You Can Get Rid of Debt-3 Ways

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                                                 You Can Get Rid of Debt-3 Ways
                                                          By William Onedge

    Yes, you can get rid of debt and give yourself the freedom from always worrying about money. The
first way is to live on less money than you make. That is much easier said than done. In today's world
with prices on almost everything going up and our paycheck staying the same. We tend to buy things
on credit not realizing we are spending more than we make. We need to take control of our spending

The second way is to learn the difference between your wants and needs. You can get rid of debt
faster if you ask yourself the question, is this a need or a want before you buy something. Keep a dairy
for 30 days with everything you buy, don't leave anything out. List even the smallest things you
buy.The cup of coffee and doughnut mid morning.The ice cream after lunch.You know what I mean
everything.Nobody needs to see the list but you. But the list needs to be accurate so you can see all
the things you buy everyday. Once you have listed 30 days of the things you bought.Then you can take
a look at what things were wants and what were needs. You can get rid of debt by eliminating the
wants. That doesn't mean you can't have something you want.But you will have the list and see all the
things you bought that you really didn't need. When you cut out the things you really didn't need.You
will be surprised how much money you can save and then start to get rid of some of your debt.

The third way you can get rid of debt is to make a budget you can live with. The best budget in the
world won't work if you can't stay on it because it is to Restrictive. You need to make a budget that will
be easy to follow. So you can get rid of debt if you follow the 3 ways. Live on less money that you
make. Control your wants and make a budget you can live with. It all can be accomplished with a little
discipline and desire.Then you will get rid of debt in less time than you think. It's a great feeling when
you can live free of debt. You can do it.You just need to get started.Once you get started it will become
easy and you will be on your way to a debt free life.

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                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

                                                   Two Ways to Get Rid of Debt
                                                              By Tom Tessin

Once in a while you might miss one or two repayments for your debt. However, by just missing one
repayment can get you stuck in a financial crisis. This is because when you can’t repay your debt, you
will have to declare for bankruptcy, which is something everyone wants to avoid. No one wants to live
such as life and therefore proper financial planning is essential. However, not everyone is so lucky to
be able to plan the way they want and things can go awry. You should know the best option to get you
out of this critical situation.

 There is still hope even in times of darkness, so you just need to keep looking for ways to solve your
problem. There are three ways you can get rid of your debt, not guaranteed but at least there is no
harm in trying these ways. In fact, if successful, these are really great help for your situation. The
problems can have bad effect on your health which can in turn spoil it and which is bad news for you
and your family.

 First of all is the debt consolidation. Debt consolidation is to get one loan to cover all your other loans
so that you have only one loan to repay rather than having multiple loans. This is usually the best way
to avoid bankruptcy. The key of success here is to get a consolidation from a right company. Before
you apply from any companies, be sure to make a check of their customer’s satisfaction and services.
Then, talk to them in order to get a better idea of the company. Always try and gain the maximum
knowledge you can about the company and the process as this will help you do better over a period of

 Another way you can try is debt negotiation with the bank. Find the right person to talk to in the bank
and negotiate about lowering the interest rate. This is also a great way to help reduce your debt but the
only problem is the success rate is low. This is because most of the time, the bank doesn’t see why
they need to help you but by using your diplomatic skills in negotiating, hopefully you will be able to get
a reduced interest rate. You should always try these ways and get a discount for yourself.

 These are just two ways you can use in order to knock off your debt. Don’t get discouraged if you think
this is the only route you can take because it isn’t. There are so many ways out there to kill your debt.
All it takes is a little research and motivation. If you’re serious about killing your debt, you’ll have your
debt gone in no time. Just don’t think your debt is going to disappear over night when you sit on your
recliner all day. Debt takes time to get rid of. Get up, motivate yourself and the debt will disappear
within months.

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                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

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