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					The Regional Education Exchange (REE):

The REE is an opportunity to share outstanding presentations within different MUSE regions
and to allow the Facility Member REE winners the opportunity to experience other regional
conferences. This will enhance the overall networking experience for everyone involved.

The format is comprised of three presentations chosen from those submitted for each North
American regional conference. At each conference, a panel of three judges will decide on the
best overall presentation. Each winner (one per conference) will enjoy an all-expense paid trip
to present his/her session at another regional MUSE conference in the United States or
Canada. This will allow the exchange of education between North American MUSE regions
similar to what is taking place with the United Kingdom & Ireland via the International Education
Exchange (IEE).

1. Submission of Presentation
The cut-off date for REE presentation submissions is 60 days prior to that region’s conference.
The Call for Participation form on the MUSEWeb must be used to submit an REE presentation.
The submission must include the presentation title, presenter’s bio, and presenter abstract. The
duration of the presentation should be 50 minutes. REE contestants must also submit a
preliminary PowerPoint presentation 40 days prior to that region’s conference.

2. Review of Submissions
A panel of judges from each region will review each presentation to determine the top three
finalists. Preliminary submissions are judged on:
     Content and professionalism of the submitted abstract and preliminary PowerPoint
     Relevance of topic
     Overall Regional Interest within North American Regions

3. Notification Process
The three finalists will be notified well in advance of their Regional MUSE Conference.

4. Finalists present sessions at the respective MUSE Regional Conference
The panel of judges critique:
     The relevance of the presentation topic.
     Knowledge of the presentation topic – finalists should be prepared to field questions
       following their presentations.
     The presenter's ability to articulate the value of the presentation – a good presenter helps
       the audience understand why the topic is interesting and pertinent.
      Overall quality of the presentation – a first-rate presentation includes stories of personal
       experiences, challenges, and successes. The presentation should have a pleasing flow,
       clear structure, and beneficial slides.

5. Award Presentation
The top presenter from each Region will win a trip to present his/her session at a different North
American Regional MUSE conference.

The Fine Print:
    Only active Facility or Associate members are eligible. Commercial members are not
    MUSE covers the cost of economy class, round-trip airfare, airport transfers, four nights
      hotel (standard room), and a reasonable per diem for meals.
    The REE prize is not transferable.
    The prize must be used within 18 months; otherwise the prize is forfeited.
    There is no cash value.
    Only one presenter per presentation is eligible to receive the prize.
    The decision of the judges is final.
    Past winners of the International Education Exchange (IEE) contest may not submit their
      winning presentation for an REE contest. IEE winners may submit new presentations for
      consideration. Those presenters who participated in an IEE contest but did not win may
      submit their IEE presentation for consideration in an REE contest.
    The panel of three judges will be selected from this group: International Board Director
      (for the region), other International Board member (if available), the MUSE Executive
      Director (if available); other appropriate attendee(s) as selected by the Board Director
      and/or the Region Chair.
    It will be determined if any judge is employed by the same facility as an REE contestant.
      If so, the judge will be considered in a conflict of interest and cannot participate as a
    Regional Board members may participate in an REE contest. However, the Region Chair
      may not participate in an REE contest.
    If only one REE presentation is submitted, the presentation will be reviewed by the panel
      of judges. The REE prize will be awarded only if the presentation is deemed worthy by
      the judges.

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