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					                          KEEPING SOUTH WALES SAFE


                          KEEPING EASTSIDE SAFE
                         CADW EASTSIDE YN DIOGEL
                                     DATE: NOVEMBER 2009

Crime has again dropped significantly from the previous month and overall crime for the year
continues to fall including dwelling burglaries, violent crime and auto crime. Detections continue to
significantly exceed the targets set for the year, making Eastside a safer place to live and visit.

    To find your local officer and see what they have been doing visit:

                                     NEWS STORIES

                         Llansamlet Speeding Operation
PCSO Jessica Reed and PC Chris Taylor carried out a speeding operation in Trallwn on Friday
20th November 2009. Pupils from Year 6 at Trallwn Primary School assisted the officers at Trallwn
Road. They recorded the speeds of over 50 vehicles travelling through Trallwn; the highest speed
was 29 mph – staying within the 30 mph speed limit. This operation has been run in conjunction
with a number of high visibility patrols and static speed checks at the location over the past month.
The fact the highest speed clocked was 29mph shows road users are fully aware local officers are
regularly monitoring the area, ensuring the roads are safe for all.
A similar operation was run in the St Thomas area by local officers, again a number of vehicles
were ‘clocked’ the results of which have been forwarded to the highways department to assist in a
scoping exercise. Again these results were positive with a few vehicles ‘clocked’ at speeds which
were marginally over the speed limit, these drivers have all been spoken to and advised
                                   ANPR OPERATIONS.

A number of Automatic Number Plate Recognition Operations (ANPR) have been run in the
Eastside Sector over the past month. During the Operations Eastside Officers team up with
members of the ANPR team who are a Headquarters based roads policing team and provide a
high visibility presence to road users. The equipment they use check all vehicles via an Automatic
Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) device. A number of motorists were stopped due to their
vehicles being linked to crime/driving offences etc. Arrests were made during the operations for
driving whilst disqualified. Also a number of uninsured cars were seized as a direct result of these
operations, again ensuring the roads of Eastside AND Swansea are a lot safer.

                                  DRUGS WARRANTS.

A number of drugs warrants were again executed across the sector, these resulted in 8 persons
being dealt with. 2 of these related to seperate offences of Supplying Class ‘A’ drugs which re-
affirms the commitment of local officers in dealing with the suppliers of controlled drugs within our

                                     PACT MEETINGS.

Again PACT meetings have been well attended in all Wards, this is very encouraging ensuring
residents have a say in the policing of their areas. What is also very encouraging is that youth
annoyance/Anti Social behaviour is now only a priority in 2 of our 5 Wards, this again emphasises
the commitment of the partnership in addressing anti social behaviour/annoyance in our
communities, ensuring the minority who effect the quality of life of residents are actively and
positively targeted by all stakeholders in the partnership. As well as PACT meetings all Wards
have PACT surgeries and other engagement opportunituies such as the weekly ‘Cuppa With a
Copper’ initiative. All these dates are advertised on ‘our’ or within the local community
via flyers in prominent places – this ensures your local officers are visible and accessible so any
concerns or issues you have can be addressed.

                                    OPERATION CAROL.

                 X-Mas All Wales Drink/Drugs Drive Campaign.

Local officers will be taking part in the above Operation which will run through December through
to the end of the festive period. This will ensure the roads remain safe. All officers are actively
taking part in this campaign with the over riding theme being DO NOT drink or take drugs and

Again please visit ‘our’ to see how your local officers are dealing with the PACT
priorities in your area – these have been set by members of the local community. Also on the
system are the contact numbers for all officers and general community News stories.
                Birchgrove Comprehensive Awards Evening

                     Birchgrove Comprehensive School held it’s Year
                     11 Presentation Evening on Tuesday 10th
                     November 2009 from 7pm to 9pm, commending
                     the outstanding achievements gained by many of
                     the pupils there.
                     The school hall was full and Birchgrove
                     Comprehensive School welcomed Cllr Mike Day,
                     Cabinet Minister for Education, as the guest
                     speaker for the evening. The school was very
                     pleased to welcome parents, staff, governors and
                     local community officers to share their pupils’

                     Last years pupils gained exceptional results with
                     52% gaining at least 5A* - C grades in their

                                          Awards included (to name a few):

                           •   The Birchgrove Comprehensive School Award for
                               ‘Outstanding Attendance’
                           •   The Governing Body Award
                           •   The Nicola Cornelius and Rhys Cole Millennium Awards for
                               the contribution made by the Head Boy and Girl to the
                               corporate life of the school
                           •   Including many awards for Sporting Achievements

               Well Done to all Year 11 pupils, and good luck for the future!!

