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                                          UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA
                           2146 East Mall Vancouver - British Columbia, V6T 1Z3, Fax (604) 822-3035
                                                  CAPSI MEETING
                                              Friday, November 21st, 2008
                                                       Room G41
___ = Important dates
___ = new ideas
___ = requires action from someone
In attendance:
 Senior Rep                      Allen Chernenkoff                     IPSF Liaison                Nancy Liu           
 Junior Rep                      Lyle Powell                           IT Officer                  Roger Wu            
                                 Dr. Adam Frankel                       4 year rep                  William Lau         
 Faculty Advisor
 Secretary                       Ariel McLeod                          3 year rep                  Nicole Ilic         
 Treasurer                       Cindy So                               2 year rep                  Boyang Xia          
 Community Ed. Coord             Eugene Wu                              1 year rep                  Sue-Fei             
 CAPSIL Editor                   Rachel Neumann                         CSHP Mem. Coord             Natasha Rajan       
 Fundraiser                      Cheryl Chan                           CAPSIL Editor(N)            Jenn Day
                                                                        SEO (N)                     Sharon Leung

1.   Call to order: 12:05pm

2.   Standing Business
     2.1. Motion to adopt the minutes from October 31 st, 2008
          L.Powell motions. B.Xia seconds. All in favour. N.Rajan abstains. Motion passed.

     2.2. Motion to adopt the minutes from November 7 th, 2008
          L.Powell motions. B.Xia seconds. All in favour, motion passed.

     2.3. Motion to adopt the minutes from November 14 th, 2008
          L.Powell motion. N.Ilic seconds. All in favour. Motion passed.

     2.4. CAPSI Competitions (A. Chernenkoff)
         The winner’s of this year’s competitions are:
         Patient Interview Challenge: 1st Shirley Imperial, 2nd Jodie Ford, 3rd Myra Chan
         Over The Counter: 1st Adeline Sin, 2nd Shirley Yeung (who will be replacing Adeline at PDW), 3 rd Allen Wu
         Student Literary Challenge: 1st Eugene Wu
         Compounding Competition: 1stCala Smith, Rajwant Minhas, Jodie Ford, Amanda Chen (2 nd year students)
                                     2ndMyra Chan, Fiona Kwan, Nabs Abrahani, May Yu (3rd years)
                                     3rd Shirley Yeung, Allen Wu, Irene Yu, Herb Wong (4th years)
         A.Chernenkoff, on behalf of the rest of counsel extends his gratitude to the Year Reps who organized the CAPSI
         competitions. Their valiant efforts made this year’s events a great success.
         A.Chernenkoff reminds the organizers to include any feedback in their portfolios
         It was brought up that the dates should be based on judge’s availability, and to send invites through corporate

         N.Ilic is reminded to have receipts for A.Chernenkoff by Tuesday, November 25 th so that they may be submitted to
         the National Council.
         If any other organizers have receipts they are asked to submit them to C.So or to A.Chernenkoff as soon as possible.
         B.Xia asks if a person can win multiple prizes. A.Chernenkoff explains that they win only the amount of money
         necessary to pay for PDW registration, travel, and accommodation any surplus will be redistributed amongst the
         other delegates.

     2.5. Novopharm Leadership & Strategic Planning Seminar (A. Chernenkoff)


                               Providing Students With Opportunities For Professional Development
                                           UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA
                            2146 East Mall Vancouver - British Columbia, V6T 1Z3, Fax (604) 822-3035
          The Novopharm dinner will commence at 5pm on Tuesday, November 25th at the Vancouver Airport Delta Hotel.
          Guests are asked to arrive on-time as dinner will be served at 5:30pm.
          A.Chernenkoff announces that the official sign up deadline is today, Friday, November 21 st, at 5PM but more
          people can sign up on Monday. Currently there are 12 people signed-up. A.Chernenkoff will make reservations for
          about 20 people total. He informs council that there is free parking available at the hotel and that catering can
          accommodate any dietary preferences and/or allergies.

     2.6. Rx&D Industrial Studentship Presentation (A. Chernenkoff)
          This presentation has been postponed until January 2009.

     2.7. CAPSI Bingo (A. Chernenkoff)
         The sale of the Bingo cards ends today. Council members are encouraged to sell all of the cards they have been
         given. The cards can be sold to anyone, including non-pharmacy students.
         A.Chernenkoff will purchase a $50 Gift Certificate to Mahony’s.
         R.Wu will set up the CAPSI local website tonight by replacing the PDW image with an image of a bingo card. The
         bingo-card image will be a button linked to a page showing all the numbers drawn.
         Each day E. Wu will email the numbers that have been drawn to R.Wu. R.Wu will post the drawn numbers on the
         website by 9am each morning.

