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									                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

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                                     Advantages of Interlinking in SEO for the Website
                                                                 By Alan Smith

Usually we come across many websites were the home is optimized very beautifully and various
techniques are used to do it successfully. The webmasters do this by optimizing title, alt tags, H1 tags,
keyword density and various offpage factors for improving the quality of inward links. Apart from home
page of the site, consider optimizing other inner web pages also for all round search engine

Primary reason for optimizing all web pages along with main page is, the chances of all your web
pages being ranked higher in search engines increases because of the right keywords. In turn it also
increases the number of site visitors.

Its very easy to achieve this type of results, by keeping navigation structure intact on your home page.
All inner web pages should be just a click away from the home page and visitors should not be
confused as to where to find the target web page. Every link that you have in the menu should be an
anchor link that have the targeted keywords.

For instance if you own a cosmetics company website, and the inner web page is about a facial cream.
Putting 'facial cream' as the target keyword may be very competitive, so you can optimize the web
page with less competitive key phrase as ' facial cream for normal skin' or 'facial cream for dry skin'
whichever is applicable. Here the link from navigation menu would be 'facial cream for normal or dry
skin' instead of just 'facial cream'.

If you want to further improve the interlinking structure and increase the page rank of your website,
than include the above mentioned type of navigation menu on every web page of your site. Thus the
access to inner main web pages would be just a click away, also the number of inward links would
increase considerably. This tool can be very beneficial for attaining higher page rank and get more
links. Many times webmasters fail to recognize this fact.

Apart from including a navigation menu on web pages, you can include a link tree on each of the inner
pages. The links in link tree are often those links that are found at the bottom of web pages and serve
as an excellent source for interlinking of the pages. Don't forget to insert relevant keyword in every link.

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                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

In order to get high rank in search engines, ask your SEO expert to focus upon on-page as well as
off-page optimization. Every inward link that you get and link from another website to your site is like a
valuable vote for your business.

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                                         Website Navigation - Keep It Simple
                                                    By James Schramko

 Have you ever been clicking through a website looking for information that you just can't find? You
know that its there, but no matter how much you search, you just can't get to it?

Well, that is a common problem with a lot of websites. The reason for the problem is not you, its the
navigation system of the website. When you have a large website, there is a lot of information to keep
track of, and sometimes people forget to insert links. That new information may be uploaded to the
website, but placing a link to it got lost in the shuffle.

Let's face it, we're all human and sometimes we forget things. Except those that use website building
software that has automated navigation controls and page interlinking.

What that does is allow you to place a new web page exactly where it should be in relation to the rest
of the website. Image your website to be a big filing cabinet. Inside one of the drawers are lots of
different folders, and within each of those folders are groups of information.

One folder may have all of your latest updates. Another folder may have archived entries organized by
month. So, if you are about to post a new update, you know where in that filing cabinet it is supposed
to go, and if you use the automated navigation tools, then your software will know where it is supposed
to go as well.


Linking between your pages is a good way to show your other content to visitors of your website. Let's
say that people come to your site because an article you have posted there came up in a web search
that they did. If you have your page properly interlinked, you will have links to relevant content that's
also on your site. If people see that information presented properly, they will respond and stay at your
site longer.

As an added bonus, interlinking can also improve your search engine rankings. The details of how that
happens can get pretty complicated, but a simple version is that if exterior websites link to a page on
your website, and that page is interlinked to others, you achieve a higher ranking. At this point, it
should be a no brainer.

If you use an automated navigation function, your viewers can easily find the content they want, and if
you properly use the interlinking tool, you can improve your search ratings, thereby getting more
people to come to your site in the first place.

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