Inauguration Day 2009

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					                                   Inauguration Day 2009
                               Jr High/ High School Unit Plan

Course Objectives

Students will focus on building knowledge of the events that occur at the inauguration of a
president through multiple interdisciplinary lessons and follow up comprehension lessons.
The objective is for students to acquire a real world understanding of inaugural practices and
feel as active participants in their society.

   Terminology:      Inauguration; Presidential; Swearing-in; Media; Ceremony; Civic;
   Civil; solemnly; sincerely; swear; affirm; faithfully; execute; office; ability; preserve;
   protect; defend; constitution; pennant; souvenir

Overarching Understandings to be Acquired by Students:

      Students will be able to identify the processes of Inauguration Day.
      Students will be able to define and apply terminology in a real world setting.
      Students will witness a mock inauguration day ceremony.
      Students will assess the mock ceremony.
      Students will practice poetry writing skills for Inaugural poems.
      Students will practice analytical skill.
      Students will understand civic responsibility.
      Students will understand the importance of ceremony to rally a nation.

Essential and Unit Questions:
    What are the processes of Inauguration Day?
    What are the terms necessary to understanding inaugural processes?
    How do I prepare for a inauguration day?
    Why is it important to participate in local and national government?
    How does this impact our lives?


Major Lessons:

6-8th Grade History
       *What is inauguration?
       *What are the processes of inauguration?
       *Slogan and Pamphlet Design
       *Nail Ceremony Slide Show
6-8th Grade Reading/ 9th Grade Writing Class
       *Inaugural Poetry Lesson

10th-12th Grade English
        *Inaugural Poetry Lesson

Student Council
      *Nail Ceremony
      *Mock Inauguration (Taiser as Pres Obama)

    Islamic Studies: Democracy in Islam
    Arabic: Translate the Oath of Office (Oath of Office
       "I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of
       the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the
       Constitution of the United States.")
    Science Mini Lesson: Inauguration Weather Facts

All School

      Half-Hour Assembly: Mock Inauguration Assembly (SC)

      Jan 20, 2009 Inauguration Assembly
          o Students will watch the inauguration at a school wide assembly.
          o Students will be required to keep notes for their classes.

Performance Tasks

      Inaugural Poem
          o Read three other inaugural poems
          o Analyze those poems
          o Discuss inaugural theme of “A New Birth of Freedom”
          o Write a inaugural poem with this theme
          o Best poem is featured in newsletter and in yearbook
      Inaugural Pennant
          o Learn inaugural terminology
          o Learn the history of pennants for inaugurations
          o Discuss theme of “A New Birth of Freedom”
          o In groups, design a pennant for the inauguration
          o In class, write a short essay that discusses the design in relation to theme
          o Present to class
          o Best pennant is featured in newsletter and yearbook
   Inauguration Day Media Essay
       o Learn inaugural terminology
       o Discuss the roll of media in politics
       o Discuss the roll of celebrity in politics
       o Discuss the roll of pageantry in politics
       o Write a five paragraph essay that assesses the roll of celebrity, media, and
          pageantry in this inauguration.

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