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									Using Gatekeeper
Gatekeeper is the user interface that reserves computer time. It may be started on its own
or through the OCS Manager. When started without OCS Manager an OCS password is
required to exit Gatekeeper (Hit Ctrl-Alt-Q).

When Gatekeeper is started, the first screen is a prompt for the language to be used.

After selecting a language, the following screen will appear: (Note: the title at the top is
configurable and may appear differently than in the image)
Schedule Computer Use
Depending on the configuration a prompt to select the Site and the Group may be shown.
After making this selection, a window will be displayed with a list of the reservations.
Unclaimed reservations will appear in the Waiting List, while pending reservations
appear in the bottom list.

CLICK HERE to Schedule Computer.
Clicking this button will bring up a window prompting to make a selection.
     Schedule by “One Time Use Numbers”
     Schedule by “Account or Name or PIN’

Entering Names or numbers
If “Schedule by Account or Name or PIN” was chosen, a screen show below will appear.
Each of the options for reserving a computer requires users to enter their information.

OCS will automatically select the next available time slot. The following will be
displayed confirming the reservation.
Clicking Proceed will bring the user back to the window will be displaying a list of
reservations. Once again, unclaimed reservations will appear in the top list. Reservations
that are pending will appear in the bottom list.

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