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					January 28, 2009

Dear VSO members:

It is that time again for VSO Board of Directors Elections. The Constitution calls for the election of nine
Directors to serve for a two-year term. Once the new Board is elected, the new Directors will decide
who will hold each executive position. Please see the documentation included outlining a variety of
exciting opportunities where members can contribute to the ongoing success of the VSO.

Call For Nominations

If you want to run for the board or know of a member who would be interested in contributing to a
club that makes a difference, there are three constitutional requirements and they are:

   a member who is 18 years of age or older
   a member in good standing with the VSO and
   a regular member in good standing with the Canadian Kennel Club.

Nomination Process

1. A nominee is required to complete and sign the nomination form provided with the signature of
   two witnesses who are members in good standing with the VSO.
2. When the form is being e-mailed only the names of the nominee and 2 witnesses are required.
3. All nominations forms must be received by the Elections committee chair no later than February
   28, 2007.

                                  Nomination forms can be
                                   mailed or emailed to:

                                        Sharon Faulds
                                    260-2 Rebecca Lane
                                  Goodwood, ON, L0C 1A0

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Call for Election

   1. Ballots will be sent to all members in good standing by March 5, 2009 providing there are more
      than 9 nominees received and accepted by the Elections Committee.
   2. Ballots must be returned to the Elections Committee by midnight April 1, 2009 who will then
      count the ballots to determine the outcome of the election.
   3. In the event there are nine or less nominees, there will be no election, and the new board
      positions will be created through acclamation.
   4. The new Board of Directors will be announced at the Annual General Meeting to be held no
      later than April 30, 2009.

Thank you from your 2009 Elections Committee,

Sharon Faulds, Kim berly David & Karyn Worley

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                              Board of Director Roles and Responsibilities
The Canadian Kennel Club requires all Provincial clubs to have 5 regional directors elected to their board of directors
representing the regions of the province. The following is an excerpt from the VSO Constitution outlining the roles and

    2.1 The Board
        a)        Provincial Regional Local Clubs
                 The Board of Directors shall be comprised of the Officers (President, Vice-President, Secretary and
                 Treasurer) and Directors (as required by club policy) all of whom shall be residents of Canada and
                 members in good standing with the Club and the Canadian Kennel Club. They shall be elected for 1 term
                 as provided and shall serve until their successors are elected. General management of the Club’s affairs
                 shall be entrusted to the Board of Directors.
    2.2 Officers
        The officers of the club shall be President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer. All must be residents of Canada
        and members in good standing of The Canadian Kennel Club.
        a)        The President shall chair all Board and General meetings of the Club and shall have such duties and
                 responsibilities as specified in these by-laws.
        b)       The Vice-President shall assume the duties and exercise the responsibilities of the President upon the
                 direction of the President or in such case, as the President is unable to carry out the duties and
                 responsibilities of the President.
        c)        The Secretary shall keep a record of all Board and General meetings of the Club and of all votes taken in
                 the order of business. The Secretary shall receive and send correspondence on behalf of the club to notify
                 members of meetings, notify new members of their acceptance to membership, notify Officers and
                 Directors of their election to office, keep a roll of the current members of the Club complete with home
                 addresses, telephone numbers, and e-mail addresses and carry out such other duties as are prescribed in
                 these by-laws.
        d)       The Treasurer shall collect and receive all revenues of the Club and shall deposit same in a club bank
                 account as approved by the Board, in the name of the Club. The books of the club shall be open to
                 inspection by the Board at any time and a financial report shall be provided at every meeting of the Board
                 and every annual general meeting of the club. The financial records of the club shall be the property of
                 the Club.

Examples of Board Committees set by the Board

The following areas are examples that require a board member to be the chairperson who will take the lead as set out by
the board of directors in the following areas:
          Field – organize spring and fall field tests annually
          Show – organize a specialty and a booster annually
          Rescue- response to requests to rescue Vizslas and keep a list of potential rescue homes
          Breed Referral- respond to inquiries for breeding information and provide background information
          Membership – Keeps current mailing list of members to be sent out for notices, the calendar etc
          Voice Editor/Communication – obtain information for the voice, write and send out the voice as set out by the
                    board of directors
All chairpersons are required to provide a report to each board meeting and an Annual report at the Annual General
Meeting held in April.

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                                       Nomination Form – 2009

In accordance with the Constitution of the Vizsla Society of Ontario, the nominee and the two witnesses for the
nominee must all be current members in good standing with the VSO.

Statement of Nominee

I,__________________ enter my name as candidate for the election to the Board of Directors of the Vizsla
Society of Ontario. I list below my qualifications to serve in this capacity:
(This area below is for the nominee to inform the members of the VSO about themselves, their interests in
the Vizsla breed and the VSO. The Election Committee may condense your remarks at ballot time.)

I would be interested in the following position(s): _____________________________________________


Signature of Nominee:_____________________

CKC Membership Number:___________________ (this is mandatory)

                                    STATEMENT OF WITNESS FOR THE NOMINEE:

We, __________________________ and ______________________________
             (please print)                      (please print)
endorse ________________________ as a nominee for the Board of Directors of the Vizsla Society of Ontario

Signature of Witnesses: ______________________________


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