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martinmic at yahoo dot com                                               Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


   Organized, rigorous, and dedicated to his work
   Innovative and creative thinker, skilled at problem solving
   Possessing excellent communication and interpersonal skills


NATO Pilot Training                              Jan 2008 – Oct 2008 (full-time)
                                                 Canadian Air Force, Moose Jaw, SK

Support in Astronaut Training                    Sep 2006 – Dec 2007 (full-time)
                                                 Canadian Space Agency, St-Hubert, QC

   Administered feature tracking application for the International Space Station simulators
   Established and maintained a communication link between CSA and NASA
   Provided on-site technical support during astronaut training sessions
   Worked on a calibration tool for Dextre, the latest addition to the Canadarm2, using Matlab
   Improved a Microsoft Excel process using Macros with VBA (Visual Basic)
   Organized and chaired meetings in a bilingual environment

BOTP and SLT                                     Aug 2005 – Aug 2006 (full-time)
                                                 Canadian Air Force, St-Jean-Sur-Richelieu, QC

   Basic Officer Training Period between Sep and Dec 2005
   Second Language Training (French) between Jan and Aug 2006

Tool Deployment, Training and Support            Nov 2004 – Aug 2005 (full-time)
                                                 Nortel Networks, Ottawa, ON

   Evaluated and proposed a single software solution for building of Nortel products
   Created documentation, provided training and worked closely with internal stakeholders
   Designed and implemented patch automation system to save ~100K per year/per product
   Held presentation demos for designers in North America, India and China

Software Development and Loadbuilding            Aug 2002 - Oct 2004 (full-time)
                                                 Nortel Networks, Ottawa, ON

   Responsible for daily delivery of software builds to numerous internal customers
   Coordinated tools management and loadbuild operations with-in the team
   Defined branching strategies for new projects using ClearCase UCM
   Consulted on product architecture implementations
   Developed loadbuild and environment monitoring tools using Perl, MySQL and UNIX scripting
   Wrote makefiles and utilized crontab to simplify build processes
   Provided 24/7 CM and UNIX support to design community around the world
   Wrote several process documents and work instructions
   Followed TL 9000 process by using ticketing system to track work (ClearQuality Clarify)
martinmic at yahoo dot com                                             Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

   Led a Common Loadbuild Framework deployment project

Technical Support, Software Development        May 2000 - Jul 2002 (full-time)
                                               Nortel Networks, Ottawa, ON

   Provided assistance to designers as part of a Software Development Environment (SDE)
    team (~300 support calls handled in 2001)
   Developed software applications using Remedy, C, Perl, UNIX C and Bourne shell
   Participated in the design and development of software building system using Makefiles,
    GNU Make, Clearmake, XML and supporting scripts for UNIX (Sun, HP), Windows NT
    (CYGWIN) and Linux platforms
   Utilized and supported Configuration Management Systems (CMS): ClearCase (CC), (UNIX
    and WIN NT), RCS and UCM
   Resolved loadbuild (compiling, linking, packaging, licensing), environmental and code (C,
    C++, Java) issues
   Automated processes using cron jobs and scripts
   Managed scheduled distribution of software to remote sites using DDS (Signiant Inc)
   Implemented tool deployment solutions for WIN NT and UNIX users
   Composed internal processes, Service Level Agreements (SLA) and training material
    documents using MS Office tools
   Managed a multi-person project using MS Project
   Participated in technical meetings of inspection, testing and verification of code
   Taught internal university course on CMS tools and product development practices
   Utilized ISO 9001 International Standard procedures

Web Developer, Project Manager                 Aug 2002 - Jun 2005 (part-time)
                                               Best Lane Inc, Ottawa, ON

   Developed new features for Health Canada web site
   Utilized PHP, MySQL and DreamWeaver to design and implement dynamic content
   Wrote a technical proposal for a government GOL project
   Designed and implemented a database driven real-estate website
   Developed and executed several marketing strategies using data gathering techniques
   Developed online management tools using CGI and JavaScript
   Led a Visual Basic .NET application project for a US client

Software Development (intern)                  May 1998 - Sep 1999 (full-time)
                                               Nortel Networks, Kanata, ON

   Developed CAD (Pro/ENGINEER) software tools for mechanical engineers
   Utilized TCL/TK and C programming languages and UNIX shell scripting
martinmic at yahoo dot com                                         Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


Aerospace Engineering Program, Carleton University, Ottawa, ON, 1995-2000
Including Computer Systems and Software Development Courses


   Available
   Able to relocate and travel


   Received —Chalmers Jack Mackenzie— Scholarship

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