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					                         THE CLAN HAY STANDARD
               Chief: MacGaradh Mor, The Right Honourable The Earl of Erroll
                        Lord Hay and Slains, 32nd Chief of Clan Hay


Volume 1, No. 11                                                 May 2006

Dear Members:

                                     (1924 – 2006)
It is with great sadness that I report that our Convener, Elizabeth A. (Libby) Milsom passed away
on March 29 after a long battle with cancer. Her funeral, which was held on April 8 at Hycroft
in Vancouver, was well attended and included representatives from Clans Hay, MacKenzie and
McLeod, several of whom were in full kilt. Piper, Bruce Topp, played a lament, and The Right
Reverend Robert D. Redmile, Lord Bishop of Richmond, presided over the memorial service.


Sheriff Robert Hay of Argyll, our former Clan Hay Commissioner, wrote the following eulogy
which encapsulates the essence of Libby’s involvement with Clan Hay, which I read at her

“The late Libby Milsom, MA

During my years as Commissioner for Clan Hay and as editor of the Journal Libby was a key
member of what might be described rather grandly as “Clan Hay international management”.

Sad it is that she has now left us, but her legacy of enthusiasm for, and commitment to, the Clan
Hay Society will live on in our hearts, not only in Western Canada where she exercised such a
powerful influence, but also internationally in the archives of the Society and in the pages of the
Clan Hay Journal. Some years ago it fell to me to expand the modest Clan Hay Newsletter into
the current Journal of the Clan Hay Society, and what a great supporter of this initiative Libby
was from the earliest days.

 Many e-mails passed between Vancouver and Argyll as we discussed ideas for development of
the Society in Canada and then as she wrote her fascinating articles for the Journal, on her
distinguished family history and on other and more general matters of Hay history - and what an
eye for detail she had as a proof reader! She missed nothing. Libby was by far the most
determined and intellectually demanding of all my correspondents on Clan Hay business, and I
had enormous respect for her commitment and her enthusiasm.

Her pride in her family, going back to their roots in rural Perthshire and from there to the part her
forebears played in laying the foundations of modern Canada, and her enthusiasm for all things
Hay was infectious and compelling. To note one outstanding example, she was the original
driving force behind the Chief’s decision to have a Hunting Hay tartan designed and registered. It
took time for her pleas to be heard but her persistence paid off to the advantage of all in the Clan.

Libby came over to Scotland in the year 2000 for the millennial Gathering of the Clan at Aboyne
and Delgatie, and what a very great pleasure it was for me to meet her in person. Great company
she was, too, and not one to beat about the bush. If she had been in Scotland today I suspect she
might have had some pungent comments to make on our newly introduced law prohibiting
smoking in public places.

I could go on at greater length but perhaps it is better to sum up my thoughts simply by saying
that in terms of Clan Hay and its Society she was one of the Greats. We remember her with
affection and we shall miss her.

May she be at peace.


Sheriff Robert Hay, CBE WS
Late Commissioner for Clan Hay”


Libby’s obituary, also written by Sheriff Hay, will appear in the Clan Hay Journal and the Hay
Happenings (published in the United States), however, in the meantime it has been posted on our
website (courtesy of Roger Peeples) at - click on the BC flag
and then “Flowers of the Forest”.

Effective April 10, 2006, I have been appointed Convener and I will do my best to take her place.

Heather Bennett, Convener

Treasurer’s Report: If your 2005 dues are still outstanding, please remit your cheque payable
to Clan Hay Society in the sum of $17.00 to Treasurer, Hilary Bennett, at 2 – 1265 Cherry Point
Road, Cowichan Bay, B.C. V0R 1N2.

