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									         Simulation Interoperability Standards Organization (SISO)
         Terms of Reference (TOR) for the SISO Standing Study Group (SSG) on:

                     Simulation Conceptual Modeling (SCM)

1.   Proponent Name(s) and Contact Information:
        Jack Borah
        The AEgis Technologies Group, Inc.
        2800 Discovery Drive
        Suite 270
        Orlando, Florida, 32826-3010
        Tel: 407-380-5001 x133 Fax: 407-380-7902

          Additional Proponent(s)
          See attached listing of SCM SG attendees

2.   Rationale:
        The Distributed Simulation Processes and Tools Forum will sponsor the
        formulation of a Simulation Conceptual Modeling Standing Study Group (SCM
        SSG). The Simulation Conceptual Modeling Standing Study Group (SCM SSG)
        is to be formed in order to continue the investigation on the best practices of
        simulation conceptual modeling and to establish additional recommendations for
        pursuit of the topic within the scope of the SISO, if appropriate. A simulation
        conceptual model is an abstraction from either the existing or a notional physical
        world that serves as a frame of reference for further simulation development by
        documenting simulation-independent views of important entities and their key
        actions and interactions. A simulation conceptual model describes what the
        simulation will represent, the assumptions limiting those representations, and
        other capabilities needed to satisfy the stakeholder’s requirements. It bridges
        between these requirements, and simulation design.

3. Tasks:
The Standing Study Group shall execute the following tasking:
   1. Research the use of conceptual modeling in the M&S or related information
   technology domains:
        Make data calls for readily available empirical evidence, with the intention of
          creating a set of best (most-effective) practices by leveraging successful and
          unsuccessful conceptual modeling experiences.

     2. Perform exploratory work into the establishment of best practices for simulation
     conceptual modeling:
         Identify and evaluate prospective significance of the topic to the scope of the
            SISO and the interests of its members, addressing particularly the implications
            of conceptual modeling best practices for modeling and simulation.

SISO SCM SSG TOR 30 July 2007                                                  Page 1 of 2
         Simulation Interoperability Standards Organization (SISO)
         Terms of Reference (TOR) for the SISO Standing Study Group (SSG) on:

                     Simulation Conceptual Modeling (SCM)

           Refine existing conceptual modeling terminology, draft an ontology of
            concepts, document relevant techniques, and beneficial procedures.

     3. Establish recommendations for persistent management of the topic within SISO.

     4. Provide support to other SISO Study Groups (SGs) and Product Development
     Groups (PDGs) (as related to the topic of Simulation Conceptual Modeling).

     5. Become and remain cognizant of other organizational efforts to research and
     address M&S conceptual modeling standards and practices and make every possible
     effort to make contact with such organizations for the purpose of expressing interest
     in their efforts and findings, potential collaborations, and in sharing the findings of
     the efforts of this standing study group.

4. Products:
Products resulting from the establishment and execution of the Standing Study Group
   shall include:
   1. Annual Report through SAC to EXCOM
        The annual report shall be on due on the 1st of September each year for
           consideration at Fall SIW.
        The annual report shall describe the SCM SSG progress over the last year.
        The annual report shall describe the SCM SSG goals for the next year.

     2. Recommendations on the establishment of the best and most effective practices
        for conducting Simulation Conceptual Modeling.
     3. A Bibliography referencing informative books, articles, papers, presentations, and
        other documents relevant to the conduct of conceptual modeling.

5.   Performance Period
        The SSG shall formally begin work at the Spring 07 Simulation Interoperability
        Workshop (SIW). The SSG shall continue work until the membership of the
        group decides that Simulation Conceptual Modeling is no longer a topic of
        special interest to the membership of SISO.

SISO SCM SSG TOR 30 July 2007                                                   Page 2 of 2

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