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                                        Viral Marketing - One of the Best Traffic Secrets
                                                                By Adam Maxwell

 If you ask the question of how to get more website traffic, you'll often get this response - 'go viral'.
Sounds interesting, but what does it actually mean?

How does it work, and is it effective? Well, that's 3 good questions, so let's take a look...

 In the medical world, a virus self duplicates and spreads, increasing its' coverage everytime and being
notoriously hard to stop.

Hence the term in the marketing world 'viral marketing'.

 It was never really called that in the days before the internet took off, but the idea still applied way
back then!

 To break the concept down to its' simplest, you give something away that has value, is of use to
 Whatever it is you give away has links to your website, or needs people to use your product.

In the giveaway, you build in encouragement for others to pass it on themselves.

 The chain of people passing it on self perpetuates, all the time with your website being a core element
of the giveaway.

 It means your marketing message or website can be seen by a number of people that you cannot
predict, and cannot control.

If successful, a viral campaign can create a flood of traffic which won't stop even if you wanted it to - a
marketer's dream!

So, it sounds great doesn't it, but does it actually work?

The answer is yes, it most definitely does work - of you get it right it can be the biggest source of traffic

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                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

to your website, and it can be done for free too!

You may choose to give away a product, a report maybe on the subject matter of your market.
You may choose to give away a service, maybe providing a neat twist to a software application.
You may choose to use a video, and this can really be exciting.

 On the biggest and most well known video sharing site, YouTube, they give you magical help to make
your video go viral.

 You could make a short video about your subject, or even screen shots, and once you've uploaded it
to You Tube, people have the chance to make comments on it.

If you can start an argument, you'll have people falling over themselves to watch *your* video!

 People can put your video on any of their websites, and because it is free, and YouTube even provide
the html code, it could not be easier.

 Also, when the video finishes, YouTube will ask the person watching if they want to watch it again, or
forward it on to others just by clicking a button!

 This is almost too good to be true, but it is all there, and crushingly simple, quick and free to do, it just
takes some of your time.

 Let's not make any pretences, the first few times you do it, you'll make mistakes and take a bit longer
to produce your video, but once you get the technique sorted, you can use video to go viral, and get a
huge amount more website traffic.

Discover some of the best traffic secrets and discover which course of action is right for you to explode
your website traffic at:

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                                          Presented by Daniel Toriola

                                          The Best Kept Viral Video Secrets
                                                   By M. Wooden

Businesses are often dying to get their hands on the latest viral video secrets. Why is this? The
beginning of the viral video sparked a transition of advertising from television to the internet. Although
we will never completely say goodbye to television commercials, businesses are discovering just how
successful viral videos are.

Why Are Viral Videos Successful?

 The best kept viral video secrets are what make the videos so successful. When millions of people are
persuaded to watch a video it is just like getting a prime commercial spot on the Super bowl. The
biggest difference is that people are already engaged with the internet, so going to the company's
website is just a click away. This means that the people who view the video are very likely to visit the
website, and possibly buy a product.

The Best Kept Viral Video Secrets

 You probably don't realize just how much marketing is involved in the movie clips you see on video
sharing websites. This is because the marketing methods are kept discreet, so you don't feel like you
are being pushed into buying a product. Here are some of the best kept viral video secrets that you
probably didn't know.

 • To make sure a viral video gets the views that are needed a business will hire a marketing company
that specializes in developing viral videos.

• Many times, a company will create a series of short video clips that lead to their own website.
Sometimes they will show you half a clip and tell you to watch the rest at their site.

 • Not all blog posts are genuine. There are no rules saying that businesses can't write blogs about
their own posts. A lot of times marketing companies will create multiple accounts and start debates
through the blogs to help jumpstart a video.

Viral Video Secrets and Tips

 There is lots of information on the internet that will help you learn how to make a great viral video. If
you haven't made one before, you will want to learn as much as you can about making viral videos. For
example, if you are going to make a viral video, you will have to send it out to as many places as
possible. Friends, family, and any free video posting websites are great places to start.

 There are many other great viral video secrets that will help your video become more popular.
Keyword, title, and thumbnail optimization are all major parts of making a viral video that you will need
to know about. Do a bit more research on these viral video secrets before you get started.

 If you go onto a video sharing site after you have read this article, you will probably find it much easier
to recognize these viral video secrets. If you ever want to create a video, without spending the money
on a marketing scheme, you can try some of these viral video secrets yourself.

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