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									Kane Punch List

     Move all the menu items up one menu item's space worth.
          o Done
     Take out the double space between what are actually single menu items. It looks
      right, as far as this comment goes, on the TEAMS home page, but not right on the
      site home space. Specifically there should be no double space between the words
      complimentary and session. There should be no double space between the words
      Coaching Program and the word Fees.
          o Can’t see what is being described
     Take the word "Executive" out of the Free E-briefing item.
          o Done
     Stack the words Profiles and Assessments instead of all on one line so that
      nothing is out of blue area.
          o Done, although everything appeared to be in blue area prior to the change
     Swap the item Testimonials with the item Leadership.
          o Done
     Take the word "More" out of the Free Resources item.
          o Done
     The Contact Me link should show up on every page of the site in three places.
          o At the upper right where it is now.
                    Done
          o Let's experiment with putting that one into the blue area just above where
              it is now to see how it looks.
                    Tried it but it looks awful b/c the layout looses balance. The
                       picture crosses over the bg image and if it is moved down, the gap
                       b/w the word and the picture looks wierd
          o Then it should still be the last menu on the left menu on every page.
                    Done
          o And it should be at the bottom of every page right before Coaching
              Humanity at Work line. To set this one apart, put it inside an oval button
              graphic the same color blue as menu graphic.
                    Link done
                    Need graphic designer to provide graphic for the link.
          o I would like to see Coaching Humanity at work in both the Blue and the
              Turquoise, as it is now, so I can decide which color I want for that line.
                    Can change on the fly in the “bottomnav.js” include file
                    Blue color code = 333399
                    Turquoise color code = 6699CC
          o The color Turquoise it is now is too light to show up satisfactorily.
                    Will change to color that the bg is changed to – see graphics punch
                       list below -
          o The black letters of the menu items are too hard to see in the blue. Make
              them Turquoise instead and lets see how that does.
                     Will change to color that the bg is changed to – see graphics punch
                      list below -
       o We can experiment with both the lighter and darker Turquoise colors that
            we will be working with. I'd like to see both.
                  Can change on the fly in the “bottomnav.js” include file
                  Present Turquoise color code = 6699CC
                  Will change the other turquoise to the color that the bg is changed
                      to – see graphics punch list below –
       o It is absolutely essential that when all is said and done that NO menu
            item extend out of the blue area, or even right to the edge of it, which
            means not out the side and not running out the bottom as it is doing on the
            current home page sample (the regular, not the TEAMS one).
                  Can’t see what is being described, does not extend beyond blue as
                      far as I can see.
       o And, of course, that means not into the turquoise area. If after all the other
            changes are made this is still not so, then reduce the type size a bit as long
            as it's still comfortably readable.
                  Text does come to the gradient of the turquoise as described, but
                      reducing the font any further makes them too small. I tried several
                      sizes in both directions as well as both font sizing methods,
                      size=”1” and font-size=””. The existing <FONT font-size="12">
                      tag is the optimum.
                  To correct this problem I suggest making the bg graphic wider.
       o It is key to program this and design it so that it shows up correctly on ALL
            computers and monitor sizes. It would be a terrible irony if after all this I
            still have a web site that looks wrong. So we must ensure that in NO
            situation will there be either the menu issues or the other kinds of text
            overlapping situations that I have listed below. The best graphics and
            content won't offset a misaligned look which looks sloppy and
            unprofessional. I realize we are still in the early stages so am just making
            myself crystal clear so there will be no disappointment for us at the end.
                  This is an unrealistic expectation of the technology. Usually I like
                      to use my sense of humor in situations like this, but we are at a
                      serious stage of this project. So, seriously, here is what I know
                      about how to address these concerns:
                            We can have the bg as a slice image with a 1 px repeated
                               image in the middle, so that the middle can expand.
                                  o Trade off is the problem as seen on the previous site
                                      with the growing text on resizing the browser.
                            We can have a bg that does not limit the alignment of the
                               page such as the image which is demand by the client
                                  o The existing image does not allow centering, which
                                      would solve the 21” monitor view problem
                                  o The existing image has to be aligned left
   On my screen the words Executive and Evolution still stack rather than being on
    one line as should be.
           o This is not possible b/c I used absolute positioning with fixed widths.
               Probably, the cache is not cleared on the computer with this problem.
      Coaching Humanity at Work is showing up twice both at top under Exec Evo and
       at bottom before contact info. It should only show up at the bottom on all pages.
           o Removed
      The beginning of the contact info starting with the Exec Evo name runs into the
       bottom of the menu links.
           o I’ll have to see the error reproduced to fix it. Tim, if you change the
               content, then the absolute positioning of the bottomnav.js and footer.js
               will have to be change with the inline style tag (not the external CSS).
               This could cause the problem, but the problem does not exist on this
      On the TEAMS page, move my picture down to about halfway on the page and
       put the triangular TEAMS logo where my picture is now. It should appear in that
       place on every page of the TEAMS section.
           o Done
      The menu item "home page" for the TEAMS should say TEAMS home page to
       avoid confusion with site home page.
           o Done
      The item in the TEAMS menu items called leadership does not belong to TEAMS
       and should be deleted.
           o Done
      The TEAMS logo, which we are moving anyway, right now overlaps with the
       menu items above it. Similarly, at the bottom of the race car picture, the picture
       area overlaps with the Coaching Humanity.
           o I’ll have to see the error reproduced to fix it. Tim, if you change the
               content, then the absolute positioning of the bottomnav.js and footer.js
               will have to be change with the inline style tag (not the external CSS).
               This could cause the problem, but the problem does not exist on this
      My picture should only appear on the site home page, Meet Marie page, TEAMS
       home page, Leadership First Page and About Coaching First Page and Coaching
       Programs first page. It should not appear on every page of the site. The frame
       effect around it looks nice.
           o What pages does it need to be removed from?

