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									                        FRANCIS W. PARKER CHARTER ESSENTIAL SCHOOL
                                & REGIONAL TEACHERS CENTER
                              49 ANTIETAM STREET         DEVENS, MA 01432-2129
                     TELEPHONE (978) 772-3293   FAX (978) 772-3295 PARKERSCHOOL@PARKER.ORG

Friday Announcements                                                Date: September 19, 2003
Dear Parker Families,

It was wonderful to see so many parents the other night at our first Community Forum of the year. Well over
one hundred and twenty-five of us gathered to talk together about the first weeks of school, explore some of
the opportunities for volunteering at the school this year, and to connect informally as parents. Many thanks
to all who ventured out to participate despite heat and busy schedules.

Our discussion of volunteering at Parker included special “mini-presentations” by teachers and parents
representing some of the many arenas for parental involvement in the school. The evening ended as parents
completed a volunteer form that helps us to match parents with the role they most want to play and the needs
we have and will identify throughout the school year.

The school faces two immediate volunteer opportunities for which we are actively soliciting parent support
and involvement. The Parker Essential Fund is in the process of planning its Annual PEF Auction and
volunteers are needed right now! The PEF Auction is among the school‟s long-standing and most important
fund-raising events, netting over one half the total amount granted back to the school in support of academic
and other programs. Last year, the efforts of the parent community and the PEF earned over $45,000 for
Parker programs. The PEF Auction has played a tremendous role in the life of our school since our first year
of operation, and together with the Parker Classic Road Race, held each May, forms the flagship efforts for
fund-raising and community fun! Committees are forming to support and carry out the many tasks necessary
to staging a successful auction. Any parent who wishes to help out with the auction in any way need only call
or e-mail the Auction Co-Chairs, whose numbers and e-mail addresses can be found on the following pages.

In addition, the by-laws of the school call for three members of the parent community to act as members of
the Board of Trustees. Currently, there are two openings for parent representatives that need to be filled.
(One position is for a one-year term, the other is for a three-year term.) Elections will be held on
September 30 at our annual meeting, which also serves as our Back-to-School Night. Any parent seeking
election to the Board of Trustees should submit a brief statement of introduction and interest to Nicky
Dudensing at the school.

This week‟s Friday Announcements contains the revised Parent Volunteer interest form. We ask that all
parents who were unable to attend this week‟s forum or who have not yet completed the form to do so and
return it to the school as soon as possible. Though it‟s still early in the year, there is so much happening. It
will take a little of all of us to help things happen well!

Here‟s to a wonderful weekend and to all the best on this “talk like a pirate” day!


Teri Schrader

                           COMING SOON
                               September, 2003
                  Monday, 29 - End Gift Wrap fundraiser
Tuesday, 30 - Annual Meeting/Open House/Back to School Night at 6:00 p.m.

          PLEASE MARK THESE DATES! (Subject to change)

                                  October, 2003
           Wednesday, 1- Friday, 3 - Division II trip to Rhode Island
            Wednesday, 8 - Friday, 10 - Division I trip to Becket
                 Monday, 13 - Columbus Day – no school
                Tuesday, 14 - Trustees Meeting at 7:00 p.m.
                        Saturday, 18 - PSAT testing
             Wednesday, 29 - PLP Conference Day (no classes)

                                 November, 2003
                          Saturday, 8 - P.E.F. Auction
                    Tuesday, 11 - Veterans Day – no school
                      Wednesday, 12 - Gift Wrap delivery
                  Thursday, 13 - Saturday, 15 - CES Fall Forum
                   Tuesday, 18 - Trustees Meeting at 7:00 p.m.
                 Wednesday, 26 - Early Release (noon dismissal)
                 Thursday, 27 – Friday, 28 – Thanksgiving Break

                                 December, 2003
                 Tuesday, 23 - Early Release (noon dismissal)
                Wednesday, 24 - Wednesday, 31 - Holiday Recess

                                  January, 2004
                 Thursday, 1 - New Year‟s Day – no school
                            Friday, 2 - No school
                 Monday, 5 - Tuesday, 6 - Faculty Planning
                        Wednesday, 7 - Classes resume
            Sunday, 11 - Enrollment Information Session (1-4 pm)
                Tuesday, 13 - Trustees Meeting at 7:00 p.m.
           Monday, 19 - Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday - no school
            Sunday, 25 - Enrollment Information Session (1-4 pm)
                       (Snow date Sunday, February 1)

