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					                                ELP Update Meeting
                                  March 20,2001

Present: Francis Lau,Tanya Voth, Michelle Lang, Kelly Deis, Wayne Lamble,
Marja Verhoef, Gordon Fick

1. Project status review

  (a) U of Alberta Team:
        Health Evidence and its Sources. Will be a hybrid with most of it being
          face-to-face with the last part being a final online evaluation. 4 students
          are readying the course and it will be offered this fall with the intent to
          keep it small (ideally 10 students)
        What required doing it face to face? The time effort was
         underestimated up front and there was little exposure to the internet. It
         was felt that nurturing was needed for the students to get them to a
         comfort level. It was hard to initiate instructor feedback online and
         students wanted to use online learning for other courses. It was hard to
         emulate ELP online.

   (b) U of Calgary Team
        32 students are in the data management course offered in the first
         semester for grad students (most are more familiar with the internet).
         Some students still worry about short term objectives such as
         completing a quiz or a grade.
        Telehealth, Some for credit?
        Research Methods, not on the web. The content will be finished by
          summer for a test in the fall. Initially it will not be offered for credit but
          rather to SEARCH participants. There will be components for both
          search and students and it will be offered by WEB CT.
        Health Methods Research Course, will be offered on April 19th to
          SEARCH participants with a fee for service. It will be offered as a
          series of 3 hour workshops. Will guide people through the data
          management portion and work through the WEB CT portion with no
          evaluation, just feedback. Don't know how many will enroll, last year
          there were 20+ people.

   (c) Linkage with SEARCH program:
        SEARCH 3 participants, ½ day to meet with participants, WEB CT
           course will be an assignment to complete, meeting in Lethbridge in
        A meeting to plan the next go around will be organized, plan is to offer
           a fall delivery for graduate students entering fall 2001. Discussion as
           part of a biostatistics course or as a block course given in first term.
           Students take 1 week long course - Intro to Community Health Science
           (for all entering MSc candidates) It is now offered for small credit (1/2)
          so it needs to evolve into something bigger. We need to proceed with
          care, there is some cynicism among colleagues.
         Rob Hayward will have 6 students (health professionals) taking Health
          Clinical epidemiology courses who would like to take the Health
          Methods course this fall.
         Gordon is concerned about that, he may want students to take one
          session in Calgary.
         Critical Appraisal Course: Search is coming together and it will be
          developed by October.
         The material is being packaged and it will be taught alternatively with
          Duncan Saunders.
         Search 3, desire is online, but in a hybrid.
         Kelly: face to face is needed, we need to be consistent with material
          between instructors. We are working with IPD/ATL to develop a short
          manual on how to do web based training.
         Also developing a template for instructors based on 2 parts, what and

2. Evaluation
        Summative report with formative experience

      Sharing of Courses
       Identification of procedures and options, sharing credit.
       Clinical epidemiology Masters, final approval should come this fall.
        Students may be willing to take courses.

3. Others
      Andrew -
       Worked with Marilynne on evaluation question.
       Has one person to develop the first course.

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