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									September 15, 2008

Dear Cooperating Teachers Hosting a Western Junior Experience Student,

Thank you for your willingness to host a MWSU teacher candidate for the fall semester,
2008. The success of the MWSU Teacher Education Program is in large part due to the
guidance and example that you will provide to our teacher candidate. As you may recall,
MWSU teacher candidates are responsible for working with you for approximately one
hour per day (five hours a week) from September 15 – December 5, 2008. The teacher
candidates are to assist you in all aspects of your teaching, management and school
activities during the time they are assigned to you. We appreciate your modeling and
guidance for them. You are assisting them in meeting the expectations of our conceptual
framework – Becoming a teacher leader – taking responsibility for student learning.

Experience information – You are receiving this letter as part of the introductory
materials delivered by your assigned teacher candidate. Those materials also include a
course syllabus and a host school information sheet. A current criminal records report is
in this teacher candidate’s file at MWSU. While the teacher candidate will also provide a
copy of the evaluation form for your review, you and a MWSU supervisor will complete
that form for the mid-term (by October 22) and final evaluation form (by December 5).

Western teacher candidates follow our school schedule and they are expected to attend
regularly, develop lesson and unit plans, and participate in your assigned faculty duties.
At all times they are to follow your district approved curriculum and seek your approval
for teaching strategies. They are to regularly ask for your input about teaching and their
progress and conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times. All Western
teacher candidates are required to sign a confidentiality agreement that commits them to
protecting student, parent and collegial confidentiality.

We anticipate that the teacher candidate will observe your class and routines for a few
days and gradually begin to assume some teaching responsibilities during the second
week. It is helpful if you provide a seating chart or list of student names so he or she can
begin to know the students as soon as possible. The teacher candidate should assume
more teaching responsibilities during the second and third weeks with the opportunity to
deliver a short (five day minimum) unit of instruction, as well as several other lessons.

Elementary junior experience students are expected to create and keep a record of at least
30 lesson plans during this experience (some of these may be part of their unit).
Secondary junior experience students in a block schedule are expected to keep a record of
at least15 lesson plans (some may be a part of their unit). They should also show
cultural/diversity awareness and how they support exceptional needs students.
 For any lesson, or part of a lesson that the teacher candidate presents, a lesson plan
should be available for both the cooperating teacher and MWSU supervisor. Teacher
candidates are expected to have reviewed all lesson and unit plans with you, their
cooperating teacher, to confirm that they are addressing the district curriculum.

Attendance, being prepared, demonstrating effective instructional and classroom
management skills, demonstrating Western leadership dispositions, demonstrating ethical
and professional conduct and working well with all parts of the school community are
important parts of this experience. Please help your teacher candidate by observing his or
her teaching and/or interactions with others and offering regular feedback on his or her
performance. It is very important that any areas of improvement be identified as soon as
possible so that opportunities for improvement may occur.

Supervision – Each Western teacher candidate will have a supervisor who will visit your
school, observe the teacher candidate and work with you to complete evaluation forms.
Please keep him or her informed of any classroom issues. The Western supervisor should
visit with you and the teacher candidate on an average of once every three weeks.

Website Support – To support your experience with a MWSU student teacher,
information related to this experience is posted on the following website:
http://www.missouriwestern.edu/education. By clicking on Off-campus experiences or
Off-campus supervisors (and scrolling to the bottom on the page), you can access
information about our clinical experiences and supervisor responsibilities. Also,
syllabus, calendar and schedule information for most experiences is available on my
website at http://academic.missouriwestern.edu/bogleds

Questions??? – If you have any questions or wish to speak with me about the placement
of a teacher candidate or any issue related to clinical placement, please contact me at 816-
271-4304 or tdye1@missouriwestern.edu

Again, we appreciate your willingness to allow a MWSU teacher candidate into your
classroom this spring. We look forward to working with you and having our junior
experience student learn from the best.


Ms. Tina Dye

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