     2.8. Christmas Candy Grams(A. Chernenkoff, C. Chan)
          C.Chan and A.Chernenkoff have designed a poster that promotes the Christmas candy grams. A.Chernenkoff will
          ask Dr. Frankel to promote the Candy Grams amongst the faculty.
          N.Ilic will purchase extra candy, stuffed animals, and other supplies on Tuesday evening, once all the sales have
          been finalized.

3.   New Business

     3.1. CAPSI National By-Election and Elections
          National Elections
                      Elections will be held at PDW. Nominations are open on 17 November 2008. For those attending
                      PDW nominations are due 24 hrs before the CAPSI elections which will be held on Friday, January
                      16th. For those interested in running in the elections but who will not be going to PDW they may send
                      a nomination package with a video-recorded speech by 31 December 2008. All of the positions are
                      open. Inquiring parties are asked to refer to the CAPSI National website for more details.
         President-Elect By-Elections
                      As of 17 November 2008 CAPSI National is accepting nominations. The nomination package/video
                      due: 1 December 2008
         Council members are asked to promote both the National election and the by-election to their peers. Everyone is
         encouraged to apply. For more information about any of the positions or the election process please refer to the
         CAPSI website.

     3.2. Deposits
         3.2.1   Allen Chernenkoff gives Cindy So $59.50 for the proceeds of the Variety Lunch Concession PDW
         B.Xia motions. C.Chan seconds. All in favour. Motion passed.

     3.3. Reimbursements
         3.3.1. Motion to reimburse Boyang Xia $142.63 for the cost of competition prizes and food and thank you gifts
                 for Compounding Competition judges.
               N.Ilic motions, C.Chan seconds, all in favour, B.Xia abstains. Motion passed.

4. Round Table
Variety lunch Profits are $4. But we still have lots of chocolate bars and chips that can be put towards other events. L.Powell
comments that it is often difficult to predict how much to buy in anticipation of sales.

                               Providing Students With Opportunities For Professional Development
                                           UNIVERSITY OF BRITISH COLUMBIA
                            2146 East Mall Vancouver - British Columbia, V6T 1Z3, Fax (604) 822-3035
B.Xia confides that he cannot find information about the National elections on the website. L.Powell directs B.Xia to
“council” link on the national council’s website. L.Powell also explains that all positions have a one year commitment except
for the IPSF liaison which is 2 year position – during the first year they act as the IPSF Representative and in the second year
they are the Student Exchange Officer. The position of president-elect is 3 years (president-elect, president, past-president).

A.Chernenkoff reminds council to sell all of the bingo cards; to promote the purchase of candy grams. Candy gram sales end
on Tuesday 25 November 2008. A.McLeod suggests that next year we consider selling the candy grams not as a Christmas
promotion but as study-fuel for exams. They could be renamed as “cram-dy grams” and include chocolate covered coffee
beans for late night study sessions.

W.Lau asks if he has approval from council to buy prizes for OTC winners; Natural Health Products for Adeline and any
CPhA book for the 2nd and 3rd place winners. He asks if the awarded gift certificate needs to be from the UBC bookstore.
A.Chernenkoff explains that the gift certificate can be switched to a CPhA book purchase. If a winner does not want a TC
they may choose any CPhA book that is marketed at less than $100. W.Lau agrees to assess the books available for <$100
and email a list of options to the winners for them to choose. If a book is not desired the UBC book store gift certificate will
be reconsidered.

N.Rajan informs the council of the CSHP AGM that is on this weekend at SFU. Pre-registration closed 14th November
however on-site registration is still open. The cost of registration is $30 for Saturday and $20 for Friday. N.Rajan also
reminds council that applications for the Summer Student Internship are due either December 8th.

C.Chan would like to know when candy grams will be made and distributed. A.Chernenkoff declares that it all depends on
when first years will be on campus. PDW delegates are expected to help make and distribute the candy grams. Volunteers are
asked to meet in the PhUS lounge from 11am to 1pm on Wednesday 26 November to begin assembly.
N.Liu will be selling the Little Travelers next week on Monday 24 November, Tuesday 25 November, and Wednesday 26

5.   Adjournment
     R.Wu motions, W.Lau seconds. All in favour. Motion passed.


                                Providing Students With Opportunities For Professional Development

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