Repairing Credit Is Hard, Not Impossible

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   Credit repair counseling can be employed in many directions; to prevent debt, to get out of debt, and to stay out
      of debt. Credit repair takes place over a couple of months and there are various steps involved in order to
                                               increase your credit score.
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                                               Repairing Credit Is Hard, Not Impossible
                                                                  By Joseph Feross

  On average, if you are an American your credit score probably reads at about 692. A good score is
considered to be 700, so really even the average American needs to improve their credit some.
However, with many people in huge debts, with very low scores, sometimes the people in the middle
get confused when they try to find information on credit repair feeling lost as they read of lawyers and

 First of all, if these options never occurred to you, then you can probably stop panicking. There is a
huge difference between someone who simply wants to gently perform some credit repair to get back
into the good zone, and someone who is considering bankruptcy and settlement offers as their form of
credit repair, and that difference is probably on their loan statements.

 It's not great that almost everyone (besides those pesky people with excellent scores!) needs to
practice some credit repair on their credit scores, but the good news is, that while it is going to be hard,
as it is a lot harder to repair it then it was to lower your score, it is possible. So if you are simply looking
for a way to perform some gentle repair to your credit score, you have come to the right place.

 Credit repair can be linked fine-tuning the engine of a car for someone who has fair credit but is
looking to get up to the next ranking. You have not bottomed out, so you are doing something right, as
an engine can still be running, but there must be a connection that's not running smoothly or you would
already have an excellent credit ranking.

 What you have to do then, is find out what that connection is and reseal it so you can boost your credit
score (engine) back to optimum position. This is easier said than done, but you probably need to do
one of two things to get your credit repair jumpstarted.

 The first thing to evaluate when deciding where to focus you credit repair is on your loans. Do you
have so many loans that you are unknowingly dropping your credit ranking based on outstanding debt?
This contributes to 30% of the reason why your credit score may be loan. If you have a lot of college
loans left over, you may consider looking into federal consolidation as the government offers a one
time opportunity to consolidate your loans and pay them off at a lower rate. If you are in the same
situation, but its credit card loans mixed with your mortgage and vehicle loan that is driving you down,
you need to look into debt consolidation agencies. They can also offer you options similar to the

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                                              Presented by Daniel Toriola

government and school loans.

 The second thing is too look at how you are paying your bills. Being consistently late on your bills
makes up 50% of your credit score, and could be why you are in need of credit repair. If you think that
the reason you are behind is because you can't seem to catch up, consolidation may be an option for
you also. However if the reason is you are just disorganized and easily get behind, well then start
budgeting and marking your calendar every dill due date. Start catching up and you will reap the

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                                              Presented by Daniel Toriola

                                         Professional Credit Repair Organizations
                                                           By Dana B. Smith

Repairing your credit is very hard to do by yourself. Thankfully there are many professional firms that
can assist you in fixing your credit. Repairing bad credit is a serious business and when you attempt to
fix your bad credit on your own it can be a very difficult undertaking. It is important that you take this
process seriously. This is the reason why professional credit repair organizations exist. They can give
you the help that you need.

 There are many professional credit repair organization, called debt consolidators or credit counselors
that are relatively easy to find. You will see these organizations advertised on radio and television.
These professional credit repair organizations claim to be able to repair your credit and credit score no
matter how bad your financial situation is.

 These organizations may seem to be making false claims but the claims are not false at all. These
organizations are very professional and can turn around someone’s credit and assist you in improving
your credit score. Once you have contacted one of these firms, they will proceed to help you get your
credit back in shape. These firms will help you manage your credit and help you set financial goals that
motivate you and that you can live with.

 Remember that you should be aware of the credit repair firms that make false claims. These firms
cannot provide you with what you need. In their TV commercials and other advertisements they claim
that they have the ability to completely wipe out all of your debt, cancel any bankruptcies on your credit
report and help you get a fresh start as far as your credit is concerned. Stay far away from such firms
because they are making false claims or seem to be dishonest

 Also stay away from credit repair companies that require an individual to pay an advance fee before
the company will commit to assisting you. These types of credit repair firms do not let the person know
the legal rights and options they have when it comes to repairing their credit because you may have no
need for their services and they could lose potential business and the advance fee.

 There are many people that do not have a need for a professional credit repair firm and they believe
that they can repair their credit by themselves. You should know that this takes a lot of work and can
be very difficult. If you do decide to use a professional firm to assist you in repairing your credit be sure
to obtain all the necessary information about the company you want to use ahead of time. If you know
that you want to work with a particular credit repair company, be sure to read all of the documents that
they give you thoroughly. The documents that the company gives you will let you know what they
required of you in order to work with you and improve your credit rating and credit score.

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                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

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