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                                       Using SEO Basics With Google Webmaster Tools
                                                                By Jason Creation

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be complicated when you don't know the right way to use
this feature for directing traffic to your website. There are many tools available, yet considering Google
is the search engine used more frequently, the information will be regarding the aspects of the tools
used within Google.

 The benefit of using Google Webmaster Tools helps website owners the in the ability to generate
larger amounts of traffic to their website. Google Webmaster Tools is a free service for internet users.
There is an extremely large amount of information available to you after you have verified your website
with Google.

Here are some of the features of Google Webmaster Tools.

 Google Webmaster Tools will show you all the errors on your site, which this process includes
showing any broken links on the website and all the links driving the internet traffic to the website
where there might not be a valid page. The tools also include telling the site owner of possible
restrictions they may have placed on the site that will limit access to the site visitors.

 There is the ability to set the geographic target of the site such as if you want the www. to appear on
the listing of the site. You can select if you want to show images within Google when the search has
been performed by internet users. This process is called Google Image Labeler.

 Google Webmaster Tools will provide a list of URLs that have duplicate title tags or meta description.
The information will let you know if the pages are too short or too long. This helps to correct any
problems with the website and lowers the traffic flow.

 Top search queries are shown with the Google Webmaster Tools. It provides information regarding
what the webs searches are and how the internet users are seeking information on the internet. This
information helps to increase the flow of traffic to the website. The provided information breaks down
the results by web, image and country.

 Managing the site links for your website is very important. Most people desire to have additional
information listed in the search results with their website. Google Webmaster Tools provide the option

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                                            Presented by Daniel Toriola

of setting the information you want listed under your website in the search results. You can only let
Google know if you don't want a site link listed, and you are not able to tell them what pages to add.

 Google will provide a bit of JavaScript about your site on a 404 error page that will offer your site as an
option for the internet user seeking certain information. This is a great way to direct traffic to your site.

 Using Google Webmaster Tools helps to promote higher traffic flow to your website. It is a free service
you cannot afford to pass up when wanting to generate higher hits on your website.

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                                           5 Signs That Google Has Penalized You
                                                             By Seomul Evans

Every small business owner knows the importance of a high search engine ranking. SEO experts and
internet marketing professionals have built their careers around figuring out how to help their clients
achieve top rankings, and small business owners draw on that expertise every day. But whether you’ve
done your own search engine optimization or had a professional do it on your behalf, things sometimes
go wrong. If search engines believe that you’re spamming or using any other off-limits methods of
optimization, you will be banned, often without even realizing it. Here are 5 sign that you’ve been
penalized by Google.

 1. You Have a PageRank of 0. PageRank is Google’s method of ranking the popularity and relevance
of websites. If Google had previously ranked you, but you noticed that your current PageRank is 0, you
can almost guarantee that Google has penalized you. Before you panic, remember that new websites
always begin with a PageRank of 0, so you should only worry if you once had a PageRank above 0
and currently have a PageRank of 0.

 2. Your Website Isn’t Indexed. If your pages no longer show up in Google’s index, then chances are
you’ve been penalized. Think of a keyword for which your site has ranked in the past and plug it into
the search field on Google. Where is your site? If you’ve dropped from the first page of results to the
second, don’t panic. Just make a note of it and improve your search engine optimization. But if your
site doesn’t show up at all for that particular keyword, then there’s a problem. Remember also to
ensure that your homepage isn’t the only page appearing in the search results. A minor penalty will
sometimes result in only your homepage appearing rather than your homepage plus other subpages.

 3. Use Your Tools. Google’s Webmaster Tools is a great way to see how often Google looks at your
website. If you use Webmaster Tools and notice a red sign next to your domain name, Google has
penalized you. Webmaster Tools will also tell you how many inbound links you have from other sites.
Don’t forget to check on all of your pages. If Google isn’t seeing some of them, be sure to resubmit

 4. Use Analytics. Search the web for free analytics tools to tell you whether or not Google has banned

 5. Google Search Your Domain. Using Google, type in “site:” The results
you see will tell you how many pages within your website Google has indexed. When you’re typing in
this request, use a lowercase “s” since using an uppercase “S” will cause the request to work

 Search engine optimization can be a tricky process, especially if you’re not familiar with its evolution
and all the reasons Google has for banning certain practices. If you’re unsure of your ability to optimize
your site properly, consult an SEO expert or internet marketing professional. And if you discover that
you have been banned, seek the help of an SEO professional to help you determine what mistakes
you might have made in your optimization process. When you’re up to your eyeballs in your own
webpage, it’s often hard to see what you might have done wrong. Let someone else look for possible
errors and problems. You’ll be glad you did when your site is once again receiving top rankings from

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