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                    Why You Should Start a Home Internet Business Without Further Delay
                                                                 By Kanaga Siva

   The Idea of starting a Home Internet Business appears to be catching up very fast indeed. The
present credit crunch and the global economic crisis have created a feeling of insecurity among
employees. This has led to many employees searching for home internet business opportunities with
the hope that these could act as a safety net in the event of loosing their jobs.

 If you happen to be one of these people you are certainly thinking in the right direction. The benefits of
starting an internet business from home are enormous but success comes only to those who are
prepared to work hard.

 Unlike a brick and mortar business, an internet business is very much easier to start. The former
requires a lot of market research, choice of site and large capital investment. On the other hand
starting an internet business has never been easier. If you have a computer with an internet connection
and the determination to work from home, you can get started straight away.

 One of the easiest ways of getting started is to join as an affiliate of one of the legitimate, long
standing affiliate programs available today. There are thousands of products and services to pick and
choose from. Most affiliate programs are free to join. All you have got to do is refer prospects, and if
they make a purchase, the vendor will pay you commissions. Do some research in the internet, choose
your niche product and start promoting it.

 With the advancement of communication technology and the internet, marketing a product globally is
not different from marketing a product within your own country. Hence it will be wise to choose a
product that has a global reach. You will thus be targeting a global market from the comfort of your

 Can there be any other business other than a successful home internet business that can bring you
joy, happiness and fulfillment? You are the Boss. You choose to work short hours, long hours or
whatever suits you. No longer will you be commuting long distances or getting involved in office
politics. You will not give your Boss another opportunity to breath down the back of your neck anymore.
Above all the biggest boon is that you will be able to spend more time with your family.

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                                              Presented by Daniel Toriola

 A major deterrent for most people to start any traditional business is the capital involved and the risk
factor. In the case of a home internet business the money and the risk involved is negligible and hence
it is a major attraction for many to try their hands at it.

 Unlike the traditional brick and mortar business, which usually works from eight to five, the internet
business will work right round the clock making money for you even while you sleep. Someone
somewhere in some part of the world could be visiting your website and making a purchase while you
are fast at sleep. This will happen if you choose a global product and promote it successfully.

 The limited income your derive from your day job will soon be a thing of the past if you work with
passion and dedication. There is no limit to the income you can generate from your internet business.

 A great incentive which many are unaware of is the tax benefits you are entitled to, for working from
your home office. Furthermore any losses sustained by your home business is tax deductible.

 To gain confidence and to be successful in the long term it will be advisable to start and operate your
home internet business on a part time basis. Once you start generating a sustainable income from your
business you could quit your job and work from home full time.

Copyright © 2008 Kanaga Siva. Kanaga Siva is an Expert Author and has a wealth of experience in
Marketing. To learn more about starting a Home Internet Business and for our Recommended Internet
Business Opportunities you are welcome to his Business from Home Website.
http://www.business-fromhome.com ; http://business-fromhome.blogspot.com

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                                       Failure To Pay Employment Taxes - Penalties
                                                             By Richard Chapo

As an employer, you must pay employment taxes if you have employees. Fail to pay and the IRS will
rain all over your parade.


If you have employees, you absolutely must deduct and withhold various taxes from the paychecks of
your employees. Since you are deducting money from the employee’s paycheck, you are handling their
funds. This fact is very important to the IRS and it places great emphasis on any failure to deposit
employment taxes.

If you fail to pay employment taxes, you will be subject to a 100 percent penalty. Yes, 100 percent.
Known as the “trust fund recovery penalty”, the penalty is assessed against the person responsible for
paying the taxes, not the entity. The person can be the owner, corporate officer or other “responsible
person.” In short, a business entity is not going to protect you from the wrath of the IRS.

Late Payments

Cash flow crunches are an inevitable event for practically every business. So, what happens if you
make a late payment for employment taxes. Unless you can show a reasonable reason for the delay,
the IRS is going to penalize you.

Late payment penalties range in amount depending on the delay. If the delay is less than six days, the
penalty is two percent. Delay for six to 15 days and you are looking at five percent. More than 15 days
in delay is going to push the penalty to 15 percent. If you delay this long, the IRS will be peppering you
with penalty notices telling you where you stand.

In Closing

Whatever you do, make sure you deposit employment taxes with the IRS in a timely fashion. Take a
moment to think about the worst thing you have ever heard done by the IRS. If you fail to pay
employment taxes, the actions taken by the IRS will be ten times worse and you will be the one telling
horror stories.

Richard A. Chapo is with BusinessTaxRecovery.com - obtaining tax refund recovery for overpaid small
business taxes. Visit BusinessTaxRecovery.com to read more business tax articles or our new tax
credits page.

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