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                                                       What is a Link Building Service?
                                                                    By Derek Rogers

   It is important to understand what a link building service can provide for you if you are thinking of
hiring these services from a company. There are also a few things you should require before buying
link building services. You don't want a link building service that has a bad reputation or uses unethical
methods for sending out your site. This will give you a bad reputation too.

 Link building is the process of creating links to your website through other websites. These links will be
inbound to your business.

 For instance, you might have several articles written about your company that have links embedded in
the text that the reader can click on that will take them directly to your site. You might have images on
other sites that are direct links to your website also. Link building helps increase traffic to your website
and is very popular today.

 A link building service is a company you can hire that will take care of link building for you. They will
write articles relevant to your products or services with links included that take readers to your site. The
articles will be posted throughout the web. They will provide link building services throughout the
Internet. These services are designed to provide maximum exposure to your business and services
that you provide.

 There are several points that you should take into consideration before you purchase link building
services for your website. You should only purchase links through websites who offer total integrity with
their content. Your anchor text should be varied and you should purchase non-keyword links. You
should avoid site wide links and automated link spamming. This can give your business a bad name.
Image links and ALT text is important and you want a company that offers this.

 Many link building services are offered through SEO companies. When you accept these types of
services you should expect the popularity of your site to increase, in return increasing the page rank of
your site too. Most of the links are built up through other relevant and authority sites. Most companies
will do the work of finding the relevant sites that offer their sites as a resource to place a link for your
business on.

The primary purpose of link building is to make your business more popular by creating many inbound

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                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

links into your website. This process will increase the traffic to your site and in return it will improve
your site ranking through Alexa. Increasing the site ranking can make your site more valuable if you
are interested in selling the domain but it can also improve sales for your business when the traffic
increases substantially.

 A link building service is designed to improve your website by increasing the traffic to your business
website. You should be sure the links you purchase are on websites with quality content and practice
total integrity. You don't want links created on your website through a site that has been blacklisted by
search engines for spamming or uses unethical methods for sending out your links.
 Be sure you agree with their methods and you like the content.

Derek Rogers is a freelance writer who represents a number of UK businesses. For Link Building, he
recommends Impact Media Ltd, one of the UK's leading specialists of Link Building Services: http:/

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                                           Link Building Service or Build Your Own?
                                                                By Anwar Alam

It’s not a surprise anymore that any online promotion needs a lot of time to be spent on link building
campaign in order to get a site ranked on the top of search engines. Google, Yahoo, MSN, they all
have somewhat the same policy when it comes to allowing certain ranking to a site based on a given
term. Even though there are few other methods and techniques factored in, link building is deemed to
be the single most important element in search engine rankings. What we need to ask ourselves is
whether we should spend countless number of hours on driving backlinks to our sites or whether we
should hire a link building service provider who can do the job for us more efficiently?

 There are few factors to consider before coming to a conclusion to this question. First, we need to
understand the process of various different methods of link building even before we can start out an
online promotion. No one can even think of starting an important marketing campaign without being
totally familiar about what exactly needs to be done. Few wrong steps with your link building campaign
can do more harm to your site than any good. Outsoaring to an SEO Company for their link building
service can eliminate the risk of using these wrong methods.

 Link building takes up a lot of time depending on how many backlinks one is building and which
method is being used. If you are marketing a low competitive site, you can you can work ob building
the needed backlinks yourself. But if you have a moderate to highly competitive industry where you
play, you will notice that some of your competitors will have 10, 20, or even 100 times more backlinks
than you do. Setting that much time aside and continuing with the promotional campaign can be a
nightmare in this case and this is when you can consider a link building service provider to take some
stress off your shoulder.

 If you are considering hiring a link building service provider, then making sure you do a little bit of
research about the company you are planning on before you hand over your critical promotional
campaign to them. It is well known that you get the service that you pay for. If you pay low and search
for cheap directory submission online, cheap link building service is what you are getting. Not all cheap
link building service will be bad or worthless, but it is the common conception that SEO companies who
are into SEO and SEM business for a while and know what they are doing, they will not be providing
cheap services. Highly skilled people will need to get paid according to their knowledge, experience,
and time.

 Now here’s the million dollar question: how to identify a link building service provider that will provide
you’re the value your online business deserves? Google the company you are considering on hiring
and see if you can find some positive reviews on them. If the SEO company in question is reputable
and has been around for some time, then there must be some client testimonial posted somewhere on
the web. You might find some forum discussion or review posts by some clients or partners which will
give you an idea about their link building service. Read the review and make an intelligent decision on
selecting your SEO Company.

To learn more about how an SEO Company can help you with your site promotion, browse through the
link building service that are available at http://www.seofocused.com/

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