         2005 Balance carried forward                                        $226.37

Finally, if you wish to contact any of us we can be reached at:

Heather Bennett                                      Doug Hay
(Convener, British Columbia & Yukon)                 (Convener, Prairie Provinces Branch)
420 Ioco Road,                                       943 Canaveral Crescent S.W.
Port Moody, B.C. V3H 2W2                             Calgary Alberta T2W 1N3
604-469-1044                                         403-281-4345
Email:                       Email:

Hilary Bennett                                       Leigh Hay-LeBlanc (Genealogist)
(Treasurer)                                          2440 Thorson Avenue
2 – 1265 Cherry Point Road,                          Ottawa, Ontario K2C 1M5
Cowichan Bay, B.C. V0R 1N2                           Email:


The B.C. Highland Games will be held on Saturday, June 24, 2006, at the Coquitlam Town
Centre Stadium. Please visit the Clan Hay tent if you are able to attend.

As usual, Doug and Judy Hay will be representing Clan Hay at the Calgary Highland Games on
Saturday, September 2, 2006.




(The following is a recent email.)

Dear Clan Society/Association,

Hello, I’m James Tyson McIntyre, CEO & Managing Partner of Glennoe Publishing LLC. We
are a new, small, boutique publisher of Celtic theme books, original art & maps. Our focus is
exclusively Celtic. I truly believe your Clan Society/Association would be greatly interested in
our publications so I cordially invite you to visit our new website at If you
like the site I would ask that you pass this email along among your Clan Society as
networking/word of mouth is our best form of advertising at this time.

Our first nonfiction publication is what all Scots with Gael blood have been waiting for their
entire life… a true history of The Gael… without the taint of English, or Norman-English
perspective. If you can only afford one book this year this should be it!

The Irish & The Scots Highlanders
By R.B.M.M. MacIntyre

It has been well over 1,000 years since anything close to this has been seen in writing, perhaps
from the time of Cormac Mac Art. Set down in one of the ancient memory styles it can even be
read aloud and unlike most modern history books it is easy to read! Imagine 6,000 years of
ancient Celtic historians coming alive to teach you the true, living history of The Scots, from The
Beginning, and you have a glimpse of what is in store for you as a reader.

SIX MILLENNIA is currently available through the Glennoe Publishing Website featuring
secure ordering via Paypal in the form of a Special Limited Edition. It is a hand-signed, hand
numbered, run of 250 copies with 10% of the profits being donated to the 501 C3 that hosts the
Oklahoma Scottish Games. Six Millennia is also now available through,
Alibris for Libraries, and soon from Borders, Books-a-Million, Ingram and other International
Book Distributors & Retailers.

Yours Aye,
James Tyson McIntyre
CEO & Managing Partner



McCulloch (Due for Publication in Spring 2006)

(I received the following email from Ian MacPherson in November 2005)

Dear Clan Hay

By way of introduction, I'm a past Commanding Officer of the Black Watch (Royal Highland
Regiment) of Canada and the former Deputy Director of History & Heritage for the Canadian
Armed Forces. My CV and other books can be found at the Clan Macpherson website here:

I have just completed a two volume book that should be of interest to some or all of your clan
membership who trace their ancestry back to the first Highlanders that came to North America.
Entitled Sons of the Mountains: A History of the Highland Regiments in North America during
the French & Indian War 1756-67, it will be published next Spring, the 250th Anniversary of the
arrival of the Black Watch in North America.

I invite you to use the attached press announcement (which contains all the details) in your clan
newsletter or on your website. If you wish to do a book review closer to publication, please let
me know and I will ensure your designated reviewer is put on the publisher's list. If you have any
further questions, please don't hesitate to ask...

Slainte & Creag Dhub!

Ian Macpherson McCulloch
Commanding Officer (1993-96)
The Black Watch (RHR) of Canada


Three proud Highland regiments fought in North America during the Seven Year's War - the 77th
Foot (Montgomery's Highlanders), the 78th Foot (Fraser's Highlanders), and the famous Black


Watch, more correctly known at the time as the Royal Highland Regiment. Undoubtedly, the
exploits of the 42nd, 77th and 78th Highlanders in some of the most bloody and desperate battles
on the North American continent were a critical factor in transforming the overall image of
Highlanders from Jacobite rebels to Imperial heroes in the latter half of the 18th century. But the
everyday story of these regiments - how they trained, worked, played, fought and died from their
own point of view - has never been seriously told.

