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									Backgrounder: Ladyfest Ottawa Music 2008
Ladyfest Ottawa began in 2002 as an independent festival dedicating to celebrating women’s art
and music. Inspired by the original Ladyfest that took place in Olympia, Washington in 2000,
Ladyfest Ottawa is part of a network of feminist collectives creating these grassroots, volunteer-
driven events world-wide. Ladyfest is by women, for everyone. It’s about celebrating women’s
art and skills, and it’s an invitation to the wider community to step up and support that.

All tickets are available at the door, at a sliding scale rate of $5-10.
Please contact us for more information about press passes (limit of two per organization).

Friday, September 19, 2008
Babylon Night Club
317 Bank St

Northern State
Northern State is a critically-acclaimed female hip-hop trio from New York. They have
collaborated with such notable acts as the Beastie Boys and ?uestlove, and have shared the
stage with Tegan and Sara, Le Tigre, De La Soul and The Gossip.

For a decade, hip-hop artist Eternia has been a formidable presence in the Canadian and
international urban music industry. This lyrical powerhouse has tightened her skills on street
corners, stages, and in studios across Canada, the US, and Australia. Her debut album, “It’s
Called Life” was nominated for the 2005 Juno “Best Rap Recording”.

Dinah Thorpe
If she weren’t so damn tall, Dinah Thorpe would be the proverbial small package: composer,
singer, and multi-instrumentalist, and sound engineer all in one. Her style marries the acoustic
with the electronic, and the personal with the political.

Luna Allison
A poet and spoken-word artist recently transplanted from Montreal to Ottawa, Luna is known for
her ability to engage the audience with her soulful songspeak, splicing personal experience with
more universal themes.
Jas Nasty
Jas Nasty is an eclectic DJ who still kicks it old school: mixing vinyl while making sure to please
the crowd by throwing in old favourites mixed with new. Jas founded Women on Wax Montreal
in 2005, a collective that raised the profile of women DJs, & promoted forward-thinking bass-
heavy music. Now in Ottawa, she is keeping busy through her involvement in several dubstep
events, as well as Ladies in The House, & Fresh Meet.

Saturday, September 20, 2008
Bytowne Tavern
292 Elgin St

Since releasing their first full-length album “Eye Contact” in June, Vancouver’s E.S.L. has been
steadily gaining attention. A roaring gypsy-punk dance style meshed with a lush and lusty
cabaret-kick, this cello and violin wielding four-piece deliver magical live performances. “If
Charlie Chaplin wrote songs with Bjork to be the soundtrack for a Tim Burton film, their
collective musical result would come close to resembling the goodness, timelessness and
otherworldliness of e.s.l.”

"Imagine Stereolab (circa Dots and Loops) as accompanied by Joanna Newsom, and you'll get
an idea... " Indie-classical-pop act Flotilla, from Montreal, has made a name for themselves with
their distinct sound and electric live performance–not to be missed! (Twilight Music)

The Weathermakers
Born out of the flames of the crashing comets of smashed up bands, incubated for nine months
in a cozy basement, mulled in the spices of punk rock and sweet pop, here comes The
Sunday, September 21, 2008
The Black Sheep Inn
420 Riverside Dr (Wakefield QC)
4:20PM (All ages matinée)

Rae Spoon
In his early twenties, he hit the road as one of the world’s only transgendered country singers
and toured Canada, Europe, Australia and the USA. Being in Europe influenced him to trade
his banjo for a computer and his acoustic guitar for an electric. Musically, he traverses new
territories from art folk, to indie-rock, to electronic/experimental and noise.

Andrea Simms-Karp
An indie roots powerhouse with a stellar debut album under her belt. Sleeper has already
scooped up airplay across the country on CBC radio, and has powered through the album
charts at many campus and community radio stations. This is one award-winning voice you do
not want to miss.

Krista Muir
Montreal resident Krista L. L. Muir has been composing, recording and touring her original
music locally and internationally for over 12 years. Formerly known as "Lederhosen Lucil",
Krista’s new sound is a stark contrast from the infectiously danceable Lederhosen days, as the
keyboards have been replaced with a ukulele. Krista was recently nominated by GAMIQ
(Quebec Indie Music Awards) in the “best singer-songwriter - album of the year” category. She
is currently learning the Greek language and writing music for a future recording project.

To be put in touch with the artists performing at this year’s Ladyfest Ottawa, please
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