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Camp Application Form                          *please check the camp choice & keep a copy for your records

   Reining/Cowhorse Camp ($850)                           March Break Camp               ($800)       OLD SALTY
   Hunter Jumper         ($850)                           Everything Camp                ($800)       ADULT BOOT CAMP
   Coed Show Camp        ($800)                           So You Want a Horse            ($800)       MOTHER DAUGHTER
   Jump Camp P#1*        ($850)                           Coed Junior Jumper             ($800)
   Jump Camp P#2*        ($850)                           Headin West                    ($850)
*jump vests are mandatory for this camp

Full Name:

Full Address

Parent’s Names:

All Phone No’s:

Email Address(s):

Date of Birth:                                       Any problems, such as ADHD?                   (Please attach note with details)

Age           Height           Weight:             Child’s Temperament (circle one)            Bold     Timid In Between

Health Card Number/Medical Insurance Number:

Mark a description that BEST describes your child’s riding experience (please do not overstate experience level)

Newbie - never ridden unassisted but has had some physical contact with horses
Rookie – has ridden unassisted at the walk, has trotted and feels comfortable on horses
Mid Level – comfortable at walk and trot and is learning to canter, may have started over crossrails
Intermediate – comfortable at walk, trot and canter, has begun learning to jump cross-rails and learning leads
Advanced – comfortable at all gaits, knows leads & diagonals, can canter a course containing 2’ verticals with confidence
Counselor Training Level – excellent barnsmanship, comfortable at all gaits & gallop, jumping 2'6" courses with confidence,
simple lead changes, understands bits and artificial aids (crops, spurs) and has some experience with training green horses with a
good understanding of barn safety (please note exceptions                                                                      )

Newbie - never ridden unassisted but has had some physical contact with horses
Rookie – has ridden unassisted at the walk and jog, feels comfortable on horses
Mid Level – comfortable at walk and jog, and is learning to lope, feels confident
Intermediate – comfortable at walk, jog and lope and some understanding of leads
Advanced – comfortable at all gaits, knows leads well and can gallop without fear
Counselor Training Level - excellent barnsmanship, comfortable at gallop, simple lead changes, use of curb bits and spurs and
has some experience with training green horses & barn safety (please note exceptions                                     )

IMPORTANT - We need specifics of your child’s experience & goals – please have your child write us something on a
separate sheet of paper about their experience & goals. It helps us to choose a horse that would suit them Please
have them include what they would like to get out of this camp. Coach input is also welcome (if they have a coach)

For the Camper
(Circle the ones that best describe you in a social situation or when around horses)
Bold Worried Careful Obsessed Social Withdrawn Quiet                              Loud  Assertive Laid Back Strong
Not Strong Adventurous Timid                Quick       Slow      Leader     Follower  Balanced Coordinated Awkward
Clumsy       Average       Above Average         Unsure       Skilled     Playful Happy Mellow     Pushy Capable

(Circle the ones that best describe what type of horse you like to ride)
Fast Slow Quiet Exciteable Large Small Quirky Easy                         Tough   Friendly Smooth Don’t Care what type

