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                                                 Use Blogs to Increase Website Traffic
                                                                 By Adam Maxwell

   It's often said that using a blog is a great way to increase website traffic, and there's a reason it's
often said - it's true! However, it's also possible to use other people's blogs to get more traffic, and here
are three ways...

The first way is to leave comments on other blogs.

 Not all blogs allow people to leave comments, but plenty do as it creates an interactivity which retains
the interest of the blog's readers.

 This is great for you, because if the blog is in the same niche as your target market, that makes the
readers *your* target market too!

 Leave a comment which provides good value, or maybe warrants a discussion, and readers will want
to follow the link back to your site, especially if you use good anchor text, i.e. the words which form the
actual link, rather than 'click here.'

 A second way this comment function works, is that if you pick a blog which is not only in your target
market, but is well ranked with Google, the Google robots will follow the link to your site, and the fact
that the linking blog is relevant in the eyes of Google, means that they will consider your site more
relevant too.

 This is really powerful, because you are getting a double positive double whammy from the same

 Some people advise that if you go for another blog which has a high Page Rank with Google, it
doesn't matter what the subject matter is, if you leave a comment and a link, the PR will link to your site
as well.

 I'm not so sure about that advice. Firstly it's not proven, and Google are likely to change the goalposts
at anytime with their ranking decisions. They have done before and surely will do again. You may find
find that if the other blog is unrelated in subject matter, it may *harm* your search engine results.

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Secondly, you lose the element of readers being interested in your site, as it won't be relevant to them.

Since you get the double hit from blogs that *are* in your niche, I would stick to those.

 A third way to use other people's blogs is to tap into the fact that the owner has built up the readership
of the blog.

 If you offer an affiliate programme, which you should anyway, then you can offer the owner a special
deal just for readers of their blog.

 The owner wins as they get a pile of commissions on the sales, and at a higher rate than your normal
affiliate rate.

The reader wins because they are getting good information in their subject of interest.

 You win, because you are diverting traffic to your site, which the other blog owner has done the work
to develop and qualify.

 So you can see, although having your own blog is well advised as a traffic generator, there are simple
yet effective ways to increase website traffic from other people's blogs.

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             Dallas Web Design Company Emphasizing Blog Comment Publishing For SEO
                                                               By Jordan FeRoss

One of the many services offered by Texas Web Designers is blog comment publishing. This is a
highly effective marketing technique that is widely underused today. It can be a very successful way to
advertise your business, create back links, and increase traffic to your site. Blogs are one of the most
popular ways to attract new customers today.

 Blog comment publishing is a somewhat fresh marketing idea on the internet. Blogs are considered
part the "Web 2.0 movement" that centers on enhancing creativity, secure information sharing,
collaboration and functionality. Blog comment publishing lets people post comments straight to blogs
so that other people can read them. This type of communication is the foundation of Web 2.0 and
permits users to hook up with other users in effect and provides them with a feeling of empowerment.
Blogging is one of the trendiest activities on the internet these days and Texas Web Designers has
found a way to capitalize on that popularity to increase your website's traffic and help you make more

 Texas Web Designers understand the huge possibilities of blog comment publishing as a promotional
strategy. They have a knowledge of which blogs are the most effective places to post about your
products or services and introduce people to your website. Blog comment publishing enables everyone
on the earth with internet access to find out about your website and can create a buzz in suitable
communities that may be interested in your site. The amount of readers who frequent blogs is
astounding and commenting on the right ones will help drive traffic to your site.

 Texas Web Designers know how to run a blog comment publishing campaign where they strategically
place link backs to blog comments that will not only lead back to your company's website, but will also
increase your search engine ranking. This lets a reader click on your link in the comment thread and be
directed to your website. This is another great way to increase your website's credibility with the search

 Texas Web Designers can also use blog comment publishing to create excitement about your website
which is another popular method to increase web traffic to your site. The comments that get posted are
thoughtfully crafted to inform viewers about your products or services and get them excited about
visiting your site and getting more information or making a purchase. Getting people interested in your
website and just getting your name out there helps to brand your website, that is make it a
recognizable name that people have heard of.

 The function of blog comment publishing is to create additional web traffic to your website through the
appropriate use of back links. By using Texas Web Designers to create your blog comment publishing
campaign you will discover that you receive increased traffic and will rank higher in search engine
results. By increasing your traffic to your site you will increase your sales and make more money.

This Article is brought to you by Jordan FeRoss whom is a part of the Dallas Web Design Team at
Reach A Web. For more information about SEO Web Design Contact them at 1-888-699-3233 or at

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