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					Page 4                                                                                   7th Annual APTEA
                             2004 / 2005                                                      Family Picnic
                                                                                          The 7th Annual Family Picnic
                            Scholarships                                        was a huge success on Saturday, June
                               With summer approaching       5th. The new venue of Riveredge Park in the city’s
                    and the fall semester soon starting at   southwest was given the thumbs up by all who attended.
                    universities and colleges, APTEA is      All attendees were impressed by the “jewel” of a park in
                    pleased to announce its annual           the centre of our growing city. The weather was perfect
                                                             and many new members, their children and
                    scholarship program. Since 1996
APTEA has provided one $500.00 scholarship per year          grandchildren came out to enjoy the day. APTEA also                APTEA News                                June 2004
to a dependent of an APTEA member who has been a             invited the members of CCSPE (the city Engineer’s
member for one full year prior to the drawing of the         group) to join us bringing attendance numbers to 104.
annual scholarship.                                                    APTEA would like to thank the following                  President’s Message                                       summary of issues and will ask to meet with HR
          In addition, Meloche Monnex, a value added         people for volunteering to make the day the success that           Jonn Robertson                                            when the director’s position is appointed. In the
sponsor to APTEA is providing a $300.00 scholarship          it was:                                                                                                                      meantime, Dan Witol from CCSPE and I met with
                                                                      APTEA members Pat Blackhall, Warren                         "There are only two ways to live your life.            Mr. Owen Tobert, the acting Chief Executive
for the 2004/2005 academic year.
                                                             Gavlin, John Kwong, Joan MacPhee, Al-Noor                               One is as though nothing is a miracle.               Officer, in early May to include him in our
          To read the Eligibility Requirements for the
scholarship and to print out a scholarship form, visit the   Jinnah, Brian Langan, Don Johnston and Michael                            The other is as if everything is."                 discussions. Owen was very attentive to our
                                                             Thomas who helped out with registrations, the piñatas,                 Albert Einstein ~ German-born Theoretical Physicist
APTEA websites at or                                                                                                                                                        comments.                                  hot dog roasting, picture taking and general help that any                  In the fall of 2002 APTEA undertook a
          The scholarship is not based on academic           event requires. CCSPE member Dallas Smith was also a                                                                              In February, APTEA received a letter from
                                                                                                                                membership survey to discover why eligible
standing or financial need. Two scholarships will be         great help at the piñatas.                                                                                                   Alderman Hawkesworth asking for our input
                                                                      Meredith Helgeson for organizing the event               Management Exempt employees did or did not join
drawn from all eligible applications received by October
                                                                                                                                the association. Results of the survey showed that        regarding The City’s occupational health and
15th, 2004. The drawings will be done at the Annual          and assembling all the goodie bags and for donating TD                                                                       safety program. One of the strengths of the APTEA
General Meeting on Thursday, November 4th, 2004.             Sparks the Magician who entertained the 50 children                the two main reasons for joining APTEA were our
                                                             (and many adults) who were in attendance. Meredith’s               Advocacy/Representation and Affiliation                   board is that we have members from several
         If you have any questions, or need an                                                                                                                                            business units and as a result we were able to draft
application emailed to you, please contact Meredith          husband Ted also helped to haul all the goodies.                   opportunities. The two main reasons ME staff did
                                                                                                                                not join APTEA were that they were not aware of           a response that we believe is reflective of issues
at 283 – 3100 or email                                                                                                                                                    across the City. In summary, we felt that:
                                                                                                                                the association or they were unclear of the value of
                                                                                                                                joining.                                                   The City’s occupational health and safety
                                                                                        Value Added Opportunity
                                                                                                                                         The subsequent Board Executives took                  program for plant functions (e.g. maintenance
                                                                                           Calgary Stampede                                                                                    garages, production facilities) is quite good.
                         SAVE UP TO 20% OFF YOUR                                      BLAZING SADDLES SALOON                    these comments to heart and have been providing
                         HOME & AUTO INSURANCE!                                                                                 more information to show how and where the                 The City needs to be more proactive regarding
                                                                                                The Blazing Saddles Saloon is                                                                  staff working in administrative areas and we
                           Buying Insurance has just                                 offering several advance ticket            association provides representation on your behalf.
                                                                                     opportunities. These can be found at       Since the fall of 2003 we have been partnering with            feel this is an area where policies and
                         become a lot more
                                                                            One of       other associations to maximize efforts to take                 programs should be reviewed.
                         convenient. Renfrew
                                                                                     the opportunities is an advance general    issues forward to the Executive Office as well as          We acknowledged the new initiatives being
                         Insurance, which has served         admission ticket purchase for $10.00, a savings of several
                                                                                                                                strengthening numbers at social events. We added               considered by A/CEO Owen Tobert.