                                 February, 2004
         Sunday, 1 - Snow date for Enrollment Information Session (1-4 pm)
           Friday, 13 - Gateway Celebration – Early Release (1:30 dismissal)
                     Monday, 16- President‟s Day - no school
                     Tuesday, 17 - Friday, 20 - Winter Recess

                    Monday, September 29, 2003
Attached to last week‟s Friday Announcements, you received a fundraising packet of Genevieve's catalogs offering
wrapping paper, gifts, candies, and candles. This year the money raised has the very specific purpose of funding faculty
study and travel. See the fundraising packet for details.

50% of all sales go to Parker, so please spend a little time to look over the catalogs. The sale runs from
Friday, September 19 to Monday, September 29.

                                        BOARD OF TRUSTEES
The Parker School Charter stipulates that three members of the Board of Trustees shall be parent representatives elected
by the community. The primary responsibilities of the Board of Trustees are to support the Principal and staff in
realizing the school‟s mission; establish and review school policies; oversee financial management of the school; and
take a leadership role in planning for the future needs of the school.

All members of the Board of Trustees are expected to play an active role in fulfilling these responsibilities. The Board
meets regularly every six weeks; additional meetings and committee work are scheduled as needed. Parent Trustees are
elected for a term of three years. We will be electing a parent representative for a three year term at the annual meeting
on September 30, at 6:00 p.m. We also have an additional slot for anyone interested in just serving one year. Any
parents who are interested in standing for election should submit a short paragraph describing your interest in running
and your background and whether you are interested in a one year or three year term. Please send your paragraphs to
Nicky via the main office or by email at nicola@Parker.org. We will print these in next week‟s Friday announcements
and each parent running for election will be introduced to the community at the Annual Meeting prior to the balloting.

If you have any questions please contact Nicky Dudensing in the Principal‟s office.

                                                    * * * * *

Student Support Services thanks the Purcell family for their very generous donation of school supplies. All materials are
greatly appreciated!

We would like to thank all those families that brought in delicious food/snacks and drink for the Community Forum on
Tuesday night, we are very grateful to you. They were enjoyed by all.

Many thanks also go to the Toohill family for their donation of a large box of pencils, to the Sandy family for a box of
3-ring binders and to the Purcell family for more 3-ring binders.

Thank you to the family of Ben Mills for the gorgeous peppers and tomatoes. We had them in our salad on Thursday -
yum! Also, thanks for the anonymous donation of tomatoes last week - they were very tasty.

Thank you to the families of Andrew and Zack Berger, Kelsey Sampson and many anonymous donors who have left
bundles with donations of tissues and other supplies for the nurse‟s offices. Thank you to all the families who have
donated nursing supplies, food and snacks and other much needed items to the nurse‟s office. We couldn‟t provide the
support we do without your help!

                                     *** CAN YOU HELP? ***
Requests for Volunteers:

             Help Needed                             Email Address                        Voice Mail Extension
Courtyard Committee
 a. weeding/mulching                          Wendy Johnson
 b. planting
 c. participate on our design committee
 d. other special talents

Special help needed in the Library – Would you like to learn a new skill? We are looking for someone with
computer skills, interested in helping with the cataloging process. Training will be provided. A commitment of two to
four hours per week is needed. Please contact Laurie Nehring or Maura Barstow as soon as possible for more

Pancake Breakfast – griddles/waffle irons/crepe makers, etc.: On Wednesday, October 1, Division 1 and
Division 3 are having a pancake breakfast and we need your griddles!

We are hoping to borrow any griddles, waffles irons with a flat side or two, crepe makers, or any other appliance
appropriate for making pancakes.

If you can help, please send the appliance in with your child, CLEARLY LABELED with your name and advisory
name, by Wednesday, September 24.

Thank you from the bottoms of our stomachs!

Wanted – Chorus Director! Meetings could be held after school or at 1:30 p.m. on Wednesdays. We have an
accompanist, we need a director. Please let Nicky Dudensing know if you or anyone else is interested. Thank you.

