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                                         Wholesale Soap Loaves the Great Bargain
                                                            By Sarah Lopez

   Wholesale soap loaves are a great bargain rather you’re using them for resale in your shop or at a
craft stand, you’re using them for party favors at a wedding or baby shower, using them for holiday or
birthday gifts, or you’re using them for personal use at home. When purchasing these homemade
soap loaves from an online wholesale dealer you will find that they come in a variety of different
fragrances, designs, and colors. Wholesale soap loaves can also be made out of one of many various
natural materials which include but are not limited to olive oil, goat’s milk and other specialty milks, and
soy in addition to many more.

 Purchasing wholesale soap loaves is a great bargain because it is equivalent to buying soap in bulk
but all in one convenient loaf instead of individually wrapped bars, which also might I add is a great
way to reduce waste since you won’t have all that extra packaging. You will get one loaf that is
approximately three to four pounds in weight, about eight inches long, roughly four to five inches wide,
and two-and-a-half inches in height and it cuts up to be eleven separate bars of handmade soap.
Typically each individual slice will retail for about five to six dollars a piece while the loaf itself costs
only a little over twenty dollars. That means it’s possible to make a profit of nearly a hundred dollars!
Now you can see why wholesale handmade soaps are the great bargain.

 Even if you do not run a retail shop or craft table there are still a great many other reasons to buy
wholesale soap loaves. These soaps also make great bargain gifts that your receivers will truly enjoy
for the holidays, birthdays, and/or wedding or party favors. You can place the soap slices cut from the
soap loaves in individual bags, which will often times come with your purchase of a wholesale soap
loaf, and add them to gift baskets, place them in mini gift boxes, or stack them and tie a ribbon around
them and pass them out as gifts simply just like that. Either way your special gift recipients will
absolutely love them and that’s just before they get a chance to use them. After they try them they will
really love them!

 Finally, possibly one of the greatest things about handmade loaves of soap is that you know exactly
what kind of materials they’re made out of and there is less of a chance that there might be hidden
chemicals in them that cling to your skin and dry it out or irritate it and cause you to break out in a rash.
 Each handmade soap loaf is typically made with a particular natural material which is usually
described either in the packing information or on the company’s website. Knowing this is great if you
are planning on reselling the loaves or slices of the loaves retail as your customers will love knowing

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exactly what materials they are using on their skin plus they can try different variations of the
handmade soaps that are made out of different natural materials and then decide which materials and
products suit them and their skin type the best.

 With all the great uses and the great features regarding wholesale handmade soaps it is difficult not to
see why they are such a great bargain. I’m sure that if you think about it for just a minute you can
come up with a reason to buy wholesale handmade soaps and you can soon be sharing in the great
bargain that they are.

Sarah Lopez is a very creative writer and owns the
http://www.goodsoapcompany.com/purchasing-handmade-soaps.html. See more articles at about the
best soaps in http://www.goodsoapcompany.com/why-purchase-handmade-soaps.html.

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                            Handmade Soap Loaves - One Purchase Makes Multiple Gifts
                                                               By Jeffrey Dorrian

Some people may be curious to learn what handmade soap loaves actually are. Everyone is familiar
with the typical bar of soap, but not everyone is familiar with loaves or what the term implies. This
product is simply a very large square bar of soap. Think of a small un-sliced loaf of bread and that's all
there is to it.

Many shoppers enjoy purchasing handmade soap loaves because of their many uses. For example,
handmade soap makes a terrific gift idea and, by purchasing loaves, customers are able to cut the loaf
into smaller bars and divide them up as gifts. This is a great way to make several gifts out of one
purchase. On the other hand, a complete soap loaf is ideal for a gift and allows the recipient to create
his/her own custom size soap. These items look beautiful inside of a wicker basket surrounded by a
transparent gift bag and topped off with a ribbon or bow at the top.

Soap loaves, like handmade soap bars, are available in a variety of luxurious scents. From citrus and
floral to chocolate and lavender, soap loaves are simply a huge bar that can be cut down to make
smaller bars of handmade soap. In addition to being an ideal way to add custom-sized handmade
soap to every room of the house or as a gift idea for family and friends, soap loaves are wonderful
decorative touches. Their scents permeate the air and add a touch of luxury to every room. Even with
their undeniable decorative elegance, soap loaves are most commonly used for their intended
purpose. Because they are gentle on the skin and add moisture to the areas that other soaps may
have damaged, handmade soap is highly sought after at specialty stores, craft shows and on the

Handmade soap fragrances have a way of relaxing the user. Lavender handmade soap, for example,
is both easy on the skin and the nerves. In and of itself, lavender is a calming scent that is believed to
sooth the personality and even help to ease stress. Another of the popular handmade soap scents,
which is vanilla, is also known to provide a calming effect.

Because handmade soap loaves are large, they often provide a way for shoppers to save money. A
large loaf may cost more, but can be cut to produce soap in every room of the home with additional
product left over. Whenever a room is in need of additional soap, the owner simply cuts another slice
from the loaf. This not only helps to save money, but also helps to eliminate the potential of running
out of a favorite scented handmade soap.

Jeffrey Dorrian is the soap guy. Really, that is his website http://www.thesoapguy.com . He has been
making premium handmade soap for the past five yea rs. "Handmade soap is a true inexpensive luxury
anyone can enjoy."

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