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important information for november


important information for november

More Info

On Thursday, November 20th classes will be dismissed at 2:00 p.m. as we will have an
opportunity for parents to come by SSS and pick-up report cards for the first term. Teachers will
be on hand to speak with you and are looking forward to seeing you.

                                  Report Card Pick-up Times
                                2:30 – 4:00 pm or 6:30 – 8:00 pm

The report cards will be available in the Science Lab and our teaching staff will be available in
the rooms around the lab itself. If you are unable to see a teacher you may either contact the
school directly @ 250.770.7650 and the teacher will get back to you or you can email the
teachers. The teachers email addresses are attached for you below or you can access them at
our website (http://sd67/bc/ca/schools/sss/). We will also have sign-up sheets available in the
lab for parents who are unable to see teachers at that time.

If you would like to have more updates regarding your daughter or sons progress we suggest
you take advantage of our teachers email addresses. Many parents and teachers have found
this to be a very worthwhile way to stay in touch and there have been a significantly positive
impact for a large number of our students.

Please feel free to email us!

On another note we are still developing our list of families who would like information and
newsletters like this emailed home. If you would like to be added to our email list and help
reduce the paper and postage, please email Mr. Searcy at

                                                      See reverse for teacher’s email addresses
Anderson                    Cathy         TEACHER
Aubin                      Suzanne           TEACHER
Ayris                      Heather           TEACHER
Bergstrom                   Linda        COUNSELOR
Blomme                      Lance           TEACHER
Brickenden                  Tom         TEACHER
Clarke                      Kathryn         TEACHER-SPECIAL-ED
Cowles                      Donna           TEACHER
Fry                         John               TEACHER
Gartrell                    Pat           TEACHER
Gupta                       Raja             TEACHER
James                      Sarah             TEACHER
Jones                      Randy             TEACHER
Kast                        Nick              TEACHER
Knowlton                    Trevor        TEACHER
Kupec                      David             TEACHER
Lay                         Charles            TEACHER
Libby                      Tara              TEACHER
MacDonald                  Doug          VICE PRINCIPAL
Martin                      Sheila          TEACHER
Mayer                       Charley          TEACHER
McCarty                     Ryan           TEACHER
Millar                      Duncan          TEACHER
Moroz                      Donna             VICE PRINCIPAL
Northcote                   Gordon       TEACHER
Redding                     Jim            TEACHER
Richert                     Sue            TEACHER-SPECIAL-ED
Russill                     Brad           COUNSELOR
Salter                      Brian           TEACHER
Sands                       Kirby            TEACHER
Searcy                     Dave             PRINCIPAL
Secondary                   Summerland           SCHOOL
Secondary Library           Summerland        LIBRARY
Stathers                    David         TEACHER
Stead                       Jane             TEACHER
Verrier                    Natasha         TEACHER
Waterman                   Geoff          TEACHER
Wells                       Cherrie          TEACHER
Wiens                      Sabrina           TEACHER
Wise                        Kim               TEACHER
Wnuk                       Jeanne             TEACHER


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