Sons of the Mountains: A History of the Highland regiments in North America during the French
& Indian War, 1756-1767, is a two-volume set due to be co-published Spring 2006 by Purple
Mountain Press and the Fort Ticonderoga Museum. It chronicles the Highland regiments'
fighting performance and experiences from the time they were raised in the Highlands and
stepped ashore in North America, to their disbandment in 1763; or, as in the case of the 42nd,
reduced in establishment and left on lonely garrison duty in the American wilderness until their
recall and return to Ireland in 1767.

Volume One of Sons of the Mountains follows all three regiments on their various campaigns in
the different theatres of war. As they range from the wilderness of the Ohio Forks to the wind-
swept crags of Signal Hill in Newfoundland, and from the waters of the Great Lakes to the torrid
swamps and cane fields of the "Sugar Islands", the reader will be exposed to all the major
conflicts and actions of the "Great War for Empire" as seen though the eyes of the Highland

Cluny, the 27th Hereditary Chief of Clan Macpherson, writes from Blairgowrie, Scotland:

                  As a direct descendant of a Clansman who was present on the Heights of Carillon
                  and at Fort Ticonderoga in July 1758 I feel that I understand now far better
                  how my forebear and his fellow Highlanders must have felt and lived and
                  fought, and relate much more closely to those "Sons of the Mountains" of long
                  ago. I warmly commend Lt Colonel McCulloch's book to readers across the
                  Atlantic and here in Scotland. He has done a great service to the memory of those
                  who fought and died with these distinguished Regiments.

Volume Two of Sons of the Mountains will appeal to all families of Scottish descent and serious
genealogists. It features comprehensive biographical histories of every regimental officer from
all the major clans (over 350 entries) who served in North America.

Also included in the glossaries are regimental muster rolls and land petitions of discharged
Highlanders. Marie Fraser editor of Canadian Explorer, newsletter of the Clan Fraser Society
of Canada writes:

                  Besides being compelling Highland history, SOTM is a valuable genealogical
                  resource for all of Scottish heritage. With over 350 officers' biographies, career
                  details and genealogical notes in the annexes, McCulloch has identified the
                  complex ties of kinship, marriage and friendship that bound the most
                  prominent Scottish families of the day together during the Seven Years War
                  between Britain and France fought in North America, known to some as the
                  French & Indian War.


Lavishly illustrated with artwork by Robert Griffing, Steve Noon, Peter Rindisbacher, Gary
Zaboly, Charles Stolz and John Buxton, as well as with contemporary prints, maps and portraits
from the collections of the Black Watch Museums of Scotland and Canada, the Fort Ticonderoga
Museum, the Fort Ligonier Museum, the William L. Clements Library, the National Army
Museum, Chelsea, the David M. Stewart Museum, Montreal, the National Archives of Canada
and the Library of Congress, Sons of the Mountains is a visual delight.

Without a doubt, Sons of the Mountains is the most complete and informative work on the
history of early Highland regiments of the British army in North America to date and will be
published in Spring 2006. For further details on pre-ordering and prices, see Purple Mountain
Press website at or write for details at: Purple
Mountain Press, Ltd., PO Box 309, Fleischmann’s, NY, 12430-0309. Phone: 1-845-254-4062.


WATERFALL GLEN by Davie Henderson

(I received the following letter from Davie Henderson in April 2006)

My name is Davie Henderson, I’m a young Scottish writer, and I’m sending bookmarks to clan
societies as I hope my new novel Waterfall Glen will interest those with a love of Scotland and
its history. The story tells of an American woman getting in touch with her Scottish roots and
finding love along the way. It’s a mix of contemporary romance and traditional ghost story, of the
land and the nature of its history, from the charge of the clans at Culloden to the dramatic events
which led to so many Highlanders starting a new life in America and Canada.

Thanks for reading this far. Please don’t hesitate to email me at or
visit my website, which can be found at

Whatever novel the bookmark separates the pages of, happy reading. Best regards, Davie



I received the following email from the Scottish Records Office on Mar 23 2006:

We are delighted to announce that, in addition to the 1861, ’71, ’81, ’91 and 1901 census records,
the indexes and images for the 1851 Census for Scotland are now available online at



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