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									   Armour Transportation Systems Transitions to OmniVision

Shaw Tracking sits down with Ralston Armour, Executive Vice President, Chief Information
Officer of Armour Transportation Systems on their recent implementation of OmniVision, mobile
computing platform.

(Shaw Tracking) How has the implementation of OmniVision units been so far?

(Armour) To be completely honest, we have found the installation of units to be considerably
more time consuming than the 2-piece OmniTRACS units, as we now must install the third piece.
It will probably be a learning experience and we will be able to become a little more efficient, but
the 2-piece were certainly a quicker install.

We are happy to see the hardware has changed to better combat the outside elements, with a
better sealed dome and less corrosive components.

I will say that your people were very good at taking the time to visit us for new installation
procedures and any additional training required to operate the new unit.

Overall, although the install is more time consuming than the 2-piece units we have, the
implementation has been seamless with our system and our people. The hardware changes are
definitely for the better, the new 3-year warranty is excellent and we are excited about the
flexibility the new technology should be able to provide us.

(Shaw Tracking) Did you find the integration with your OmniTRACS units seamless?

(Armour) The integration with OmniTRACS was seamless, as we required no additional software
or programming when we switched to the new units. We simply installed them, registered them
and our current integration was working immediately.

(Shaw Tracking) What were your reasons for migrating to OmniVision?

(Armour) Essentially we are migrating to OmniVision to capitalize on newer technologies. I feel
that this new unit offers technologies that can make us more efficient and provide value to our
company operationally. New options available like bar coding capabilities and software/screen
enhancements will allow us to operate much more effectively. A system with this type of software
platform will allow us to implement programming enhancements and new functionalities that were
not available in other systems.

(Shaw Tracking) How has OmniVision improved the driver experience? Will it be
considered a driver retention tool?

(Armour) While it is still very early to tell, I feel with product enhancements such as text-to-voice
capabilities, truck-route directions and a touch screen, the driver will be much more comfortable
using OmniVision and be safer on the road.

(Shaw Tracking) What are your next steps? Future Plans?

(Armour) We will continue to roll out new units as our fleet grows and replace older OmniTRACS
units as they reach the end of their life. Our future plans will entail capitalizing on the flexibility
the new software provides and implementing software enhancements. As our fleet grows with
these new units, I feel we can introduce a more dynamic pick-up process, introduce bar-code
scanning to the cab of the truck and provide driver peace-of-mind with truck route directions. As
well, we should be able to enhance our real-time freight delivery process with more diverse data
to improve customer satisfaction on the delivery status of their freight.

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