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					                                                                                       Isotonix® OPC-3
                                           Is OPC-3 safe?                               Improves circulation, enhances
                                           Absolutely! OPC has been used                 cell vitality
                                           under medical supervision for over           Reduces capillary fragility and
                                           30 years throughout Europe. Extens-           improves resistance to bruising
                                           ive studies and leading research cen-         and strokes
                                           ter testing results including the Pas-
                                                                                        Reduces risks of phlebitis
                                           teur Institute reveal it is non-toxic,
                                           non-antigenic, non-teratogenic, non-         Reduces edema and swelling of
                                           mutagenic and non-carcinogenic. It            legs
                                           won’t cause allergies, birth defects or      Reduces varicose veins
                                           cancer.                                      Reduces restless leg syndrome
Product: Isotonix® OPC-3
Size: 100g and 300g bottles                How does OPC-3 work?                         Improves visual acuity
Retail: $39.13 and $90.93                  Our bodies are composed of billions          Improves sluggish memory
Product Code: C13007 and C13009            of molecules held together by elec-
                                           tromagnetic forces, chemical bonds           Reduces effects of stress
                                           created with paired electrons. Free          Improves joint flexibility and
                                           radicals are unstable molecules that          reduces inflammation caused by
What is a bioflavonoid?
                                           have lost an electron and are unbal-          arthritis and sports injuries
Bioflavonoids are complex organic
plant compounds found mostly in
                                           anced. Free radicals seek to replace         Corrects abnormal menstrual
                                           the lost electron by randomly attack-         bleeding and cramps
fruits and vegetables. They function       ing nearby molecules and extracting
as co-factors, or helpers, to the body's   desired electrons. One free radical         How long does OPC remain in the
immune system response to inflame-         can damage a million or more mole-          body?
mation, allergy and infection.             cules in a chain reaction referred to       OPC circulates through bodily fluids
What is OPC-3?                             as radical propagation, which leads         and is held in the collagen for ap-
OPC-3 is a natural food supplement         to oxidative stress.                        proximately 72 hours (3 days) before
composed of the three most powerful        Uncontrolled oxidation is very dest-        it gradually is eliminated through ur-
bioflavonoids, oligomeric proantho-        ructive. It is analogous to effects we      ine and perspiration.
cyanidins (referred to as OPCs).           see in our environment such as the          Why should everyone take OPC-3?
They are extracts of grape seed, red       rusting of metal, the rotting of meat,
                                                                                       Laboratory studies have shown that
wine and pine bark.                        the browning of apples or the hard-
                                                                                       proanthocyanidins enhance the ef-
                                           ening of old rubber. Oxidation in our
The OPC-3 advantage                        body by free radicals is known to be
                                                                                       fecttiveness of vitamin E 50 times as
Grape seed extract is the superior                                                     an antioxidant and 20 times more for
                                           responsible for premature aging,
source of OPCs, containing 92% of                                                      vitamin C. Free radical damage, oxi-
                                           wrinkling of skin, hardening of arter-
active ingredients over pine bark’s                                                    dative stress, is real. Everyone is
                                           ies, stiffening of joints, formation of
84%. OPC-3 also contains bilberry                                                      subject to it. Free radicals have been
                                           cataracts, the initiation of cancer, dia-
and citrus extracts, which are known                                                   linked directly to premature aging,
                                           betes and more. We are constantly
to positively affect vision and to re-                                                 circulatory disorders, liver cirrhosis,
                                           exposed to free radicals via such
duce histamine release. Together,                                                      arteriosclerosis and >65 “current”
                                           processes as antimicrobial activity by
this combination of OPCs is superior                                                   life threatening diseases.