(Tell us which horses you liked the look of when visiting our website)
Camp Fee Schedule
                                                               Price       FIRST PMT          SECOND PMT            THIRD PMT (taxes
           CAMP NAME                       2007 Dates         (add 6%
                                                                            (taxes in)          (taxes in)                in)
                                                              GST tax)
       MARCH BREAK CAMP                    Mar 8 – Mar 14       $800                          $315 (on Dec 1)          $420 (Mar 8)
                                                                           (when booked)
       REINING & WORKING                                                       $105
                                          June 28 – July 4      $850                         $341.25 (on April 1)    $446.25 (June 28)
        COWHORSE CAMP                                                      (when booked)
     JUMP CAMP PHASE ONE                   July 5 – July 11     $850                         $341.25 (on April 1)     $446.25 (July 5)
                                                                           (when booked)
     JUMP CAMP PHASE TWO                 July 11 - July 17      $850                         $341.25 (on April 1)     $446.25 (July 5)
                                                                           (when booked)
           HUNTER JUMPER                  July 19 – July 25     $850                         $341.25 (on April 1)    $446.25 (July 19)
                                                                           (when booked)
 COED JUNIOR JUMPER CAMP                   July 26 – Aug 1      $800                          $315 (on April 1)       $420 (July 26)
                                                                           (when booked)
          COED SHOW CAMP                   Aug 2 – Aug 8        $800                          $315 (on April 1)        $420 (Aug 2)
                                                                           (when booked)
     SO YOU WANT A HORSE?                 Aug 9 – Aug 15        $800                          $315 (on April 1)        $420 (Aug 9)
                                                                           (when booked)
           HEADIN’ WEST                   Aug 16 – Aug 22       $850                         $341.25 (on April 1)    $446.25 (Aug 16)
                                                                           (when booked)
            EVERYTHING                    Aug 23 – Aug 29       $800                          $315 (on April 1)       $420 (Aug 23)
                                                                           (when booked)
*parents wishing airport pickup please add $75 (each way) to the final payment & contact director to arrange


a.   Camp drop off is on Sunday from 4:00 – 5:00 pm – PLEASE DO NOT ARRIVE EARLY – no exceptions, sorry!
b.   Pickup is on Saturday at 11:00 am for all camps with NO Show.
c.   Camp Shows start at 10:00 am and run until approx 3:00
d.   For all shows, bring lawnchairs, shade & a lunch for yourselves. Camper lunch is provided - NO SANDALS OR PETS PLEASE.
e.   For parents bringing a friend, please contact us and we will email a waiver form to be signed by the parent & brought to camp.

NOTE: by signing this form, you are agreeing that you fully understand and will abide by the following camp policies:

     1.    By signing this form the parent/guardian is giving the camp staff the right to obtain medical attention necessary for the
           camper's welfare and good health during their stay. The parent/guardian is responsible for all associated costs.
     2.    This form gives permission for the child to participate in the entire program.
     3.    All prices and taxes are in Canadian funds and are per child, and are subject to 5% gst tax.
     4.    Each camper must be covered by Ontario Health Insurance or USA equivalent and the number supplied on this form.
     5.    The parent/guardian certifies that the camper is in good health & mental condition and is amenable to camp life.
     6.    For withdrawal before or during camp (and only by order of a physician) one half of the unused fee for the unexpired
           portion of the term will be refunded OR, if all parties are in agreement, that funds may be put towards a future camp.
     7.    Parents requiring airport pickup understand there are fees, and will contact the Camp Director to organize this event.
     8.    ALL Parents will be required to sign the company’s release of liability waiver form when their child is dropped off to camp.
     9.    By joining camp, you give Highland Wilderness Tours the right to photograph or video your child & use these items for
           promotional material & positive statements about Highland Wilderness Tours may be used for publicizing the program.
     10.   The Camp lists and all pertinent camp information is available online at
     11.   The non-refundable administration fee of $105 is due when the camp is booked, with a set payment schedule (attached)
     12.   This form MUST accompany the administration deposit for a camper to be considered booked into the program.
     13.   Highland Wilderness Tours reserves the right to dismiss any camper who jeopardizes (through their actions or behaviour)
           the welfare of other campers or the ability for Highland Wilderness Tours to fulfill the itinerary of the camp safely and
           effectively. Such campers may be dismissed with no reimbursement of fees at the discretion of the Camp Director.
     14.   The following are NOT allowed at camp – hair straighteners, excessive makeup, drugs, alcohol, or cigarettes.
     15.   Parents will notify the camp director if there are restrictions with regards to diet, movies, or soda beverages.
     16.   Camp starts Sunday at 5:00 pm every week unless otherwise noted – PLEASE DO NOT ARRIVE EARLIER THAN 4:00 PM!

           Thank you for your interest in our Camps here at Highland Wilderness Tours.
                         We look forward to meeting you and your child!



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