                     Youth Service Bonfire Extravaganza
                               On the 4th November, PCSO’s Jessica Reed and Karen Garrington
                               attended the Youth Service Bonfire Extravaganza.
                               Youth Clubs from all over Swansea attended for an evening of live
                               music, games, bonfire and festivities. A skate park was also
                               erected for the evening and the Local Councillor was there to
                               officially open a new games room. The evening was well attended,
                               and all had a fantastic evening.

Thankyou to those who
attended, and who made
the night an outstanding
                                 Remembrance Parade

                                         A two minute silence brought Police Headquarters and
                                         other locations around Britain to a standstill, as officers
                                         and staff remembered fallen members of the Armed
                                         Services as well as police officers killed in the line of
                                         duty. Local Officers also attended the Remembrance
                                         Parade at Swansea City Centre.

The silence, which was observed across the UK at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month,
marked the moment 91 years ago, when the signing of the Armistice Treaty by Germany and the
Allies ended four years of war.

                     Anti Social Behaviour (ASB) Update

Two young people within the Eastside Sector are currently on ABC’s (Acceptable
Behaviour Contracts), one of them is being taken to the Force Lawyer for consideration of
issuing a full ASBO (Anti-Social Behaviour Order). At present a file of evidence is being
prepared. There are a further three individuals who are currently on Stage 1 and 2 of the
ASBO process. This ensures those individuals who are in a minority in causing problems
within our community are actively targeted and managed accordingly. Further updates will
follow soon in relation to these individuals who are being treated as a priority by your local
policing team. Watch this space!!
Bonfire Night 2009 saw a massive reduction in calls compared to last year. This was due
to the general good behaviour of local youths as well as a number of initiatives and
diversion initiatives in the local community set up by partner agencies. Also all
neighbourhood officers were on duty with their response colleagues conducting foot
patrols in known hot spot areas, this ensured early intervention and any potential problems
were nipped in the bud. The Fire Service also noted a significant decrease in calls relating
to fireworks and bonfires.
                         Eastside Sector Performance

        20% reduction in overall crime in Eastside Sector!!
  On a like for like basis compared to 2008 there has been 355 LESS crimes in the
  Eastside Sector for the first 8 months of the fiscal year (April to November), this
                 equates to approximately 45 LESS crimes per month.
                         Breaking it down to individual crimes:
                              55 LESS assaults with injury.
                             24 LESS ‘other’ violent crimes.
                              22 LESS dwelling burglaries.
                         100 LESS auto crime related offences.
                                6 LESS sexual offences.
                      92 LESS burglaries to commercial premises.
                         36 LESS instances of criminal damage.
                               28 MORE drug detections.

Despite the significant DROP in recorded crime 69 MORE crimes have been
detected so far this year. So far the sectors crime detection rate is 31% compared
to 21% last year.

                      Llansamlet area targeted!!
The end of last month however did see a lot of activity in the Llansamlet
area involving auto crime and shed burglaries. A number of operations
are taking place in the area and arrests have been made, however it is
important all residents re-visit their security measures and ensure all
doors/windows and sheds are locked securely. This simple crime
prevention advice cannot be over emphasised as a lot of the incidents
are opportunist in nature where insecure properties and cars are
targeted. Again if any crime prevention advice is required please do not
hesitate in contacting your local officer.
                         COMMUNITY PAYBACK
                            Offenders positively repaying communities

South Wales Probation Trust is the lead organisation in ensuring that offenders are appropriately punished
within the community. The Swansea Community Payback Unit supervises approximately 400 offenders
per week who carry out unpaid work within their communities as punished for their offences.

Being accountable and visible to the public

Decemberr 2008 saw the launch of a national initiative to increase public confidence in community based
punishments by making work carried out more visible. Offenders are now requires to wear Hi-Visibility vests
with the words Community Payback written on the back of the garment. Latest information shows that public
awareness of punishment via Community Payback has increased from 49% in December 2008 to 74% in
April 2009. This is a real indication of increased awareness of punishment within the community and public

    In August 2009 Swansea Offenders completed 5267 hours of work across the city and county,
         which equates to a value of £31,602 of free work to benefit Swansea communities.

