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                                              Requirements to Apply For a Gas Card
                                                                 By Tom Tessin

   Online application for gasoline credit cards has become easier than it was in the beginning. Just by
submitting in some information, applicants can avail of gasoline credit cards. First, it is necessary to
make the right choice for a gasoline card. An applicant needs to select a gasoline credit card based on
his financial stability.

 The applicant has to provide all the necessary information for applying for a gasoline credit card. This

1. Address
2. Full name
3. Birth date
4. Salary

 Applicants fill in all the required details in the form provided and click the Apply button. Selections of
applicants having a good credit are faster. They receive their gasoline credit cards within two to three
weeks via mail.

Gasoline Credit Card Policy:

 An applicant interested in applying for gasoline credit cards has to follow the gasoline credit card
policy. Different credit card companies offering gasoline credit cards have their own policies. Most
credit companies follow a general prescribed policy without any modifications in the policy.

 An applicant, interested in purchasing gasoline credit cards, has to agree to certain terms and
conditions prescribed in the policy. The most important condition an applicant must possess is a
vehicle of his own.

 After the card application is filed, the credit card company verifies about the applicant's vehicle. The
company then issues a gasoline credit card to the applicant. All details containing lists of fuel stations,
emergency numbers, card procedures, mileage tickets, insurance card, and registration comes with
that card.

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 On issuing a gas credit card to an applicant, the credit card company provides a Personal
Identification Number (PIN). Applicant needs to call the Business Office of the credit card company,
twenty-four hours before using the card. It is necessary to keep this PIN a secret and not disclose it to

 An applicant might use gasoline credit cards for buying essential services under certain
circumstances, during emergency. Maximum of $100 purchase is the credit limit of the card. If the
purchasing values go beyond $100, the individual will need an additional consent of the Motor Pool.

 If there is a major breakdown, individuals need to contact emergency numbers for more assistance.
Individuals need to maintain bills of purchases they have made. If a gasoline card is lost, individual
need to inform the Business Office immediately.

 Individuals, who violate the policy of gasoline credit cards, receive a written warning. If this violation
continues, the credit company starts the barring process of that credit card.

Eligibility for a Gasoline Credit card:

Individuals applying for gas credit cards need to fulfill the following criteria:

1. Applicant has to be 18 years old.
2. Applicant needs to be working.
3. Applicant has to have a bank account and savings account.
4. Applicant's monthly rents need to be half of the monthly income.
5. Telephone needs to be in the applicant's name.

 The process of issuing a gasoline card starts once the verification and eligibility criteria process are
completed. Individuals can then start making use of their gasoline credit cards.

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                                   What Are Gas Credit Card Application Requirements
                                                               By Loren Yadeski

Nowadays, gas is at an all time high. $4 a gallon is no joke. The gas companies are making so much
money off the average American consumer. It’s time that you take some steps to save some money. If
you’ve decided that a gas credit card is one of the many ways that you can save money, then you
might be wondering how to apply for one.

 It’s easy. All you have to do is click the apply now button next to the credit card of your choice. A good
credit card will normally allow a secure and safe online application. You’re on the road to saving some
money with just a click of your mouse. If you’re shopping around for the best deal, it’s best for you if
you spend some time checking out the rewards, benefits and rates the card offers. This can help you
find the best credit card for you. Why get a miles rewards card if you don’t plan to travel by air at all?
You’re better off with a card that offers cash backs and auto insurance, or hotel and dining discounts.

Here are a few requirements that are needed when applying for credit cards:

 1) Your credit score – Most credit cards will check your credit score when you apply for a credit card.
A good credit score will get you the best APR. You don’t have to have an excellent score of 800 to get
that deal. If you have no credit history, this could be a way for you to build one. Your score will
determine the limit you have on your card.

 2) Secure income – Most credit cards need to verify if you have a secure income that can pay off the
card. Don’t worry about it; there are card ranges for every kind of income. You can start off with a small
card and build up its limits later.

 3) Your credit report – The credit card issuer can ask one of the three credit card bureaus to issue
your credit report. This contains all past history when using credit. This includes mortgages and other
loans, previous cards and other things affecting your credit score.

 4) Other requirements – Most credit cards require you to be of legal age to apply for a credit card.
There are also student credit cards available for those of you in university or college. If you’re a student
you may need to provide a copy of your enrollment form or student ID.

 5) A valid address – Credit card companies will decline you or refuse to activate your card if you have
a PO BOX listed as billing address. This is because law requires you to provide a home address. Don’t
worry, you can ask them to keep your home address on file and bill you through the PO BOX.

 Credit card requirements may vary from company to company. You can easily apply for a gas card
with your current credit card provider without having to worry about credit score checks because they
already know your score. So if you’re happy with Discover, why not try their gas card? This is one way
that you can easily be approved for a credit card without the hassle. You also have the option of going
through your local credit union or bank to help you with the application for your credit card. But why
wait when you can apply online now? Don’t forget to read the terms and conditions before applying!
Save a copy of your application or print it for future reference. offers free applications for gas credit cards online. Apply for a gas card

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