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									                                    Job Description
                        Volunteer Administrative-secretary
                            for the Board of Directors

1)     To attend, for the purposes of minute taking, all MSF-C’s Board of Directors (BOD)
       meetings and to produce a draft of the minutes of the BOD meetings that are a synopsis of
       the key points made along with who made them and a detailed description of the action
       points made and decisions taken. Please note:
       i)     The first draft of the minutes for any particular meeting are expected to be produced
              within one (1) week of the meeting and delivered for first review to the BOD
              member designated from time to time;
       ii)    The minutes are not a detailed, comprehensive transcription of everything that was
              said, nor are they simply a list of the resolutions adopted or decisions made;
2)     To create, simultaneously to the finalization and approval of the minutes by the BOD, a
       two-page summary, in both English and in French, for the benefit of the MSF-C
       Association’s members. This summary is not an official record and is not comprehensive,
       but provides an overview of the issues the BOD discussed;
3)     To maintain an ongoing, comprehensive register of
       i)     all decisions taken by the BOD; and
       ii)    all actions points contracted by their members and the status thereof;


1)     Proficiency in minute taking and keyboarding ;
2)     Good verbal and written communication skills;
3)     Excellent working knowledge of English grammar, vocabulary, spelling, and punctuation;
4)     Working knowledge of French an asset;
5)     Strong computer skills with Word and Excel applications;
6)     Two or more years of relevant experience;


1)     This position is not a paid position and is based solely on a volunteering endeavor;
2)     It generally requires little travel;
3)     A Certificate of Recognition for Volunteer Work can be provided at the end of the mandate;
4)     The Volunteer shall neither during the term of this mandate, nor after its termination, make
       use of or disclose for the benefit (direct or indirect) of any person, firm or company any
       information (financial, strategic or otherwise) or knowledge relating to the organisation,
       which is, or is recognized within the organisation as being confidential or which s/he knows
       or can reasonably assume to be confidential, unless and to the extent disclosure is required
       by law. The Volunteer shall not keep (copies or extracts from) documents or
       correspondence which s/he holds in relation with the duties defined herein longer than is
       strictly necessary to carry out his/her mandate;

1)    Commitment to the work of the organization;
2)    Attendance at BOD meetings (by telephone on a monthly basis; in person four times per
      year in Montreal and/or Toronto);
3)    A time commitment of approximately ten (10) hours per month;
4)    A long-term commitment to the position (two-years or greater);
5)    Mature and ready to sign and respect a confidentiality undertaking;
6)    Residing in the Montreal or Toronto area;


1)    This job description was approved by the Board of MSF-Canada on April 19, 2008 and is
      subject to review from time to time as deemed appropriate by the BOD;

1)    To apply, please send a CV and letter of motivation to Patrick Lemieux
2)    Please send your application as soon as possible if possible BEFORE August 31st 2009.

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