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					Ashley   WITCHCRAFTER
                                                                                         Spells & Spellcrafting
Employment Spells
Casting spells can be done by praying, chanting, singing, rhyming, speaking [out loud/inside your head] and/or in writing –
in other words, visualizing and focusing in on the need. A good time to cast a spell is during the waxing moon [from
New Moon to Full Moon]. Waxing moons are “growing” – helping your spell grow. However, a beautiful, sunny day is just
as appropriate. Try to make sure that when you “do” your spell, you‟re as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

!!! WARNING !!! Just like prosperity and money spells, employment spells do not work quickly. "Slow growth" is the
watchword that you need to convince yourself of with regards to employment spells. AS WELL you also need a huge
dollop of common sense.

The Common Sense part …
NUMBER ONE: I‟m sure you‟ve heard the word “recession”. Well, guess what? There are recessions of some sort or
other all the way „round the world – in every country, region, area, etc and amongst every group of people. AND do you
have control over these recessions? NOT!!!!! So, please, please, please, please remember that you are not personally
responsible for lack of job availability due to recessions and economic downturns.

NUMBER TWO: Now, yes, I know that there‟s lots of people out there whose attitude is that if you haven‟t got a job then
there‟s something wrong with you or that you‟re lazy or some such other claptrap. Again, to the best of your ability, don‟t
take this personally. Always remember that if downsizing, downturns, lay-offs, etc, etc, happen to them, those people will
change their tune really quickly. In other words, in this case, ignorance is not bliss – ignorance is more often than not a
lack of understanding [and sadly, it can translate into some very rude behaviour].

Now if this kind of “rude” person is a government employee – well, then you have the right to complain about that person‟s
rudeness. Government employees – particularly those who are in the “unemployment” field know better. They are privy
to statistics, they see unemployed people all the time, and they know what despair there is in unemployment. Don‟t
hesitate – complain to the manager at the employment centre, complain to your elected representatives, complain to your
local press. [For those “unemployed” who are not in a position to or in a regime where one can complain – then complain
to your wall or your pots & pans – whatever‟s easiest and can be done privately. Please do the complaining out loud.
According to psychology, it‟s the “out loud” part that apparently reduces the stress of frustration.]

NUMBER THREE: Make sure that you have a resumé – no more than 2 pages long AND designed so that a 30 second
glance at it will tell a person what they need to know. Hard to do – well, yes, it is BUT only a little bit. Be short, sweet,
and concise – details, details, details can wait for the job interview. “Bold” the parts you want emphasized – not too much,
though, remember the 30-second part. [And this can be done whether you‟ve typed, word-processed, or hand-written
your resumé.]

NUMBER FOUR: Tap into as many resources as you can. Get on the internet and look at job sites. Go to your local
employment centres. Contact a self-help employment centre. Consider re-training or upgrading.

Candles and Colours
Both burning candles using and wearing the following colours while concentrating, visualizing, and focusing on getting a
job, being successful at your job interview, when sending out resumés, etc, etc will help provide the right kind of
atmosphere. [Admittedly, the following colours are probably not appropriate for office wear - unless the "office" is a
tropical beach. So, cut out small squares of paper or cloth and wear the squares underneath your outer clothing or inside
a pocket.]
- Green is the colour of growth and prosperity.
- Use yellow to “communicate” your success.
- Gold, also a communication colour, means success. In other words, gold “communicates” your prosperity.
- Orange, a mix of life force and strength [red] and communication [yellow], also indicates success.

The best colours to wear for interviews and meetings are navy blue or black. Both colours have an "elegance" to them,
but they also evoke in the onlooker a sense that you are efficient, authorative, and smart. Interestingly, a woman wearing
navy blue becomes more attractive to male onlookers. And, I'm quite sure that you've noticed that many military and law
enforcement people are dressed in either navy blue or black uniforms. [So, personally, I think that navy blue and black
are attractive to all onlookers - male or female.]