                         Albertans since 1948, has           dollars on service charges and from the door price. See their
                         expanded its operations to          web site for other discounts and packages. The Blazing             a new social event in 2004. We have increased the              I represent APTEA members at the
include a satellite office at the Downtown Registry.         Saddles Saloon will be the largest honky-tonk saloon in Canada,    flow of information to our members through email,         Executive/Labour/Management (ELMC)
                                                             operating from Thurs., Jul. 8th ~ Fri. Jul. 16th in the Telus      internal mail and newsletter letting our members
         Renfrew Insurance is a full service                 Convention Centre from 11:30 am to 1:00 am.                                                                                  Committee. The purpose of the ELMC, formed in
brokerage, offering auto, home, life, and                                The saloon is offering a star-studded line-up of       know what we’ve been doing on their behalf.               late 2002, is to improve the working and business
commercial insurance. Renfrew Insurance is                   Entertainers and Singers, ranging from C & W, Top 40 and                                                                     relationships between City Unions, Associations
                                                             R&B ~ something for everyone. Libations and Western-style
pleased to offer all APTEA members up to 20%                                                                                                                                              and City Management by creating a forum to
                                                             cuisine will be served by the 4 Marriott Hotel, served                     Since our March newsletter we have been
off Home and Auto insurance above and beyond an              promptly at a fair price. Décor will be dazzling with Western                                                                discuss, understand and take action on issues of
already preferred rate. Contact us today for a free          movies and video footage providing historical insights to the
                                                                                                                                preparing to meet with Human Resources to                 interest and concern. The ELMC met in May and at
quote!                                                       rich and storied tradition of Calgary’s famed Stampede             bring forward several workplace issues. CCSPE             this meeting concern was raised regarding the lack
         For a quote, visit        Celebration, plus striking historical exhibits and photographs.    (the City’s Engineers’ Society) asked to join with        of EFAP committee meetings since late 2003; the
email or call Toll                       Advanced tickets are purchased directly from the       us to make a joint presentation, as their members
                                                             saloon by calling 218-7889. Payment can be by VISA,                                                                          Critical Incident Stress Management response
Free 1-800-661-5773.                                         MasterCard or American Express or by cheque. Tickets will be
                                                                                                                                have many of the same concerns as APTEA                   team; and changes to Service Delivery in Corporate
                                                             mailed upon receipt of payment.                                    members. The joint committee has prepared a                                                     Con’t Page 2
Page 2                                                            The annual Family Picnic went forward        Page 3                                                         Thanks to all volunteers and participants
                                                         on June 5. For the first time it was held at                                                                who helped to make this annual event a premier
Con’t From Page 1                                        Riveredge Park. Thanks are due to APTEA                                                                     event for APTEA.
Services. These are all topics that have potential
                                                         Director Michael Thomas and Meredith Helgeson                   16th Annual APTEA                                              Dan Ryan, Event Coordinator
                                                         who planned the event as well as several APTEA                   Golf Tournament
impact on our members. The next ELMC meeting
                                                         members who helped as volunteers on June 5th.
is June 25 to discuss the grievance process and if
time permits, the targeted selection process.
                                                                  Dan Ryan, Gord Ellis and their committee               The 16th Annual Golf Tournament went of
           It is my belief that the ELMC
                                                         were busy throughout late May preparing for the       smoothly on Friday, June the 11th and even the             APTEA Networking Event
                                                         annual Golf Tournament held June 11, 2004 at          slightly inclement weather did not dampen the
(Executive/Labour/Management Committee)                                                                                                                                        The first “Spring Break” APTEA
                                                         High River.                                           overall enthusiasm. Registration was the highest it
provides a meaningful opportunity to ensure                                                                                                                          Networking event was held on Thursday, May 6th,
                                                                  It’s never too early to plan: please note    has ever been at 136 registrants and the day was
that the interests of the APTEA membership are                                                                                                                       2004 at Drinkwaters Grill across from the
                                                         that our AGM will be held November 4, 2004 at         capped off by the annual steak dinner. Team and
considered and I appreciate the frank discussion of                                                                                                                  Municipal Building. Over 60 APTEA members and
                                                         the Golden Age Club and the annual Christmas          individual prizes were handed out to more than 90
topics in the committee.                                                                                                                                             guests attended the event. APTEA member and
                                                         dinner/dance on December 3, 2004 at Fort Calgary.     golfers.
