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                                                     Writing Press Releases For SEO
                                                                By Jane Sumerset

  If you're running a business, no matter how small, writing press releases can be one of your most
important avenues for marketing. When doing press releases, it's always best to hire a company that
specializes in them, as they would be familiar with the details of what makes them work.

 Should hiring professionals not be an option (if you're a startup without the budget to spare, for
instance), you can always write one yourself. Make sure to follow these guidelines, though, to ensure
that your press release gets a chance of actually getting attention.

 1. Follow the standard format

 Stick to the prescribed format of press releases. That will make it easier for editors and writers to
peruse it, while they're deciding on which items to write about. Make sure to include all pertinent
contact information, so people can get in touch with you, if needed.

 2. Use a powerful headline

 With thousands of press releases written on a daily basis, you'll need a powerful headline to make
sure yours attract attention. Avoid the usual spates of "New company opens it doors" and "New
product out now." Be a bit more creative and craft your headlines to pop out.

 3. Never use attachments

 Avoid sending attachments with your press releases. If you need to send images, you can point them
towards a website containing them. A lot of editors never even open emails with attachments due to
the prevalence of trojans and viruses.

 4. Clean up your copy

 Make sure to run your press release through a good grammar software to keep it clean from easily
avoidable mistakes. Few editors will take you seriously if you can't even turn out a mistake-free

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                                            Presented by Daniel Toriola

 Ask any self-respecting writer about writing for SEO and you'll most likely notice the disdain on their
faces. A lot of writers, especially those used to working in print, find SEO content a bit hard to swallow.

 Many search engine experts, in their desire to stuff copies with keywords, go a little overboard with the
density. The result is copy that hurts the eyes and makes your ears bleed when you start reading it

 If you're writing material for online, especially search-engine-optimization, purposes, it doesn't mean
you have to fashion it into a piss-poor quality document that's totally unpalatable to human readers.
With a little work, you can get your SEO in while creating tolerable copy too.

 1. Write for your reader too. Sure, you're writing for a machine but you want to write for your reader
too. A good idea is to write for people first, then go over the document and start fine-tuning the
keyword density and positioning to make it great for SEO too.

 2. Use a grammar software. People will still read you document so clean it up and make sure there's
not a grammar error between every other punctuation mark.

 3. Use difficult SEO-required phrases as headers, titles and section splitters, instead of trying to fit
them into the copy. Some words people are searching for just make no sense when used as a
sentence (e.g. "no downtime review hosting linux") You can just try to use them in the title of the copy
or as section splitters if you can't find a creative way to integrate the exact phrase.

 4. Talk to the reader. As with web copywriting best practices, talk to the reader directly, instead of
writing with an impersonal tone. Even SEO-intended copy needs to sell with content - how else are you
going to make money otherwise?

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                               Knowing Who the Audience Are For Your Press Release
                                                              By Andy Johnson

It used to be so easy. You wrote press releases for the press, and a very small number at that. It may
have been the case before emails and web access that you sent out press releases to a whole list of
potentially interested journalists, but you were more likely to just send them to 10 or 20 writers that you
already had a relationship with.

 Matters in the internet age have become more complicated. It is important that public relations change
with the time and and that it is an industry that keeps pace with economic and cultural changes, but
unfortunately there are people in the Search Engine Optimisation industry who are trying to subvert
public relations for their own end and are claiming the press release for SEO.

These people are only interested in one thing: building links.

 SEO is divided into two parts: on-page and off-page optimisation. On-page optimisation is concerned
with the right keywords being in the right place, whether that is in the title, headers or body of text.
Off-page optimisation is mostly about building incoming links to a website. It is widely regarded that the
quantity and quality of incoming links is the most important part of SEO.

 These SEOists have noticed all the free press release distribution sites and seen a potential way of
building backlinks. The following are all genuine article headlines from large SEO sites: 'Press
Releases New SEO Back Door to Top Rankings', 'Link Building via Press Releases For SEO
Rankings', 'Why Does Your Company Need SEO Press Releases?'

 Consequently, thanks to the SEO crowd, the internet is now riddled with press release spam. Every
two-bit, wannabe SEO practitioner has been advising their client to write as many press releases as
possible at every opportunity. You need links, they declare, so get them from free press release sites.
Providing a list of such websites they send clients off happy in the knowledge that they are doing
something to build their website or business up. There are even a number of SEO companies that
specialise in using these free press release services to distribute client "spam releases" - all for a hefty
fee of course.

Lets make matters clear: only release a press release when you have something to announce and,
more to the point, something newsworthy.

 Put yourself in the shoes of a journalist or blogger. Is there anything in your press release that that
somebody on the net could write about? Is there anything there to inspire a wordsmith?

 By all means use the quality free press release distribution services, but also develop one-to-one
relationships with bloggers and journalists in your niche. So when you do write and send out a press
release you can email them a copy directly. You'll have far more chance of receiving publicity this way,
and with publicity on the internet also comes those precious backlinks.

 So remember: press releases for the press. Let us spend time redefining just what constitutes the
press in the internet age rather then writing and distributing spam for SEO purposes.

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Andy Johnson is an editor at Press Release 001: http://www.pressrelease001.com

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