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					                                                     Presented by Daniel Toriola

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      specific geographic region, a particular demographic group, a select industry or some other group of people
                                                  with shared interests.
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                                  Using Web2.0 to Drive a Stampede of Traffic to Your Site
                                                                    By Chris Deltise

  Your going to learn some Jealously guarded secrets of how to obtain (almost) overnight wealth.
These secrets are know only to a few elite web Gurus. Doling out snippets of information to their
masses of followers is how they keep getting richer.

First I'll explain what web 2.0 is and how its far superior to the old online ways of doing business.
How web pages can now be made to interact with visitors.
How websites can inter react with other similar sites.
How web2.0 site can bring people together in the blink of an eye, in ways never possible before.
How web 20 sites can attract stampedes of red hot visitors with money to spend.
How to convert visitors into loyal fans.
Which sites and networks will give maximum results.

 You'll be amazed how few of your competitors have realized the potential web 2.0 can be for creating
new online Millionaires. Study and apply these methods and your weeks, if not days away from
creating an Internet traffic stampede that will be heading in your direction. I wont go into products or
services here, Ill be focusing on outlines and platforms of building traffic etc.

A quick look at web 2.0.
Web 2.0 is a term used nowadays to describe all the radical changes that are happening to the world
wide web. Our main purpose here is to look at web2.0 from the viewpoint of the big sales and
marketing advantage it gives us. Here are some typical web2.0 innovations.

a) You can start your website with a video of yourself, that is linked in from another site such as
b) Have a blog as your main website.
c) Rapid response to your ideas, have your content, articles commentated and voted upon.
d) Conjure up a traffic stampede to your own site.

 Web 2.0 user interact in a very personal way. They exchange ideas and impressions and in many
cases make friends, and develop a special community. These users access their favorite sites on a
regular basis, and play an active role in the way the community evolves. These "sticky" visitors
bookmark good sites, then share, talk about and rate each others finds through central community

Drive Targeted Traffic
Essential tips, tools and techniques to drive niche traffic to your Website.
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                                            Presented by Daniel Toriola

sites. This is known as Social Bookmarking. As with web2.0 generally Social Bookmarking is here to
stay, simply because Humans are social animals.

 Social Bookmarking sites plus their close relatives Social Networking site are the biggest revolution
ever in bringing people worldwide into written and visual contact on a daily basis. for example focuses on business networking and the like. lets you post your favourite photos. is described as an upwardly mobile blogger site.

 Social Networking connects people at low cost. This is beneficial for entrepreneurs and small
businesses looking to expand their contact base. Search engines are essential, however a personal
recommendation from someone you know, to look at a website, blog post or podcast is a great thing
especially if such a recommendation is posted on a community site with millions of visitors daily.

 Gone are the days of the "Geek", the audience has broadened and visitors technical skills may not be
very advanced, resulting in web2.0 sites being easy to use and very intuitive. Also the people buying
online has increased exponentially.

 Its vital that you see the "Big picture" so you can understand the Magnitude of the opportunity in front
of us. Its truly staggering. By now you'll be aware that in the world of web 2.0, business is no longer
done on a single website.
 In future articles I will go more in depth into the value and methods of using web 2.0 to drive
stampedes of traffic to your site.

Chris Deltise introduces your Free Report on how next generation marketers are using Web2.0 secrets
to stampede herds of 100% targeted buyers straight to their website.

The Stampede Secret
How to Get More Hungry Traffic than You Can Imagine Using Blogs and RSS Feeds.
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                                              Presented by Daniel Toriola

                                           3 Awesome Ways to Promote Your Blog
                                                          By Shannon Herod

Blogging is a fantastic way to drive traffic to your websites. But, how do you drive traffic to your blog?
Well, by the nature of blogging you will get a lot of traffic as it is. But, if you want to take it to the next
level you will want to promote your blog as well. In today's article I want to talk about how you can get
the most traffic to your blog in the least amount of time.

First, you can use articles to drive traffic. Articles are a fantastic way to get visitors to your website. But,
when you look at it this kind of sounds like an oxymoron. You are writing articles on your blog. So, why
would you want to write and submit articles to other places?

Well, the answer is easy. There are directories that have higher authority than your site. So, you can
use that site and leverage the link to your blog to move up in the search engines. Plus, you can get the
instant traffic that also comes from submitting to those directories.

Next, you can submit your RSS feed to RSS directories. An RSS directory is a directory that will allow
you to submit your RSS feed and it will post an update every time you update your blog. This is a great
way to build back links, and also get traffic.

Finally, you can use Yahoo answers. Yahoo answers is a fantastic way to drive targeted traffic. People
are going to these sites to ask questions. If you can find relevant questions to your blog and answer
them, you can send highly targeted traffic to your blog.

There are many ways to promote your blog. I've just mentioned three. But, it always requires action.
You can learn 100 Techniques to promote your blog, but if you do not go out there and do it it does not
matter what you know.

Next, discover how you can promote your blog with ease. I have put together a full-blown review that
will show you exactly how you can promote your blog and do it the most effective way.

Check out the number one Internet marketing strategy blog online and discover the latest tips, tricks
and strategies.

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                                             Presented by Daniel Toriola

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