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					                           Peru Trip and Travel Brochure
    Resources: Exploring Our World text and various websites (see –
    follow Teacher Resources, Social Studies Resources, Countries Around the World)
                               Due Date ___________

To create a Peru travel brochure using MSWorks. You are advertising your company’s Peru
trip to persuade people to take your adventure to Peru. You must convince people that your
company offers the best, safest, most exciting and most thorough trip to Peru. You will
want to have excellent presentation, spelling and punctuation to attract your customers.

Your Trip’s Itinerary must include the following:
 A visit to Peru’s capital city
 A crossing or travel along mountains
 A visit to a lake
 Travel along or across the Amazon River
 A visit to Cuzco and Macchu Picchu (p.15)
 A visit to La Paz, Bolivia (the highest capital city in the world)
 A visit to each of the 3 regions of Peru (Coast, Sierra, and Selva), this must include
   descriptions of each region’s climate in addition to the food, clothing and shelter of the
   people who live there
 Trip must be from 10 day to 2 weeks

Your Brochure must include the following
 Title page
 Correct spelling, punctuation, capitals, sentences
 Map
 Content/ Description of Itinerary
 Fact Box
 Advertisement of company
 At least 4 picture boxes (2 hand drawn and 2 pictures from Encarta or websites)
 Correct use of margins and columns in MSWorks

Itinerary Suggestions
   sightseeing
   hiking, mountaineering
   shopping
   eating Peruvian foods in restaurants
   excursions to see local wildlife
   festivals or fiestas
   guided tours
   visits to Peruvian school
   stays with Peruvian families
   fishing (piranha fishing in the Selva)
   rafting
   mountain biking
   bird watching
   visiting native villages (e.g. Selva: blow gun demonstrations, handicraft trading)
   visit natural hot baths (Aguas Calientes)
   jungle exploration (Pevas is the oldest Peruvian town on the Amazon)
   incredible floating reef island of Uros on Lake Titicacca
   tours of ancient Incan ruins

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