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        MONTREAL, November 4, 2008: Carny, a sci-fi television film about the
monstrous, sideshow attraction of a travelling carnival, began principal photography this
week in Ottawa starring Lou Diamond Phillips (Numb3rs, 24) as Atlas, the Sheriff of the
small town where the carnival lands. Hidden amongst the fairground workers and
sideshow freaks is a Jersey Devil shackled in a cage. When he escapes, the half
animal/half devil creature, with a thirst for blood, inflicts terrible revenge on the citizens of
the town.

The frightfully haunting story is written by Douglas G. Davis and directed by Sheldon
Wilson (Kaw, Shallow Ground). Muse Entertainment and Brava Pictures are producing
the picture for the SCI FI Channel in the U.S. and Super Channel in Canada.

Alan C. Peterson (Across the River to Motor City, Smallville) also stars as Cap Caprini, the
greedy and murderous owner of the carnival. Domenic Cuzzocrea (ReGenesis) plays his
fumbling hechman Quinn. Joe Cobden (Blindness, I’m Not There) is the deputy sheriff and
Vlasta Vrana (Human Trafficking) is Owen, the Pentecostal fire-and-brimstone minister,
who stirs up the townsfolk against the carnival freaks and “devil”. Simone Elise Girard
(ER, Naked Josh) is Samara, the beautiful fortuneteller of the carnival who falls in love with
the Sheriff.

”I jumped at the chance to direct a movie about freaks, set against the backdrop of a retro
Carnival – an incredible visual opportunity with a compelling cast of characters,” says

“Carny will transport the audience to a time of nostalgic carnivals – the ones we all
remember as young children. Our film will not just thrill them - but hopefully scare them
witless,” says Producer Irene Litinsky (Human Trafficking, The Last Templar), laughing.

“The little village of Metcalfe, Ontario will be fantastically entertained during the month of
November,” says Producer Nancy Boucher (Family Biz, I Me Wed). “Not only will our film
crew descend on Metcalfe but we are also re-creating an authentic 1930's Carnival thanks
to Carnivale Lune Bleue which opened its doors this summer in the neighboring town of
Kars. The Carnival, complete with a vintage Ferris wheel, circus tents and amusement
booths, will be the main set where our sideshow of a Gentle Giant, a Leopard Woman and
a Two-faced Man, takes place. It will be an unforgettable show.”

The director of photography of this CGI-and-special-effects-laden extravaganza is Danny
Nowak (Dragon Boys), the editor is Simon Webb (Tales from the Neverending Story) and
the Production Designer is Zoe Sakellaropoulo (Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde).

Muse Entertainment’s Michael Prupas (Crusoe, Human Trafficking) is executive producer
along with RHI Entertainment’s Robert Halmi, Sr. (Tin Man) and Robert Halmi, Jr (Flash
Gordon). Muse Entertainment’s Sandrine Gros d’Aillon (The Last Templar) is
Supervising Producer. RHI Entertainment is the international distributor.


For more information, please contact:
Betty Palik, Director of Communications, Muse Entertainment Enterprises
Tel: 514-866-6873. Email:;

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