Wanted: A Few Good Engineers or anyone with access to an Engineer. Are you an Engineer? Do you have a
neighbor who is an Engineer? My name is Heidi and I teach in Division 2 MST. Last year I took five field trips with
some students to explore and expose students to real life Engineering within a Manufacturing Environment. I would
like to continue this program for students but have exhausted my resources in the local area. Generally we spent time
speaking with engineers of various disciplines and had a very thorough tour of the manufacturing facility where they
worked. It provided my students with a real life glimpse into possible careers. If you can help, please send me an email
at heidik@parker.org Thanks so much!

                         FROM THE ADVISORY COORDINATOR
Do you know of a community service project that an advisory may be able to undertake this year? Do you know of
community agencies that deal with issues of hunger, homelessness, community health, public safety, the environment,
the elderly, child care, human rights, literacy, or animals? If so, please send along any information to me, Debbie
Osofsky, Advisory Coordinator, at debbieo@parker.org so I can share it with advisors. Thanks!

                            About Standardized Testing: The PSAT and PLAN
Parker is offering students an opportunity to practice for their college placement tests right here at school.

On Saturday, October 18th, the PSAT (practice test for the SAT) will be given to interested sophomores and juniors.
Arrive: 8:15 - 11:30 a.m.
On Saturday, November 15th, the PLAN (practice test for the ACT), will be given to interested sophomores only.
Arrive 8:15 - 12:00 a.m.

Colleges accept both the SAT and the ACT equally. Some students find the content-based ACT more user-friendly than
the reasoning-based SAT. By taking both practice tests, they will have first-hand insight into which test they feel better
reflects their strengths.

If you missed the registration materials that were available during school registration, have your child see Sue Whalley
for a copy. You can also call Sue or send her an email: swhalley@parker.org.

Tickets for admission will be distributed to students the Wednesday before the test.

                                         HOMEWORK CLINIC
Homework Clinic will begin on Thursday, September 25 in the Parker Library. It is a quiet place to work and study
every Tuesday and Thursday, from 3:40 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. with staff supervision and support. Parents and students who
are interested need to talk to Terry or Lee to sign up.

                                        DIVISION III UPDATE
Interesting highlights of the week: Juniors went to Roll-On America on Wednesday during extended advisory time,
college representatives began hosting the first short informational meetings about their schools to students this week,
and we had our first speaker of the year during academic time on Wednesday (the director of Loaves and Fishes, where
many advisories do service projects). Next week Seniors have an opportunity to travel to Worcester for a college fair on
Thursday (bring those permission slips in!). Senior Project abstracts are due on Monday.

This week‟s class updates are from John Bohannon‟s Physics and Calculus classes.

The primary focus in this class for the first semester and beyond will be the study of mechanics - the formal,
mathematical description of the motion of objects and the causes and effects of that motion. We started the year with an
introductory experiment that introduced students to the lab equipment and techniques we will be using regularly
throughout the course of the year. We also took our first look at the methods we will be using to quantitatively analyze
the error that we will undoubtedly be seeing in our results. We have now begun out first unit of study in which we will
develop the equations that govern the motion of a uniformly accelerated object undergoing straight-line motion. We
will be using these equations to analyze motion in a variety of settings and to solve different kinds of problems.

The first semester of Calculus focuses on the concepts of Differential Calculus. We began the year by discussing what
this really means - the analysis of functions by looking at their rates of change (slopes). We started out by looking at
how to approximate the instantaneous rate of change of a function at a specific point, first graphically and then
numerically. We did an investigation in which students used numerical methods on a computer to approximate a
function that will give the rate of change of another function at every point (the derivative). We are now developing the
skills we need to be able to formally define the exact derivative of a function, and will then be using that definition to
define the derivatives of a variety of functions.

Division 3 Wednesday Speakers
Every Wednesday from 10:00 - 11:00 a.m. we have a speaker come in and talk about a variety of subjects to all the
Division 3 students. Please feel free to attend if any one interests you, or consider being a speaker yourself.

September 22 - (Due to scheduling issues this speaker will be here on Monday with the class missed rescheduled for
Wednesday) Paris Carriger, falsely accused of murder in Arizona and held on death row even after another party came
forward with a confession.

Division I MST
The first COW of the year was due today and we‟re excited to look at all of the many different methods and ideas we‟ve
received. Our second Challenge of the Week went out today and will prove to be as equally diverse. This COW
challenges students to design, build and provide detailed graphic representations of their mountains. In the coming
weeks students will be learning about topographical maps and mapmaking, the similarities and differences between 2D
and 3D representations and concepts of scaling. Because this is an ambitious COW with so much hands-on application
of knowledge, the COW will not be due until September 29 th.