                                                      What Beneficiaries of Community Payback said
                                                     about the work offenders did via recent testimonial

                                                     Local Rubbish Clean-up: “Your supervisor and his team
                                                     cleared up vast ammounts of rubbish. On Thursday they
                                                     filled a whole skip and returned on Friday and again
                                                     collected a vast ammount of litter”.
                                                     Charlotte Lancey Communities First

                                                     Single mother in need of support: “They have done an
                                                     amazing job. The garden is 100 times better, the resident
   Teams of offenders maintaining clearing           and her little one can now go out there and enjoy”.
       brush from around footpaths                   Kimberley Hillman Coordinator – Women’s Aid

    Beneficiary Survey 2008/09                       Tai Esgyn Housing Association: “Commenting on
                                                     painting projects to assist redidents with special needs, “The
                                                     partnership between ourselves and Probation is invaluable”.
  Beneficiaries’ perceptions of the
                                                     Simon Rogers Operations Manager
  benefits to the community of Unpaid
  Work are overwhelmingly positive-
  beneficiaries typically feel that the
  quality of work undertaken by offenders
  is to a high standard (94%) and 93% of
  beneficiaries think that the community
  has benefited from the work done. To
  view this survey in full please visit our                   MAKING A VISIBLE DIFFERENCE IN
  Community Payback pages at:                                       YOUR COMMUNITY


        Community Payback : What offenders had to say recently about
            working in the community on completion of orders:

    •    “I feel that my time on Community Payback        •   “I’m giving back to the community and was
         has taught me a good lesson of not getting           very happy working with my supervisor. Glad
         involved in any trouble again. Even though           to get the order out of the way and I’m sure I
         Community Payback has been inconvenient              will stick to the law in future”. DL.
         for my family life I feel that I have learned
         some new skills with my time making              •   “When I was sentenced to 100 hours
         benches and tables for schools working in            community work I thought it was totally out of
         the workshop”. LH.                                   my character to do. Having now finished the
                                                              hours I do realise that in my opinion
    •    “Although I didn’t enjoy getting up early on a       community payback has made me think
         Sunday morning, when I was at Community              more about the crime committed than what a
         Payback I did enjoy the work and knowing I           fine would have done”. KH
         was putting something back into the
         community”. SC.                                  •   “I enjoyed working with the disabled children
                                                              helping them around the assault course
    •    “I enjoyed meeting people”. RD.                      best. The Supervisors were good to me. LO,
                                                              commenting on a supervised project at an
    •    “I am not coming back”. KS.                          event working with disabled children”. ET

Forthcoming developments

Further national and local initiatives to provide
assurance to the public that offenders are being
appropriately punished within the community are
From 1 October 2009 any offender who is
convicted of any offence and is sentenced to a
Community Order with an Unpaid Work requirement
of more than 200 hours will attend Community
Payback and work 3 times per week on projects in
your area. Look for the orange Community
Payback jackets.

In November, offenders will be participating in
OPERATION BANG – a Community Safety
Partnership initiative involving the Police, Fire
Service, Probation Service, and Swansea City
Council. Offenders will be removing illegal and
dangerous bonfires. See local press and other
media for details.

At local PACT meetings Police and Safer Swansea
representatives are now publicising information to
residents about how Community Payback teams can                     Swansea offender participating in a
provide different types of work in your areas. Engage              recent Community Payback litter pick
with them.

Thank you for taking the time to read this

         To refer a project please ‘post a project’ at
               or telephone Simon Morse-Jones, Placement Officer, on 07717 766199
                             Crown Prosecution Service Update
                       Crown Prosecution Service Update
This information is provided by the Community Prosecutor for the Crown
Prosecution Service, Swansea, working as part of the Prosecution Team and
sentencing disposals verified with the Magistrates’ Court register.

                                  PACT Meetings

        Ward                     Venue                 Date          Time
                          Birchgrove Community     TBA (visit our     TBA
Birchgrove                        Centre          bobby for a date
                                                     to be set )
Bonymaen                   Cwm Infants School      15th December     6.30pm
St Thomas / Port         Port Tennant Community       Tuesday        6.00 pm
Tennant                           Centre           December 15th
Trallwn / Llansamlet        Trallwn Community     Wednesday 27th     6.00 pm
                                  Centre           January 2010
Enterprise Zone            Ramada Jarvis Hotel,     Thursday 7th     2.00 pm
                               Phoenix Way         January 2010

                Please visit for further
             information regarding local policing in your
             Should you require this document in Welsh
                  please submit your request to:



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