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									B Rushfeldt

If God Asks…..

If God were to ask, What do you desire Me to do in Canada in 2007 – what would you say?

At this time of year we hear the hype about New Year’s resolutions. Some are well-intended; others are
made with fickle determination, selfish motivations, and based on little more than tradition and self will.
They have no power behind them, which would explain why 97% of New Years resolutions are abandoned
within 60 days.

But as Christians, we can resolve to do something and, with the power of the Holy Spirit working with us,
we have great potential of translating that resolution into reality. Not by self-will, but through the power
and grace of the Holy Spirit.

In this world of turmoil, confusion, wars, and suffering Christians ought to look at 2007 as a year of great
possibilities coupled with enormous challenges. Are you up to a challenge? What will you do to follow
Christ this year? When HE asks of you – will you have hope and an answer?

The rise and fall of rulers and even nations in the past four years have been astounding but should not be
surprising. Governments have changed, leaders were deposed and even hanged, strife exists in most parts
of the world, and catastrophes have struck so many.

In Canada this past year our government changed, and the resignation or termination of the heads of the
CBC, the CRTC and now Elections Canada have occurred. We lost soldiers defending freedom and
promoting civility and justice. In the face of “hot” economic growth and prosperity, the numbers of
homeless and poor continues to grow. Violence and murders occur weekly; the institution of marriage and
family has been denigrated; and sexual crimes have risen, especially against children.

Does any of this have to do with God setting the stage for the “final” scene – the return of Christ? Or does
it all have to do with the final era?

Rivalry between political parties, the vortex of many elections, the legal manipulation of the justice system,
the misuse of the Charter about “rights”, and the immoral practices of many from the homeless to the Hill,
the poor to the proud, all create the opportunity for Christians to provide direction and solutions.
Governments attempt to solve social problems with man-made laws and bureaucracies try to serve people
but end up treating them as faceless numbers. Are there not endless opportunities for God’s people to
serve? Are there not great challenges that can only be met with God-given wisdom?

I urge you in a time when faith and hope is waning not to remain focused on problems but to look with
hope and faith at the opportunities for you to influence this nation for goodness, righteousness and justice.
Whether it be feeding or clothing one hungry or homeless person, volunteering in your community, or
influencing a lawmaker in Parliament – we all have opportunities to effect positive change in individuals
and in our nation. All this is possible when we rise to the challenge. Tumultuous times require leadership
and solutions. Who will provide these?

We believers can look calmly upon turmoil and experience peace. We Christians are not supposed to be
part of this turmoil and confusion, but neither can we ignore it. Every person in strife and suffering is
God’s creation whom Christ died for. God is a Father that cares. So should we. HE does not desire that any
should commit moral or spiritual suicide. Are we not able to show them the way to abundant life through
our words and deeds?
As AW Tozer said, I want no blessing I cannot share; I want no happiness purchased with ignorance.
Neither do I.

How will you answer when God asks – what do you want for Canada (Canadians) in 2007?

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