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									        An Introduction to Jazz
  1. What is the relaxed easy rhythmic flow of Jazz
     music called?

  2. Another important element of Jazz music is the
     ability of the performer to make up the words or
     melody as they go along. They are not
     “reading”, the music on the page but doing as
     they feel at the moment. What is the name for
     this important feature of Jazz music?

  3. What three instruments make up the heartbeat
     or rhythm section in Jazz music?

  4. Jazz music has been around for almost 80
     years. What two kinds of music came together
     to start it?

  5. Why were black people brought to the U.S.?

  6. Ragtime is Jazz in its earliest form. How did it

  7. In what U.S. city did Jazz begin?

Please answer all questions in full sentence form
on a separate sheet of paper.

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