Below we‟re including some helpful hints and tips for students as they work on their COWs. It might be good to go
over these with your student before they begin working on this next challenge. Have a great week!

This may seem obvious but it is easy to jump straight into solving a problem before you really understand it.
So, play around with it at first, if you like, but then read the problem carefully two or three times if necessary.
If you are still not sure about the problem, try:

   Talking it over with someone else; or
   Begin by writing out the problem in your own words and have someone else check that what you have written is the
same as the original problem.

Another way of getting going with problem solving is MAKING A START. Don't be scared of jumping in! Draw
some sketches, try some possible answers, talk the problem over with a friend.

It's true. Good problem solvers make plenty of mistakes. You may have heard the expression: learn from your
mistakes. Well this statement is true. Try things out, make mistakes, then try some other way of attacking the problem.

We know that is easy to say, but problem solving is all about coming up against some thing you don't quite understand.
That is why it is a challenge.

If you do not keep a record of what you have done (that is all your rough working & notes), you might end up repeating
some of your earlier work without realizing it. This is particularly true if you are going to leave your problem for a
while before coming back to it. Make sure you write down exactly where you are up to, so it will be easy to get back
into at that later time. We know it seems like a real nuisance writing things down sometimes, but it is worth it if you
save time and get closer to the problem's solution sooner.

Understanding a simple version of a problem often is the first step to understanding a whole lot more of it. So don't be
scared of looking at a simple version of a problem, then gradually extending your investigation to the more complicated

You might think you've got it but you'd better check, just in case. This is the vital and final (hopefully) part of solving a
problem. And if it is not the final part, it is just as well you checked - isn't it? So always check your answers and the
rubric to make sure you‟ve got it all.

Best wishes with your problem solving. Keep trying different ways of solving the problems and don't get worried if you
run into difficulties. Be positive. Ask for guidance or support. We hope the pointers we have provided here are of
some help.

                                 ARTS AND HUMANITIES (A/H)
Division I A/H
Students are continuing work on their reading assessment for The Outsiders and in class observation projects. This
week they have examined American culture in the 1960s referred to in the book by reacting to English Leather
(that many students thought smelled like baby powder!), madras clothing, and music, especially the Beatles, Hank
Williams, Elvis, The Who and Bob Dylan. Does that bring back any memories?

Thank you to parents who have shared your teenage reminiscences with your children. We have heard some amusing
and surprising anecdotes!

Thanks to new MST teacher Amy Adam's parents, who grew up in Oklahoma during the time that The Outsiders was
written, we have discovered that students in their yearbooks back then were most likely the Socs...and who was

Please check in with your student to be sure that they are current on their journal reading assignments. It is the
first assessment this year, and important to keep up on a daily basis.

After-school assistance will be offered starting on Monday, September 22. If you need extra help, please come on
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday from 3:30 to 4:30 p.m.

Division I Spanish 8th and 9th grade
This week students have been working on creating Esperanza's Dream House. This assignment included labeling the
interior and exterior using active vocabulary introduced last week. Students also have been working on grammar using
selected vignettes from the book House On Mango Street. Ask your students to describe their own home using their
active vocabulary learned in class!
Damara             David             Emily

Division I Spanish 7th Grade
Have completed R.O.S.A. #1, which required them to practice classroom vocabulary.

Division Two Spanish (Janice and Lisa)
Division Two Spanish spent some of last week and all of this week introducing and then beginning the first unit of the
year, La Guerra Contra Las Drogas (the War on Drugs). Since the end of the Cold War, the War on Drugs has guided
U.S. foreign policy in Latin America. In this unit, students will gain an in-depth understanding of the drug war by
looking at all aspects of the path of illegal drugs from production to post-consumption. They will discuss how US policy
affects the growth, transport and distribution of illegal drugs, and consider the subsequent effects on individuals,
communities, nations and the Americas. Finally, they will evaluate our current policies and explore whether they think
any measures could be taken to improve the current situation. In addition to reading their first article in Spanish about
this unit, students also spent the week reviewing the present tense and confirming the academic norms of their Spanish
class. The first major assessment of the year will be a leer (reading) project, which will be assigned in the next week.

