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					                                Fundy Agility & Sports Team
                                                       Is proud to Present an

                                                     Sanctioned Agility Trial

Judges Bio - Dan Yielding: I am honored that you have asked me to judge at FAST, at your July Trial. I started in agility, watching
Lynda play with her Toller, Shadow, who is now 13 years old. I decided that this was an activity that I wanted to get into, because it
looked like a lot of fun, and the people were great people. I started competing with Spryte, my own new Toller, in 2001, and I was
hooked right away! Spryte earned her Bronze before retiring; and her daughter, Rebecca has her Bronze, and is still carrying the Toller
torch, for Muskoka Agility Dogs (MAD)!

As judges, both Lynda and I have been privileged to travel from coast to coast, and have met and become friends with agility folks
right across Canada. Both of us have a special warm spot in our hearts for you in the Maritimes. You demonstrate in a very real way,
what we believe in so strongly: the Spirit of Agility. That means that you support one another... that you celebrate successes.... all
successes....that you build on each other's strengths.....and that you always see that the glass is at least half – full!

I am so looking forward to being in the Maritimes again in July! Good luck to everybody!

                           Saturday, July 11                                          Sunday, July 12
              Steeplechase, Standard, Standard, Gamblers                 Gamblers, Standard, Steeplechase, Jumpers
                      Starters, Advanced, Masters                               Masters, Advanced, Starters
                                          Entry Closing Date: June 27, 2009
                                                     July 11 – 12, 2008
                            Princess Louise Park Show Center Ball Fields– Sussex, New Brunswick
        Trial Chair: Mary Mellor                     506-832-5974                         
        Trial Secretary: Christine Thibodeau         506-832-7035                          
Notices to Exhibitors
Exhibitors, through submission of entry, acknowledge that they are knowledgeable of AAC rules and regulations including but not
limited to, the following:

This sanctioned event will be held in accordance with the rules and regulations of the Agility Association of Canada (AAC). The
obstacles shall be chosen from those described in the current edition of the AAC Official Rules and regulations and shall conform
to the AAC specifications.

All breeds and mixed breeds eighteen months of age and older (no exceptions) are eligible to compete. Blind, lame, or aggressive
dogs are ineligible as are bitches in season, or dogs suffering from any deformity, injury, or illness that may affect the dog’s
physical or mental performance (judge’s discretion).

All dogs must have an AAC registration Number before their entries will be accepted in an AAC sanctioned trial. The
registration form is available at, Forms / Members / Dog ID Forms. Dogs with numbers pending will not be
eligible to compete.

No toys, food, or other training devices shall be allowed on the course.

All dogs must be under control (i.e. X-Pen, crated or leashed), when not in the ring. Please take responsibility for your dogs and
children. Any exhibitor whose dogs or children create unnecessary disturbances or engage in unsafe or disruptive behavior may
be asked by the Trial Committee to leave the trial site. There will be no refunds for entries if the dog or handler is dismissed from
the competition for any reason.

All exhibitors entering this trial are required to work as a volunteer. The volunteer schedule will be posted on Saturday and
Sunday mornings and emailed at an earlier date. Please check the volunteer sheet to see what positions you may have been
assigned for each day and if there are any conflicts with it and your running order please let the Trial Chair know.

Junior Handling classes will be offered at this trial $5.00/run, Youth Handlers at this trial $10.00/run. They must have an AAC
card. Forms are available on their website.

Confirmations will be sent out via e-mail after the closing date.

     Fundy Agility & Sports Team (FAST) reserves the right to refuse any entry.
     Anyone not in good standing with AAC/ FAST will not be allowed to enter the trial.
     Cheques are made payable to FAST and dated no later than the closing date
     No Entries will be accepted, changed, withdrawn after the deadline. Refunds will not be given for
     cancellations after the closing date except for bitches in season or injury to a dog (veterinarian certificate
     required), or handler, which physically prevents them from competing. Refunds requested for any other
     reason will be handled on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the FAST Trials Committee. Move ups
     will be permitted
     By AAC rules, entries are not valid until payment of entry fees has been received or confirmed.

Starters:  Open to dogs that have not earned a Starters title.

Advanced:       Open to dogs that have not earned an Advanced title.

Masters:        Open to dogs that have earned an Advanced title.

Regular:        Dogs will jump standard heights and course times as set by AAC rules.

Specials:       Open to all dogs; Course times and jump heights will be as per AAC rules. A dog may no longer
                compete in the regular classes once entered at an official trial in the Specials division. Dogs may
                move from the Specials division to the Veterans division.

Veterans:       For dogs 7 years of age or older in the case of dogs who have been competing in Regular classes;
                for dogs 5 years of age or older who have been competing in the Specials division for a minimum
                of one year. Once a dog has entered an official trial in the Veterans divisions, they may no
                longer compete in the Regular or Special divisions. Course times and jump heights will be as per
                AAC Rules.
    All classes will receive flat ribbons for 1st , 2nd, 3rd and 4th.
    Ribbons for Qualifying Runs
    Top Dog Prizes (Starters / Advanced / Masters)
    Specialty Ribbons for ATChC, Gold, Silver & Bronze
    Volunteer Prizes & Entry Prizes
    Judges Pick
    Junior Handlers

   There will be no obstacle familiarization
   A warm-up area will be provided as required by the AAC rules. The warm-up area is for the use of dogs
   that are about to run.

