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                                                       Why You Need a Gas Card
                                                                 By Tom Tessin

   Save With Gasoline Credit Cards:

 These days with gas rates increasing continually, gas credit cards are the newest things around. With
the help of gas cards, there is no need to pay a yearly fee for shopping. Before deciding to opt for a
credit card, people need to consider the following tips.

Important Tips:

1. Determine the value:

 Unlike reward cards such as repeated flier credit cards, credit cards are very beneficial and offer many
significant savings. If an individual fills up the vehicle tank at least thrice a month and has a credit
score of around 720, cards are just the best choice.

 These cards offer a refund on their purchase, ranging from four percent to six percent. Thus, if a
person spends $45 for filling up a vehicle tank, it is possible to save around $2 a fill up. That is about
$100 in savings towards the year-end.

 This rebate adds up as either a check, which a person receives by mail, or a credit to the statement.
Some gasoline credit cards (rebate) also give an introductory period so that a person is able to save
around 11 percent every two months.

2. Choose Flexibility:

There are two different varieties of gas credit cards. There are cards given by particular oil companies,
which offer people refunds for purchases made at certain gas stations, and there are standard cards,
which give refunds as a division of a bigger reward program.

 Unless you are extremely loyal to a particular brand of gas, it will be better to opt for cards provided by
credit card companies, since this will enable in having more flexibility.

3. Beware of rates:

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                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

 It is necessary for an individual to know that interest rates on gasoline credit cards (rebate) are around
13 percent to 24 percent according to the credit history. Individuals will be able to enjoy advantages of
these cards, only if they pay the full balance timely every month. Otherwise, if a person has a balance,
there will be a cut on the refund amount.

Additional Tips:

 While gas credit cards significantly increase a person's savings, it is still beneficial to go through all the
necessary details for crucial restrictions. Remember to ensure limits on how much refund a person will
get back. In most cases, it ranges from $350 to $650.

 It is also likely that a person will have to stop attending gasoline stations at warehouse clubs. To attain
a full refund, a person can only visit a standalone station, which is a station functioning mainly to sell
gas. Moreover, at other times, a person needs to pay money at the pump and not inside to get the

 In some situations, an individual needs to be practical. Your refund will not be deposited routinely into
an account. It will be necessary for you to contact an issuer to redeem this refund. Sometimes, a
person will have only five months before the expiry of rebate. These are a just a few tips you can get
when it comes to apply for a card. The internet is filled with information like this and to simply find
more, you can do a quick search.

Save on gas with a gas credit card at http://www.findgascards.com where you can also find more of
Tom's work.

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                                              Saving on Gasoline With a Gas Card
                                                        By Tom Tessin

Did you know you can save money with a gas credit card? Many people equate credit cards to high
interest rates and spending unnecessary money. However, if you are responsible then you will be able
to save money with a gas credit card. The reason why you can save money is because there are
advantages to buying gas with a credit card that shopping with cash does not have. Check out some of
the benefits of shopping with a gas credit card.

Benefit #1 Lower Price of Gas

 Many gas credit cards will charge you a lower price for gas when you use the card. Therefore, you
could expect to save a good deal of money over a year's period of time simply by shopping with your
gas card. Many people are unaware that gas cards offer discounted gas prices, however this is the
case with most gas credit cards. Do the research to find the gas credit card that offers the best rates.

Benefit #2 Buy Now, Pay Later

 With a gas card you can buy the gas you need when you need it and then pay it off at the end of the
month. This will give you more purchasing power throughout the month and then when you pay your
balance in full you will save money because you will not be charged any interest. This is really
important to keep in mind and it is a definite benefit to buying gas with a gas credit card.

Benefit #3 Earn Points

 You can also earn points when you use a gas credit card. Different lenders offer different points
programs, but in general you can get some pretty nice deals simply by using your gas card. All you
have to do is use your card every time you fill up for gas. Then, in time, you will accrue points that you
can use for free items, airline tickets, cash back, and more. Anything you can do to make a little bit off
of the high gas prices is certainly worthwhile.

 There are of course many other benefits to buying gas with a gas card. These are just a few of them
that will help you see that you really can save money on your gas. Of course, in order for you to benefit
from a gas card and save money you will need to pay the card off in full each month. As long as you do
that you can save money all the while having your car full of gas. Since gas prices continue to rise you
need to do all you can to save money on gas. Consider a gas card today to help you get something
back for what you spend.

 Saving on gas with a gas card is the way to go, just make sure that you do your research and you
know what you're applying for before you fill out that application. If you use your credit card properly,
you can really save a lot of money!

Save on gas with a gas credit card and find more of Tom's work at http://www.findgascards.com

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