           The City’s Targeted Selection process to                                                                                                                  administrator for MEBAC, Larry Findlay, gave a
                                                         Please mark your calendars and plan to attend.                  Special thanks are due to APTEA
fill positions has raised some concerns. For                                                                                                                         short talk on changes in MEBAC and how they
example, at times people who were in an acting           Please feel free to contact me at 268 – 5686 or at    members Gord Ellis, Dan Ryan, Sue Mackie and
                                                                                                               Frank Assen for volunteering their time before,       affect management exempt employees at The City
position for a long period were not successful when                                                                                   of Calgary. Several door prizes were handed out to
interviewed to fill the position on a permanent                                                                during and after the tournament, helping to make it
                                                         Sincerely, Jonn Robertson                             a huge success.                                       lucky guests and everyone dined on Drinkwaters
basis. To give our members additional skills when                                                                                                                    snacks provided by APTEA.
                                                         President APTEA                                                 Thanks also to Aurelia Festa of Meloche
applying for City positions we are arranging a                                                                                                                                 Judging from the level of activity and
Brown Bag session to review the targeted selection                                                             Monnex and to Meredith for their time at the ATB
                                                                                                               Hole-in-One Hole and the Monnex “Snack Shack”.        social interactions plus the feedback received, the
process. We hope to arrange this for early fall.                                                                                                                     “Spring Break” event was well received and timely
           Some members have raised concerns                                                                          Additional thanks to our event sponsors        event. The networking event was managed within
because they are from business units undergoing
                                                         Health Spending Accounts
                                                                                                               who donated cash and prizes:                          our budget allocations thus leaving enough for a
service delivery model reviews. To help ensure our                 As part of the enhanced benefits program                                                          "Summer’s Over" APTEA Networking Event in
members are aware of their employees’ rights, we         introduced in 2003, employees receive, as a                       Calgary Civic Employees Credit Union      September if membership interest continues.
are arranging a presentation by lawyers                  minimum, an annual $200 Health Spending                               Renfrew Thompson Insurance Ltd.                 Many thanks are due to APTEA Directors
specializing in workplace issues. We hope to hold        Account (HSA). Additional HSA credits can be                               Software House International     Terry Wong and Sue Mackie and to APTEA
this session by mid-September.                           obtained by enrolling in Level 1 for the Health                              Treasury Branch of Alberta     Administrator Meredith Helgeson for providing all
           We would like your perspective for the        and/or Dental plans.                                                               Supply Management        the necessary behind the scenes work required to
upcoming meetings with HR and the ELMC. To                         The HSA can be used in a number of                                                       IBM      get such an event past the planning stage to the
that end we are developing an on-line survey. We         ways such as costs for dental claims that exceed                                                  Beast     implementation stage.
hope to have the survey in place before the end of       current coverage levels, additional vision care                                                 Maxim                 Special thanks to APTEA President, Jonn
June. Please feel free to call me directly if you have   expenses, premiums paid for health, dental and                                                  Enmax       Robertson, for being a great host and to Larry
any questions. My number is 268 – 5686.                  travel insurance (level 3 premiums as an example)                                              Acrodex      Findlay for an informative discussion on MEBAC.
                                                         etc. Please refer to Alberta Blue Cross for a                                                  Lexmark                Finally to our members and guests, thanks
On the lighter side
                                                         complete list of eligible expenses.                                                           Bell West     for coming out to this event and continuing to
          On May 6 APTEA hosted a networking                       The HSA annual benefit cannot be carried                                          Compugen        make APTEA a vibrant, active and caring
event at Drinkwaters Grill. In part this was in          forward to future years. Claims for each year must                                       Telus Mobility     association.
response to members request for more                     be received within specific timeframes to eligible                                    Meloche Monnex                           Terry Wong, Event Coordinator
opportunities to meet their counterparts in a social     for that year. If you do not use the full amount of                                    Novell Networks
setting. We had a good turn out for a first event,       your HSA by the deadline date these benefits are                                       Hewlett Packard
with more than 50 members attending. Many                then no longer available to you. For more details
thanks to Terry Wong and Meredith Helgeson for           on the HSA visit the website or              As a result of our 50/50 draw four players
planning and executing the event. Larry Findlay          call 268-2510.                                        took home cash or tax receipts for $255.00.
                                                                                                                                                                     Visit the APTEA websites
gave us a brief overview of MEBAC. Please read                     Many employees did not take advantage                Marilyn Noel and Sandy Virgo will each
the related article in the newsletter describing the     of this benefit for 2003. Make sure you are not one   receive Charitable Tax Donation receipts in the
new “Health Spending Account” and the                    of them in 2004 if you have eligible expenses that    amount of $255.00 for their donations to their
                                                                                                                                                                     to view photos of all our events.
unclaimed money.                                         can be reimbursed!                                    charity of choice. Doris Kinaz and Doug Junor
                                                                     Frank Assen, APTEA MEBAC Rep.             each took home $255.00 cash.

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