      I still have to do the Coaching Programs and the Meet Marie content. It has quite
       a bit of hand formatting for the Mark Up to render correctly, and I’ve already put
       in 7 hours today. I’m beat.

BG image punch list for graphic designer
   More room for menu items even after the other changes I will make so that I have
     room for expansion.
           o Have Bernie extend the left side of the graphic down at least another 1.5
               inches or put another way have it fill a full single page which means you
               don't see all of it when you look at the screen but have to scroll down a bit
               to see whole page.
           o To try describing where I want this curve to end, as it currently looks on
               my screen on the regular home page that means it would have come below
               the word " Products" which right now is one of two menu items
               completely below the blue.
           o These changes will make it proportionately more pleasing and will allow
               room for more menu items or breathing room.
           o For the added part, Bernie should curve so that it's as wide as possible for
               as long as possible going down before curving back in and still have it
               look right.
      Again, I realize the changes listed below might fix the vertical size issue, but I
       want these changes made in any case so I have room to play with in adding menu
       items and it will be more proportionate with these changes I think.
      Have Bernie make that turquoise border more deeper and vibrant turquoise color
       anyway and we'll see how that does.
           o If we don't like it darker we can keep border the same but use deeper
               turquoise for the text accents within the site.
           o The blue of the menu graphic may be dark enough so leave it as is for
           o The color Turquoise it is now is too light to show up satisfactorily.
      We need a box the same size as my picture that shows up on every page my
       picture does. It should be placed diagonally down and across the page from my
       pix, though whether is should be next to the lower part of or just below the end of
       the curve I am not sure. Inside the box should be the invitation and link to
       subscribe to the Free ebriefing. This is in addition to the e-briefing menu item.
       Think of it as an advertisement so we need something classy and snappy. Could it
       work to pair it with one of the mini-banners if one of them has content that works
       with this?

Leadership Punchlist
    On the Leadership page, I think it's OK to use the internal menu like you did for
      TEAMS. I will need to create or find a graphic about leadership to use in that
      section to hold it together. As I see it the menu items at the top of the page in
      Leadership will be those I listed as being part of Leadership section which right
      now is 4 items, Articles, Quotes, Bibliography and Leaders Way program. Then
      within the Leader's Way program it will have its own menu at the top with all of
      the sections of that. We will use the Program Name and subname in the same
      position for that section as we do the TEAMS logo in its section.
          o I’ll need to talk with you more, Tim, about the Leadership section before I
              move on with it. There has been a lot to do with the main site and the
              Teams subweb. The Leadership subweb is going to take some more time.
   As to the articles, in Rick's email that I sent you not only did he have an
    attachment, but he included in the body of the email the link to his html archives
    containing all of my articles. Is this not what you need?
        o ????
   As to the nesting menu situation, please review all these plans to be sure the way I
    have talked about the above is the best way to do it so that people can navigate the
    site easily and find their way back and forth with no problem. Corporate folks are
    pressed for time and will not stay with something that is annoying or confusing if
    they have the choice to bail.
        o Oh, I didn’t know that.

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