the team. Players are
expected to attend scheduled practices and games (allowing themselves plenty of time). They are expected to
participate in all their team activities, including fundraising, etc. Every effort should be made to support the
team and the Coaching Staff. Most coaches are flexible when it comes to school sports and activities.

Does everyone on the team get equal ice time?

The Victorias policy ensures that all players receive fair ice time. In critical games, during the regular season,
and play-offs, the Coaching Staff may use their discretion.

Dress Apparel

The St. Vital Vics teams wear only black helmets and black hockey pants. Throat protectors and mouthguards
are mandatory. All Atom, Pee-Wee, and Bantam players wear Melton and Leather (black and red) jackets.
Midgets wear Black Leather jackets. Jacket fittings are done at registration. A post dated cheque for the date of
arrival will be accepted. Players "dress code" will be: dress pants, shirt and tie or turtle neck sweaters.


One major out of town tournament is usual, plus as many local tournaments as agreed upon by the team. Teams
will be responsible for Coaches travelling expenses and accommodations, as set out below:
• Maximum two rooms per Coaching Staff
• Fuel allowance when Coaches use private vehicles
• Meal allowance of $40.00 per day per Coach (maximum 4 Coaches) Paid in $US for US Tournaments
Billeting of players is not allowed. If parents are unable to attend the tournament, they will be required to
provide a signed waiver form for medical attention of their player. Parents must also arrange/appoint a guardian
(other than a Coach, for care and supervision of their player.

Parental Involvement

It is mandatory that each Coach have a parent meeting to outline his plans/expectations, for the up and coming
season. At this time, parent representatives can be selected for the following:
    · one to act as liaison between the Coaching Staff, the parents, and the "AA" Executive.
    · one to act as team treasurer, to be responsible for all monies collected for fund raising ventures, travel,
        etc. The treasurer will also be required to submit a financial statement to our Treasurer, by the end of
        December and again at the end of the season. Please send to: Howard Thomson, 66 Amersham Crescent
        Winnipeg, MB - R2N 3H1

It is important that the executive be aware of any difficulties A.S.A.P. i.e.: problems collecting from, individuals
who share in the team’s financial responsibilities.
Fund Raising

Fund raising is recommended by the "AA Executive to minimize the cost of team operations. All ventures must
be cleared through the "AA" Chairman.

Vics Apparel

The purchase of apparel (ie. jackets, windsuits etc.) is an individual financial responsibility.
The "AA" Executive recommends that the teams purchase apparel for each Coaching Staff to a maximum of

The St. Vital Victorias annual "Face Off" social is scheduled for Friday, October 28th, 2005 at Glenwood CC
Two tickets are included in the registration fee.
Each team will be allocated "duties" which can be organised by the parent rep from each team. We thank you in
advance for your co-operation.

ENCOURAGEMENT of the parent group to be successful. We trust we can count on yours.

Cases of financial “hardship” MUST be reported to the “AA” Chairman PRIOR to final registration.

                                      Duties for Social (If Necessary)

DOOR DUTY                      Minor Peewee (11 yr. olds). Two people at the door at a time.

BAR DUTY                       Bantam Girls. Two people at the bar at a time.

FOOD DUTY                      PeeWee (12 year olds) These people are responsible for putting the food out at
                               11:00 P.M. and putting the leftovers away. Also to put the coffee on and check
                               on it during the course of the evening.

COLLECTING DUTY                Minor Bantam (13 yr. olds) empty ashtrays and collect beer bottles throughout
                               the evening.

CLEAN-UP DUTY                  Bantam, Minor Midget and Midget Boys & Girls (14 thru 17 yr. olds) clear and
                               clean tables at the end of the evening. Bottles must be emptied, put into cases,
                               and taken out. Kitchen must also be cleaned. The MORE HELP - THE

YEAR END BANQUET               The 6th Annual Year End Banquet will be held at season’s end on a date to be
                               announced. This players banquet is a must for all players and coaches. The
                               ticket cost for players and coaches is covered by fundraising efforts of the St.
                               Vital Victorias “AA” Executive. Parent’s and guest’s tickets will be available
                               for $10 each.


The Vics Executive recommends that players and coaches NOT LEAVE ANY VALUABLES in your dressing
room. It is strongly suggested that the team use a VALUABLES BAG during games and practices and bring it
to the bench or assign a parent to keep it safe.
The St. Vital Victorias "AA" Hockey Club takes pride in the development of our players. Improving skills
performance, and a better understanding of the game is important. However, the success of our program is not
measured by championships, but in the exercise of good sportsmanship, self respect, and respect for
coaches, players, officials, fans, and parents.

To have a positive effect, ALL those involved, should show the spirit of co-operation, a good attitude, and
above all, set a good example.

In the past we have experienced profanity, and offensive verbal abuse, with reference to and directed towards
our players, coaches, game officials, and other participants.

THIS IS NO LONGER TOLERATED. Failure can result in severe consequences such as:
Removal of the individual from the arena, and/or if heard from a parent, removal of their son from his team.

                              WMHA RINK BEHAVIOR POLICY
The intent of the “Rink Behavior Policy” is to ensure the environment in which minor hockey activities take
place is as positive as possible for all participants. The “Rink Behavior Policy” follows the Hockey Canada
philosophy that “it is a privilege to play minor hockey, not a right.”

The basic objectives of the program are:
1. To foster and enhance mutual respect, understanding and the principles of good sportsmanship and Fair Play
amongst all participants during minor hockey events.
2. To promote safety and respect, ensure fun, enjoyment and good competition at any minor hockey event.
3. The elimination of behaviors and actions which detract from a positive environment in which minor hockey
games should take place.
4. Zero tolerance of any forms of abuse and/or harassment during minor hockey events from any participants.

• Respect all facilities and their staff.
• Respect the officials and their decisions.
• Respect opposing team players, coaches and other participants.
• Take responsibility for the actions and behaviors of their teams on and off the ice.

• Respect all participants of the game.
• Maintain open and positive communications with players and coaches.
• Promote the rules of the game to all team participants.
• Keep the integrity in all games.
• Maintain professionalism on and off the ice.
• Remember that players are not participating in the game to entertain the parents.
• Spectators should not judge players by professional standards.
• Spectators should maintain their self-control at all times.
• Spectators should demonstrate respect for all officials and their decisions.
• Spectators should demonstrate respect for all participants of the game.
• Spectators should encourage sportsmanship, effort and positive attitudes of all participants.

• Players should respect all facilities and their staff.
• Players should respect the officials and their decisions.
• Players should respect the opposing team players, coaches and other participants.
• Players should take responsibility for their own actions and behaviors on and off the ice.
• Players should respect their own team mates

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