                                FROM THE NURSE’S OFFICE
New state regulations require that when parents report a child absent for the day they must indicate
whether the absence is due to illness or other reasons. Please understand that the office staff may
question you about the reason for the absence. Extended absences due to illnesses or surgery should
also be reported to the school nurse.
Families are reminded that financial assistance for school-related activities and supplies, including after-school sports
programs, is available through the nurse‟s office. All information is kept in strictest confidence and is not reflected in
student records in any way. The Student Assistance Fund is established by a generous donation from the Parker
Essential Fund each year and by other individual family donations to this worthy cause.

If your family or student is uninsured for health-related costs, assistance is available through state funded programs.
This state program provides free or low-cost health care coverage to help children with doctor‟s visits, dental services,
prescriptions, eyeglasses and other important health services. Families of all income levels are accepted for pro-rated
fees. The nurse‟s office has the necessary application forms and information available for those who may be interested.

This week in Alan's classes
In Alan's classes, students took a survey to determine physical activities for the fall. This week we played Capture the
Flag and made connections about caloric expenditure when participating in physical activities. We reviewed the
reading on „Healthy Weight‟ and decided who is responsible by debating and forming a continuum regarding lawsuits
with consumers and the fast food industry.

Homework for students will be to read „Surprising News About Fat‟ - Division 1 will read pp 56-64
                                                                  - Division 2 will read pp 56-75
      1. What are some fats that are good for you?
      2. Describe HDL and LDL cholesterol.
      3. What are the dangers of saturated fats?

This week in Deborah's classes
This week in Deborah's classes we forged ahead in our Nutrition unit comparing and contrasting the USDA food
pyramid to the Healthy Eating Pyramid discussed by Walter Wilit in „Eat, Drink and Be Healthy.‟ Students also set
achievable goals and strategies to improve or stay consistent with their current nutritional intake and exercise routines.
They will self-assess their progress weekly. Next week we will review the chapter on Healthy Weight. Students will
also be given the opportunity to debate whether it is the consumer or the fast food industry's responsibility for the
current obesity epidemic facing the U.S. Students completed physical activity surveys which will help shape the
activities we will be participating in next week. As a reminder, your child must come prepared for physical activities on
Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. Also, each child must obtain a copy of „Eat, Drink and Be Healthy‟ for Tuesdays
Health class.

This week in Laura's classes
In Laura's classes this week, we enjoyed the weather outdoors, working on trust activities and getting active with
calisthenics and a trail walk. In class, we continued to talk about nutrition, and used student-calculated BMI's to set
personal goals and strategies to maintain/achieve a healthy BMI. We will begin to play Capture the Flag next week
during our physical activity time! Also, students will have the opportunity next week to debate on the role of the fast
food industry versus the consumer in terms of responsibility for poor nutrition and/or obesity.

                                           LOST AND FOUND

    Are you missing a set of keys on a green carabiner?

                                  SPORTS INFORMATION
                                               Sports Schedule
     Date      Parker Team         Practice/Game          Location       Dismissal   Bus   Game       Pick-up
                                                                         from class Leaves Time
Mon., 9/22      Boys Varsity    Home vs. Blackstone         Rogers         2:45            3:30    5:00 at field
                Girls Varsity        Practice              Antietam                        3:30    5:30 at field
                Boys MS/JV       Away vs. Tahanto       (508) 869-2333     2:20     2:30   3:30   5:45 at school
                  Girls JV           Practice              Antietam                        3:30    5:00 at field
                 Girls MS        Away vs. Tahanto       (508) 869-2333     2:20     2:30   3:30   5:45 at school
               Cross Country         Practice               School                         3:30   4:45 at school

Tues., 9/23     Boys Varsity          Practice             Antietam                        3:30    5:30 at field
                Girls Varsity         Practice             Antietam                        3:30    5:30 at field
                Boys MS/JV       Home vs. Littleton         Rogers         2:45            3:30    5:00 at field
                  Girls JV            Practice             Antietam                        3:30    5:00 at field
                 Girls MS        Home vs. Littleton         Rogers         2:45            3:30    5:00 at field
               Cross Country    Away vs. Monty Tech.    (978) 345-9200     2:20     2:30   3:30   5:30 at school

Weds., 9/24     Boys Varsity         No practice
                Girls Varsity        No practice
                Boys MS/JV           No practice
                  Girls JV           No practice
                 Girls MS            No practice
               Cross Country         No practice

