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					                                                                            Cory Donohoo

                       Causes, Battles, and Repercussions of WWII

Introduction: The lesson covered will educate students on the initial and underlying

causes of World War Two. The lesson will also take students through the main parts of

the war in Europe and the Pacific. After analyzing the war itself we will look into the

effects that it had on the world after its ending.

    I.        Analyze Learners
    The students being taught the lesson on World War Two will be made up of kids in

the age range of sixteen to eighteen years old. They will all be in the eleventh grade of

their high school education. The students will have no special needs, but will be very

diverse children due to being in a public school.

    II.       State Objectives
        SS.11.5.6      identify the major goals and analyze the impact of the New Deal.
        SS.11.5.7      analyze and evaluate the major causes, events, personalities and
                        effects of World War II.
        SS.11.5.8      explain and assess the economic, social and political
                        transformation of the United States since World War II.
        SS.11.5.9      analyze and explain United States and world foreign policy since
                         World War II.
        SS.11.5.10     describe the development and impact of the United States’ labor

    III. Select Methods, Media and Material
        For the unit being taught on World War Two the students will need to have access

to the materials as follows.
                                                                               Cory Donohoo

Carlo D’Este, A Genius For War
John G. Stoessinger, Why Nations Go To War
White Poster Board
Colored Construction Paper

European Map
Pacific Map
World Map
Battlefield Map

Web Sites This website offers unusual
facts that will help capture the student’s interest.
index-1940.htm This website offers a detailed timeline of World War II in which the
students can follow and better understand the events. The website contains many
different links in which all tell specific stories of the war. This will help with interest and
better understanding of specific events.

Students will use this web site This website offers statistics, timelines,
maps, and even a trivia section which students will take.

    IV. Utilize Media and Materials
    Day 1
    In order for students to understand the tensions leading to the beginning causes of

World War II they must understand the New Deal proposed at the end of World War I.

The students will receive the lecture for the most part of class; during the lecture they will

take notes and ask specific questions pertaining to the lecture. After the lecture is

complete the students will engage in-group discussion pertaining to the lecture. At the

very end of class they will be required to write a one half-page analysis of the lecture to

turn in the next class day.
                                                                            Cory Donohoo

    Day 2
    The lecture will be on topics that directly caused World War Two, specific allies,

and the leaders of major countries. The students will take notes pertaining to the lecture

given and ask specific questions. After the lecture the students will be choosing the

specific leader involved in World War II in which they will write a three page paper on to

be turned in towards the end of the unit. They will also be instructed to bring poster

board and construction paper to the next class.

    Day 3
    The lecture will cover specific locations and the key battles that took place in World

War II in the Pacific and European fronts. The students will take notes pertaining to the

lecture and feel free to ask questions. At this time the students will begin working on

their poster board assignment due in two class days. Each student will pick a specific

battle of World War II and make a poster board having information on the location time

period and forces involved.

    Day 4
    The lecture in class will cover the effects that World War II had on the United States’

political, social, and economic factors. The Students will take notes and direct questions

in a manner pertaining to the lecture. For the second part of class they will be asked to

form small circles and discuss the events that may have shaped the way the US systems

were operating. They will choose a recorder for each group who will write down the

discussion points between the groups, which will be turned in. At the end of class

students will be given a website, in which they are required to open and complete a

timeline assignment.
                                                                              Cory Donohoo

   Day 5
   At the beginning of class the students will turn in their poster boards that they have

completed. The students will then have one large discussion based on what was learned

in the groups in the class beforehand. The lecture towards the end of class will discuss

how world and American foreign policies have changed sense the ending of World War

II. They will take notes and have a small class discussion on the lecture that was

provided to them.

   Day 6
   The students will turn in the three-page paper written on a leader involved in World

War II at the beginning of class. The lecture of the day will deal with how the labor unit

of the United States was changed during and sense World War II. The students will take

notes and ask questions on the topic. They will then participate in a review/discussion

session in which specific questions pertaining to the whole unit will be asked. They will

then be given there warning order that their final evaluation will take part the next class.

   Day 7
   This is the final day of the unit plan. The students will be handed blue books, and

given the assignment of writing a logical reaction paper to the events that led, occurred,

and were caused by World War II. After this is complete the second part of class will

consist of a guest speaker who was in World War II. The students will listen, enjoy, and

ask questions to the man about his experience in the war.

    V.      Require Learner Participation
                                                                                Cory Donohoo

      Students can be kept interested and on task because they will never do only one thing

throughout a class period. They will perform multiple tasks throughout the lesson each

day. Also the students are asked to do things that will be graded at nearly the end of

every class. There will also be many hands on projects and group discussions that will

allow attention to not be stretched.

      VI. Evaluate and Revise
      Students will gain five points for every day that they are in class, but are subject to

reduction if not paying attention or participating. They will also have various

assignments in which will be recorded towards their final grade. These assignments are as


1.   Class Participation Grade                        35 points possible
2.   One half-page analysis on lecture 1              25 points possible
3.   Poster Board assignment                          50 points possible
4.   Recorded group discussion                        10 points possible
5.   Internet Timeline assignment                     10 points possible
6.   Three Page Paper on a leader                     50 points possible
7.   Reaction Paper in class                          100 points possible

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