                                           white blood cells and the absorption
in active ingredients to any OPC pro-      of chemical additives in our foods.         If you do not have adequate protec-
duct on the market, plus, because it is    Our ability to fight free radical dam-      tion from free radicals, you may age
isotonic (as available as mother’s         age effectively is compromised by           faster and experience health prob-
milk) the body receives and uses           our inadequate nutrition-al choices or      lems you could have avoided. OPC-
90%+ of the product dose within 5          diets that contain limited amounts of       3 should be taken for life.
minutes. Tablets take 40 minutes – 4       antioxidants.                               What makes OPC-3 different from
hours to break down to the isotonic                                                    other pycnogenol products?
state, then the body will only use      OPC-3 Benefits
10% – 20% of what it eventually re-  Improves skin smoothness and                     OPC-3 offers three rich sources of
ceives from them, given the dilution      elasticity                                   OPC that are rated highest in total
                                                                                       polyphenol content – averaging 92%.
factor countered by filters, binders,    Strengthens capillaries, arteries            It is totally bioavailable, water-solu-
coatings, lubricants, disintegrators      and veins
and artificial colorings.                                                              ble and delivered the way nature in-
                                                                                       tended it to be, in an isotonic solution

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                                                                                 Isotonix® OPC-3
[like mother’s milk]. OPC-3 is ab-     Is there alcohol or sulfite in OPC-3      Is there an elemental analysis of OPC-
sorbed within five minutes. This       from the Red Wine Extract?                3?
combination makes OPC-3 the most       "Red wine" extract is an inaccurate       No, although the individual extracts
powerful natural free radical scaven-  use of words. The red wine extract        are checked for the presence of
ger, anti-aging, anti-oxidant product  that is used in Isotonix OPC-3 is a       heavy metals on a lot-to-lot basis.
yet discovered.                        completely non-alcoholic product.         OPC-3 is not a significant source of
What kind of side effects can be       The extract is made from the skin of      minerals but, rather, a complex mix-
expected during the first weeks of     grapes used to make red wine, but         ture of literally scores of polyphenol-
using OPC-3?                           the crushed grapes are not fermented.     lic compounds.
                                       Ethyl alcohol, therefore, is never for-
Reported complaints – especially                                                 Is the pine bark extracted similar to
                                       med and, further, although alcohol
with saturation dosing – include                                                 pycnogenol?
                                       evaporates on exposure to air OPC-3
headache, gastric discomfort, gener-                                             The extraction process is different
                                       is a dried product thus it cannot con-
alized itching, ankle swelling, facial                                           from the process used by the Pycno-
                                       tain alcohol. Sulfites are usually ad-
flushing, and occasional dizziness.                                              genol producers, Horphag Ltd. It in-
                                       ded as a preservative for finished
These are usually mild, self-limiting                                            volves isolating, drying and powder-
                                       wine. Sulfite is not added to the init-
and subside within a day or two.                                                 ing grape seeds; extracting the proan-
                                       ial grape crush or at any stage of the
Refer also to information on Healing                                             thocyanidins using a combination of
                                       extraction process.
Crisis.                                                                          pressurized hot water, butanol and
                                       Are chemicals used in processing          acetone; concentrating and drying
Can OPC-3 be taken with steroids?
                                       OPC-3?                                    the compounds. A spectrum of red
No, take one or the other. Your
                                       Water, butanol, and acetone are used      grape varieties probably is used for
physician needs to make a thorough
                                       in the extraction process and are         extraction. Remember that it is the
assessment of steroids (eg, predni-
                                       completely evaporated during pro-         extraction process that is selective for
sone) before you mix two products
                                       cessing.                                  flavonoid and it can be used on ma-
and totally confound the results. If
                                                                                 terial from a variety of plant sources
you have been taking steroids, give    Does OPC-3 contain beta-carotene?
                                                                                 (pine bark, bilberries, citrus rinds).
yourself 4–6 weeks before taking       No.
                                       Does OPC-3 contain caffeine?
Can I take OPC-3 or any other of the
                                       No, but it may contain caffeic acid,
Isotonix products in soda, juice,
                                       which is a low molecular weight
coffee, etc., rather than water?
                                       phenolic compound. It is isolated
It is not recommended. In order to     along with other polyphenolic com-
keep the products in an isotonic form pounds and flavonoids including pro-
and to achieve the maximum deliv- anthocyanidins. Caffeic acid has
ery time it needs to be taken on an    documented antioxidant properties
empty stomach with 2 oz of water       but caffeine is not an antioxidant (it
per bottle capful. To mix the prod-    does not transfer electrons or hydro-
ucts with anything else slows down gens to electron-hungry free radic-
the delivery time; also the percentage als). Coffee and tea (fruit seeds and
of uptake may be lessened.             Camellia sinensis leaves) contain
                                       both caffeine and caffeic acid.

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