Thurs., 9/25    Boys Varsity    Home vs. St. Bernards       Rogers         2:45            3:30    5:00 at field
                Girls Varsity   Away vs. St. Bernards   (978) 342-3212     2:20     2:30   3:30   5:45 at school
                Boys MS/JV            Practice             Antietam                        3:30    5:30 at field
                  Girls JV      Away vs. St. Bernards   (978) 342-3212     2:20     2:30   3:30   5:45 at school
                 Girls MS             Practice             Antietam                        3:30    5:00 at field
               Cross Country          Practice              School                         3:30   4:45 at school

Fri., 9/26      Boys Varsity       Home vs. Ayer            Rogers         2:45            3:30    5:00 at field
                Girls Varsity      Away vs. Ayer        (978) 772-8600     2:35     2:45   4:45   6:30 at school
                Boys MS/JV         Home vs. Ayer            Rogers         2:45            3:30    5:00 at field
                  Girls JV         Away vs. Ayer        (978) 772-8600     2:35     2:45   3:30   6:30 at school
                 Girls MS            Practice              Antietam                        3:30    5:00 at field
               Cross Country         Practice               School                         3:30   4:45 at school

                                    FROM FRANK’S CAFE
                                      MENU FOR WEEK OF 9/22

Monday                                                                               Thursday
Chicken Tenders                                                                      Lasagna
Roasted Potatoes                                                                     Green Salad
Carrot and Raisin Salad                                                              Lemon/Basil Green Beans
Whole Wheat Bread/Butter                                                             Garlic Bread
Fruit                                                                                Fruit Dessert
Milk                                                                                 Milk

Tuesday                                  Wednesday                                   Friday
Southwest Baked Beans                    Pizza Day                                   Sloppy Joe
Spanish Rice                                                                         Baked Beans
Mexican Corn                                                                         Cole Slaw
Corn Bread                                                                           Pineapple
Fruit Dessert                                                                        Milk

                        *   *   *    *   *   *    *   *   *    *     *   *   *   *     *   *
Breakfast Update
We have been serving breakfast foods from 8:10 a.m. until 8:25 p.m. We have not had a very good response so
far, so if things continue in this way next Friday will be our last breakfast offering until further notice.

Prices will be as follows:
Complete meal $4.00
A la carte option available for all items, prices vary
Milk available, 2% and lowfat chocolate .35
Greek Salad, Chef Salad, or Hummus & Tabouleh Salad $2.50
Peanut Butter Sandwiches, Snacks and Drinks also available
Muffins, Bagels & Cream Cheese, and Cereal with milk available at Breakfast and Break.

PLEASE NOTE: One of our goals this year is to work toward lowering our prices as more students participate.
Please be patient as we continue to improve our Food Service. - kh

Overrun with tomatoes and zucchini? Have a surplus of fresh veggies? Bring 'em down to the kitchen and we will
transform them into fabulous food for our students.

Volunteering at Parker
Please fill out one volunteer information form per family and return it to the school at your earliest
convenience. On the school‟s web site at www.parker.org there is a link to Volunteer
Opportunities. Teachers will be posting their requests for volunteer help on the web site and it is
possible to directly respond to the teacher to volunteer. These requests will also be in Friday
Announcements each week.

                                PARKER SCHOOL VOLUNTEER FORM
                                           (fill out ONLY ONE per family)
                                             (PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY)

The success of this Charter School depends heavily on the commitment and volunteer effort of the entire community:
administration, faculty, support personnel, PARENTS, GUARDIANS, and students. We have put together this request
form as a foundation for coordinating and maximizing your contributions of time and talent toward the continued
operation of the Francis W. Parker Charter Essential School.