  If you wish to contact me, please e-mail me at, write to me by snail mail at P O Box 120,
     Niagara on the Lake, Ontario, Canada L0S 1J0, or phone me at (905) 468-3154. My website address is
                Copyright of Ashley WITCHCRAFTER
                                                                                           Spells & Spellcrafting
Aromatherapy and Scents
Use the following in atomizers, room sprays, baths, simmering pots, facial sprays, colognes, splashes, or perfumes. The
scents can be used during your spell crafting but can also be worn to interviews and meetings.
- For money: almond [perfect as a carrier oil], bayberry, bergamot, honeysuckle, mint, patchouli, pine, and vervain
   essential oils. [Please note that essential oils should not be dabbed directly on your skin. Mix 10 drops to either 100
   ml of oil or water - the standard dilution rate.]
- For confidence: a masculine mix of jasmine, frankincense, sandalwood, and patchouli or a lovely feminine, floral mix
   of rose, jasmine, neroli, and clary sage.
- For mental focus: rosemary, eucalyptus, orange, and lemon. [Additionally, these four scents are all uplifting - one
   reason why they're good for mental focus, but they will help give you or seem to give you more self-confidence.]
- For job interviews: allspice, dill, cinnamon, dill, and sage - in both olive and almond oils as carrier oils - this
   combination makes you charming, improves your communication skills, as well as gives you good luck.

Symbols and Numbers
-    One of the most ancient of all prosperity symbols is shells. Since prehistoric times, shells have been used as a
     symbol of the fecundity and abundance of the sea. Naturally, shells then became used as money. Virtually, every
     civilization or culture, at some point, has used cowrie shells as monetary tender. So, of course, the best shell to get is
     a cowrie shell, but, in fact, any shell will do. Again, place the shell in your pocket, purse, or wallet.
-    Fertility symbols have been closely related to prosperity since ancient times. Of course, it's quite logical. If you have
     big fertility in your community, then you end up having lots of people. Once you have lots of people, you have more
     hunting, gathering, growing crops, and tending livestock going on. And what happens then? Well, you become the
     richest, wealthiest, etc, etc community around. The most commonly known fertility symbols are all of the grains,
     snakes, frogs, rabbits, bulls and cows [and their horns], any phallic symbol, and shells. All help to attract prosperity.
-    Lucky symbols, too, are often associated with money and prosperity - though mainly with winning - horseshoes,
     rabbit's foot, four-leaved clover, apple green jade, horn of plenty, etc, etc, etc, ad nauseum. Whatever lucky objects
     you've grown up with will work. Your belief in those lucky symbols is from your birth. Faith and belief brings a very
     large amount of energy and synergy to any spell.
-    Numbers are a bit of a Catch 22. There are any number of people who purport that they can tell you what your lucky
     numbers are and how to use them to win at the lottery or the casino. I'm sorry to burst your bubbles but there are no
     such things as those kinds of lucky numbers. Games of chance are much too random. But, for all that I've said that,
     in Western Numerology, there are two numbers related to luck - 3 and 9 - you know, the superstition, "Three times
     lucky." And there is one number related to wealth - 8. It won't harm any prosperity or money spell to have these
     numbers as part of your spell.

-   The most powerful way to help your prosperity is to pray to your own guardian angel[s]. But who are your guardian
    angels? Traditional belief is that if you have any family or loved ones who have passed into the light, they are your
    guardian angels. [It's quite likely that at some point in your life you've felt your grandfather or grandmother or another
    loved one close by. Well, guess what? It's absolutely true. They are close by your side.]
- But the guardian angels of the Heavenly Host also can come to your aid when you try to help your prosperity along.
    You can know your heavenly guardian angels by listening to the inner voice that never steers you wrong. Place your
    trust in that inner voice of intuition and dreams.
Another way to help your prosperity along is to pray to 3 of the 7 planetary angels.
- The Archangel Michael, in his role as a planetary angel, rules abundance, money, and growth. His planetary colours
    are gold and yellow and his stone [metal] is gold. His planet is the Sun.
- The Archangel Raphael, in his role as a planetary angel, rules business, contracts, and buying and selling. His
    planetary colour is orange and his stones are quicksilver [mercury] and aluminum. His planet is Mercury.
- Sadkiel [Zadkiel, Tzadkiel], in his role as a planetary angel, rules prosperity, abundance, expansion, generosity,
    banks, and loans. His planetary colour is electric blue and his stones are tin and zinc. His planet is Jupiter. [By the
    way, it probably won't hurt when you pray to Sadkiel to do it with a smile - he's also the angel of joviality.]
[Michael, Raphael, and Sadkiel are also known as Sarim [Prince Regents of Heaven & includes all of the Archangels] in
the angel hierarchy. Anytime you have a Sarim involved in a spell, you have added energy and synergy.]