All Seasons Inn & Restaurant                    Fairway Inn & JJ's Restaurant
143 Main Street, Sussex                         216 Roachville Road, Exit 193, Sussex
1-800-468-2828                                  1-800-565-2260                 
Timberland Motel                                Travelodge & Blue Restaurant
Route 114, Sussex                               Four Corners, Exit 195, Sussex
506-433-2480                                    506-433-2557
                           **Onsite: RV’s are permitted to remain onsite (no hookup).
        If bringing an RV, you must advise us ahead of time to ensure availability due to limited spacing**

From Fredericton, Moncton, Halifax, Saint John, Calais, St. Stephen etc:

The Princess Louise Park is located in downtown Sussex, for easy access take Exit 195 on Hwy 1, following
Marble Street into town. Cross the railroad tracks at the end of Marble Street and take the next right into Princess
Louise Park. The show centre is behind the Eighth Hussars Sports Centre.

Our new central location makes it easy to find us. We’re just a short drive away!

   Saint John                                 71 km                               44 miles

   Moncton                                    84 km                               52 miles

   Fredericton                                115 km                              71 miles

   St. Stephen/Calais, Me., border crossing   184 km                              114 miles

   Charlottetown, P.E.I.                      260 km                              161 miles

   Halifax, N.S.                              360 km                              224 miles

   Bangor, Maine                              430 km                              267 miles

                                        Would like to welcome you to our Trial.
Fundy Agility Trial Entry & Agreement (Please use separate form for each dog)
Name ________________________________________________________________                        AAC Registration Agreement
Address_______________________________ Town __________________________             I agree that the club holding this event has the right to refuse this entry for
Province__________ Postal Code:____________ Phone _______________________          cause which the organizing committee shall deem to be sufficient.            In
Email________________________________________________________________              consideration of the acceptance of this entry, the holding of this event and
Dog’s Name: ______________________AAC/Jr. Handler #_____________________           the opportunity to have the dog participate or be judged, I agree to hold the
Breed _________________________________ Birthdate_______________________           organizing committee, the organization which it represents, including it’s
Jump Height _____________ Is this your first trial _______                         members, officers and directors, owners of the premises upon which the
Are you close to achieving an ATChC, Gold, Silver or Bronze Title? Yes No          event is held and their employees, harmless from any claim for loss of
Class: Regular          Specials       Veteran                                     injury which may be alleged to have been caused directly or indirectly to
                  Entry fee for each run is as follows:
                                                                                   any person or thing by the act of this dog while in or upon the event
    Regular/Specials/Veterans = $14; Youth = $10; Jr Handler = $5
                      Weekend Special $105.00                                      premises or grounds or near any entrance thereto, and I (we) personally

                            ST          AD           MA                Entry Fee   assume all responsibility and liability for any such claim; and I(we) further
                                                                                   agree to hold the aforementioned parties harmless from any claim for loss
 Steeplechase                                                      $
                                                                                   of this dog by disappearance, theft, death or otherwise and from any claim
 Standard                                                          $
 Standard                                                          $               for damage or injury to the dog, whether such loss, disappearance, theft,

 Gamblers                                                          $               damage or injury be caused or alleged to be caused by the negligence of
 SUNDAY                                                                            the parties aforementioned, or by the negligence of any other person, or
 Gamblers                                                          $
                                                                                   any other cause or causes. I(we) herby assume the sole responsibility for
 Standard                                                          $
 Steeplechase                                                      $               and agree to indemnify and same the aforementioned parties harmless

 Jumpers                                                           $               from any and all loss and expenses (including legal fees) by reason of the

                                                                                   liability imposes by the law any of the aforementioned parties for damage
 Weekend Special                                                   $
                                                                                   because of body injuries, including death at any time resulting there from

 Total Fees                                                        $               sustained by any person or persons, including myself(ourselves) or on

                                                                                   account of damage to property, arising out of or in consequence of my(our)

 I prefer to volunteer for (please circle):                                        participation in this event; howsoever such injuries, death or damage to
 Timing       Scribing       Runner       Crew         Timing   Scribing           property may be caused or may have been alleged to have been caused
 Gatekeeper       Set up & Tear Down
                                                                                   by negligence of the aforementioned parties or any of their employees or
Return completed form and entry fees payable to:
                                                                                   agents, or any other person.
Fundy Agility, 28 Ossekeag Ct., Hampton, NB, E5J 1Y3
                                                                                   Signature: ______________________________________
                                                                                   Date: ___________________________________________
                                                                                   Children under 18 must have this signed by a parent or guardian

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