Parent(s)/Guardian(s) Name: _____________________________________________

Child‟s Name:                                       Child‟s Advisor:
______________________________               ____________________________________
______________________________               ____________________________________
______________________________               ____________________________________

___      General office help – preferred day(s): ________________________________
___      Attendance 8:50 am – 10:00 am daily – preferred day(s): ___________________
___      Collate/copy Friday Announcements
___      Volunteer Coordinators – work with Parker Staff to coordinate the volunteer effort.
___      Library (NO experience needed) 2 to 4 hours per week – preferred day(s): ___________________
___      Student tutor – preferred day(s): ____________________________________
___      Classroom Assistant (NO experience needed) – preferred day(s): _____________________
___      Advisory parent representative (one needed for EACH advisory) to provide support for the advisory and
         maintain communication chain.
___      Gardening and grounds work

Special Events and/or Short Term Needs:
___     Chaperone (field trips, dances, community service, travel clubs…)
___     Organize advisory events
___     Locate and schedule resources (materials, presentations, speakers or performers…)
        to supplement curriculum at faculty request
___     Substitute teacher
___     Health office assistant (beginning late August) for screenings, field trip coverage, substituting, record keeping
        etc. Must be an RN.
___     Hospitality, cooking for various Parker events

Other ways I would like to volunteer at Parker ___________________________________________

Any parent who is in the classroom or around the school is likely to observe all sorts of
situations – students meeting with advisors or specialists; students who appear to have
learning, social or emotional problems; teachers with varied forms of management
techniques; teachers assessing students, etc. All activities involving individual students in a
school deserve privacy and our pledge of confidentiality. A parent who is concerned about
something he or she witnesses is encouraged to discuss it with the appropriate school
personnel. Teachers, parents and students need to know that volunteers in the school will
protect their privacy.


Signed: _______________________________________ Date: ______________

                   The Saxophones will be wailing
                       The music will be cool and

                              ALL THAT JAZZ!
                               Please Come to the

               Parker Essential Fund Auction
                        Saturday, November 8, 2003
                          7:00 PM Silent Auction
                           8:00 PM Live Auction

On Saturday, November 8th the Parker Community will gather at the school for the 7th annual Parker
School Auction. All proceeds from the auction go directly to the Parker Essential Fund (PEF), the
organization that last year funded $45,179 in grants for educationally enriching activities and
equipment at Parker. In 2002 the Auction raised $26,000 and we are hoping for even greater
success this year! Each family is being asked to donate one or more items and then attend the
largest fund raiser of the year on Saturday, November 8th.

The Auction is open to the public so please invite your neighbors and friends to come along as well.
This is a fun event, a chance to socialize and meet the Parker Community as well as benefit the
Parker School! There will be something for everyone and every budget.

WHAT TO DONATE: Every year there are questions about what can be auctioned. In the past
some of the biggest sellers have been everything from trips to see colleges with teachers to manure
from Laura's barn. People have donated services such as, lessons, clearing brush, garden design,
and window washing. The talented chefs among us have offered dinners or other confections.
Beautiful handmade crafts have been donated along with one of a kind antiques, lush house plants,
cut-your-own-Christmas trees. Students have donated their expertise on the computer, party
entertainment, and baked wonderful pastries. Advisories have donated elbow grease. Some Parker
families have donated a week/weekend rental of a vacation home and the professionals among us
have donated everything from massages and energy consults to business consultations. Can you
repair something? Can you baby-sit or care for pets? Do you have connections for sports tickets?

Do you paint or have another specific talent you could share? Would you contact a local business
for a donation? Copies of last year's auction booklet are in the office if you want more ideas.

WHAT TO DO NOW: Fill in the Donation form below and return it to the school office.

Deadline for donation forms: Wednesday, October 22. Auction booklets will be ready for
distribution on PLP day, Wednesday, October 29.

Collecting Auction Items: Will begin on PLP day, Wednesday, October 29.

Help Needed:
If you can help with soliciting local business donations, Auction Setup or Cleanup, or student wait-staff
please contact Carol Liasson @ 508-839-9371 ferris263@aol or Lori Purcell @ 978-433-5157

If you can bake something that will be served at the Auction or work with food set-up at the Auction, please
contact Maryellen Gordon at MEDAVID@rcn.com

General Questions? Contact Carol Liasson @ 508-839-9371 ferris263@aol or Lori Purcell
@ 978-433-5157 fpurcell@charter.net

                                    Cut and Return to Parker School Office


                                PEF Auction Donation Form

Item Name: ___________________________________________________________

Donating Business Name and address (if applicable):_________________________


Your Name(s):______________________________________Telephone/email:___________________

Do you want your name in the brochure with your item? Yes                    No ____

Value/Retail Price) ($00 is OK)           Minimum Bid (optional) ______
    Sorry, I can‟t attend the auction but would like to make a cash donation. Enclosed is my donation of
       $ ______



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