Crystals and Stones
Wear the following stones as necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, or just simply put them in your pockets, wallets, and/or
purses. The underlined stones should be the easiest to find.

    If you wish to contact me, please e-mail me at, write to me by snail mail at P O Box 120,
       Niagara on the Lake, Ontario, Canada L0S 1J0, or phone me at (905) 468-3154. My website address is
                  Copyright of Ashley WITCHCRAFTER
                                                                                             Spells & Spellcrafting
-    Good for business, partnerships, and growth: adamite, dendritic agate, amethyst, atelestite, bertrandite, bixbite,
     bolivarite, cerussite, childrenite, chrysoprase, cinnabar, citrine, concretion, domeykite, florencite, fossil, franckeite,
     grossular garnet [grossularite], idocrase, picture jasper, jet, kernite, lead, lepidolite, limb cast [same as petrified wood
     but only agate or opal – no quartz], magnesioferrite, malachite, messelite, opal, dendritic opal, white opal, cluster
     quartz, citrine/smokey quartz, rickardite, roselite, selenite, smokey quartz, sonolite, strontianite, golden topaz, rutilated
     topaz, yellow tourmaline, ulexite, and wardite.
-    Merchants: place any of the following 4 stones in your “cash box”: cinnabar, citrine, cumberlandite, and messelite.
     These 2 help to increase sales: citrine/smokey quartz and yellow sapphire.
-    Anti-Poverty: yellow sapphire.
-    Prosperity: marcasite, green quartz, sapphire, yellow sapphire, and green tourmaline.

Herbs and Old Wives’ Tales & Spells
Another easy way to create a money spell is to place the dried herbs [listed below] in a jar with spare change. Place your
jar in a sunny window.
- Place pecans in your pocket to attract employment.
- Place cedar and mint leaves in your wallet and you‟ll attract money. I've used this spell for years - I always have
     cedar or mint in my wallet. No matter what, somehow money shows up just when I need it. But, like I said at the top
     of this spell sheet, it took about two or three months after I started this spell before it really started to work. So, it
     doesn't work immediately. Be patient, it will finally work. [This spell also works when you have a sprig of cedar or
     some mint leaves in your cash box.]
- To attain success: lemon balm, cinnamon, clover, ginger, and rowan.
- To obtain prosperity: alfalfa, almond, ash, banana, benzoin, nuts, oak, tomato, and tulip.
- To obtain money, riches, treasures, and wealth: alfalfa, allspice, almond, basil, blackberry, bromeliad, buckwheat,
     camellia, cashew, cedar, chamomile, cinnamon, clove, clover, comfrey, cowslip, dill, dock, elder, fern, flax, ginger,
     goldenrod, grape, heliotrope, honesty, honeysuckle, horse chestnut, jasmine, juniper, maple, marjoram, may apple,
     mint, moss, myrtle, nutmeg, oak, oats, onion, orange, pea, pecan, periwinkle, pine, pineapple, poplar, poppy, rice,
     snapdragon, sesame, spruce, tea, tonka, and wheat.
- Because many trees play a role in fertility spells, they, too, can be used in prosperity spells. The best known are: ash
     [and keys], hawthorn [and fruit], oak [and acorns], banana [leaves, flowers, and fruit], Bodhi [Bo Tree, the tree that
     Buddha sat under], fig, myrtle, olive [and olives], date [leaves and fruit], and peach [bark, twigs, leaves, flowers, fruit,
     and pits].
- Carrying sprigs and/or cones/berries from any evergreen tree - these, too, will help to increase your wealth.

    If you wish to contact me, please e-mail me at, write to me by snail mail at P O Box 120,
       Niagara on the Lake, Ontario, Canada L0S 1J0, or phone me at (905) 468-3154. My website address is
                  Copyright of Ashley WITCHCRAFTER

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