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                                                              Reputation Marketing
                                                             By Jennifer Thompson

   Guildford businesses are not alone in doing what they can in the Reputation Marketing field.

 Every business has a reputation and it is important to work on getting a good one. It can take a long
time and a lot of money to get a good reputation and yet it can be lost in an instant. Everything your
business does is observed. You need to know what customers or clients think of you and work on
getting it right for them. Feedback from your audience is very valuable.

But how do you get that feedback?

In this day and age, using the internet is certainly a big tool to utilise, especially via your own website.
Testimonies from your customers are like gold and you should include them on a webpage within your

But what about negative feedback?

 This is important, especially if you are getting a lot of it about a particular product or service. You
needn’t put all the nasty stuff onto your webpage, but by taking quick action and put, say 1 in,
announcing that you are sincerely rectifying the situation, demonstrates to your audience your duty of
care – your reputation goes up. If the negative feedback has any merit, why not look at modifying your
business operations to make sure that the situation doesn’t arise again and again let your audience

 Feedback about your product or service is not necessarily always left on your website. It can be left
within a trade directory, or similar websites that relate to your business. For example, if you are in the
hotel business, your hotel may be listed in several online directories. It is well worth putting aside a few
hours each week or month just to check out your reputation on these websites – what did people
think…. How many stars did they rate you….

 Feedback from your audience in the form of their experiences, opinions, etc can also be put circulated
onto the many chat, blogs, forums or social networking websites around. By monitoring what people
are saying it helps you to keep in control of any crisis situations, for example, you may need to do a
product recall, you may need to squash a rumour. Positive experiences can be worked to your

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                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

advantage too.

 By being willing to change and adapt in response to feedback, you find over the long term, that your
business will succeed. You really do want people to talk about your business – positive and negative
feedback will have an impact on your business.

 It sounds like a full-time job to keep abreast of it all, but as long as there are tools allowing people to
share their content (opinions) there will be tools to monitor it too. For example you can google to alert
you on the results of a certain phrase or topic. Google can even alert you on any topic out there on the
blogs. So if time is a concern for you, look into outsourcing this activity.

 Finally, watch out for criminals who want to get in on the act and can blackmail corporations by
threatening to damage their reputation online. You may also bump into the occasional competitor who
may also wish to cause you trouble too!

This is a personal opinion expressed and written by Jennifer Thompson of, your complete online guide to Guildford

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                                                    An Affiliate Reputation
                                                       By Jody Bellon

 Lets start out by saying that for every one good thing said about affiliate marketing ten negitive things
are said. Those are pretty bad odds if you ask me. Affiliate marketing is a monstrosity of a business.
The fact is most prominent businesses on the internet use some form of affiliate advertising today. This
is obvious. So how can it have such a bad reputation? Well I have an idea why.

I believe it's how affiliates market for companies and of course some of the companies are frauds in
themselves. Some companies or affiliates will say "you will get rich overnight with little or no work on
your part." This is a form of trickery and deception. If you are in the affiliate business, I shouldn't have
to tell you that this isn't a good thing to promise your prospects. You want to build your reputation, not
destroy it. Every business owner knows you have to work hard and invest time to gain real results. So
Maby If we all yell, kick, and scream loud enough all these companies and false promises will
disappear. I doubt it. Are they going away? Not anytime soon.

Of course someone new to internet marketing won't know the difference between a legitimate company
and a fraudulent one. So it's up to those of us who already been through it and know what to look out
for to give fair warning. It's up to us to make a positve influence on affiliate marketing as a whole and
help restack the odds in our favor. By showing ourselves to be good moral internet citizens and helping
others reach their goals the right way, the honest way. If we do this I know we will be successful and
proud to be called an affiliate marketer.

So be careful not to get caught up in the whirlwind of internet marketing. Picture it in the likeness of a
black hole that will suck all your money, time, and energy and leave you with nothing. I believe this is
why so many affiliates give up so easily, and leave with a bad impression. It's difficult to recoup from
such a powerful unexpected onslaught.

But there is still hope, There are still some of us who care enough to take you by the hand and guide
you through this complex maze and show you what the true meanning of affiliate marketing is. It's
being dedicated in helping others succeed, it's being honest with yourself and building a good
reputation as well as the reputation of affiliate marketing as a whole. It's treating others how you wish
to be treated.

Just becouse your on the internet doesn't mean you give up your moral compass. build your
relationships as if you were face to face. Affiliate marketing is very competitive yes, but you don't have
to be a cut throat salesperson and try to trick people into buying your products. Use a unique planned
out marketing strategy that is tactful. Be a good mentor and help others achieve their goals and in
return you will be successful yourself.

You may have to face some not so good encounters along the way but that doesn't mean you have to
join them. Be unique. Be yourself. This will help you more than anything else. I believe affiliate
marketing is a good thing if used the way it was intended and will continue to enhance peoples lives
around the world.

Jody Bellon is home business owner who promotes affiliate programs and is dedicated to helping
others who want to learn how to do the same. You can visit his site at: and http:

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