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					                        Festival Campground
                Exhibition / Site-Animation Projects

                               Call for Submissions
The Winnipeg Folk Festival is an outdoor music festival that takes place in beautiful
Birds Hill Park July 9-12, 2009. We are requesting proposals for outdoor site
animation projects & exhibitions in our Festival Campground. Not bound to the
walls of a gallery, our campground allows for ideas to take on a larger-than-life quality.

Types of projects we are seeking include (but not limited to):
    visual art (including theatre/dance/performance/ritual)
    green art projects (promoting sustainable culture & recycling in the
      campground, or constructed from recycled materials)
    interactive community art projects & workshops
    temporary communal structures (social sculpture)
    signage and/or way-finding sculpture

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We will select projects that enhance the campground community, while engaging the
public and harmonizing with the location. We challenge you to create something that
will amuse, inspire, and otherwise enchant our campers.

Submission Guidelines:
 All media will be considered.
 Submissions from individual exhibitors and groups of exhibitors are welcome.
 Proposals should consider safety, ease of installation and removal, lasting impact
  on the natural environment, and the ability to withstand sun, wind, rain and curious
 Proposals must be designed and installed in a manner that presents no danger to
  the public (no sharp edges or heavy elements that could fall down).
 All exhibitors are encouraged to visit the Festival Campground to enhance their
  knowledge of the site. The majority of spaces are open fields, where work would
  have to be freestanding. Keep in mind that there will be 6,000 curious people
  camping around your exhibition.
 Exhibitors will be responsible for installing and removing work.
 You may submit your proposal by mail or electronically.
The selection criteria used by the Winnipeg Folk Festival will include, but will not be
limited to:
 quality of project concept
 thoroughness of proposal
 ability of exhibitor to execute exhibition
 how the project will contribute to the Festival Campground and the Festival’s
   mandate to “create experiences of discovery & learning through the celebration of
   people and music”
 use of recycled materials and promotion of sustainable culture

           must be submitted by May 9th, 2009 and include:
          artistic statement (the philosophy behind your project)
          a detailed written description of your proposal
          photographs or sketches of your display proposal, including dimensions,
           materials and installation requirements
          project budget, including building materials & number of
           presenters/artists (if a group project)
           NB: Requested amounts are not guaranteed should your project be
          a brief bio including current contact information (Name, phone, e-mail)

                            Please send applications to:
                            Campground Animation Project
                                Winnipeg Folk Festival
                              #203-211 Bannatyne Ave.
                                 Wpg, MB. R3B3P2

           Or email Rebecca Winkworth

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