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    Twitter is a democratized, easy to use, 21st version of the old wire service. It has the potential to be the people's
       wire service. The tool allows users to send instant messages in a social network via short messages also
                                                  known as micro-blogs.
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                                          Twitter - An Introduction in Laymans’ Terms
                                                                By David Clarke

   Everyone is talking about Twitter.

Some of us are using Twitter.

Does anyone know why?

 OK I admit it - I signed up for Twitter and didn't really know why.... but I am slowly beginning to see the
value of it.

 Facebook and MySpace have experienced massive growth over the last few years and are widely
known as effective "friend management" tools. To be frank, email has become a pain for a lot of
personal and commercial users. The amount of spam received means that you can spend valuable
time every day just sorting through and deleting emails that are trying to sell you watches, pills and

 If you elect to invest in an elaborate spam filter then the chances are you still continue to receive some
spam. It's a bit like getting a flu jab - you still get flu but your arm doesn't.

 On the other side of the coin the filter is "so good" you don't get legitimate email that was intended for
you. I have personally received email from the person sitting in the office down the corridor marked as

 Facebook and MySpace eliminate this communication nightmare. The concept is simple. I invite you
as a friend. You say yes. You get my messages. If we decide we don't want to be friends we don't get
each other’s messages.

 Facebook has presented great advertising opportunities. Facebook knows your age and habits (well
some of them, so don't panic) so it knows what sort of adverts to throw up on the page you are looking
at. This can be tedious.

Facebook is viewed by some as a little too revealing. I have people who have asked me to be friends

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on Facebook who blank me when I see them in the veg aisle in the Co-Op. If I let you be my friend you
can, at your leisure, see every picture that I have posted of me on holiday, at a party, wedding
reception - anywhere. I find this all a bit too much and a little disturbing. If I came home and found
someone in my living room that I vaguely knew who had spread out all of my photo albums on the floor
and was poring over them I don't think I would find it acceptable if they said "...but I thought we were

 Twitter is a de-cluttered version of Facebook and MySpace without all the intrusive bits. The
messages on Twitter or "tweets" are very short (160 characters including spaces) as they are designed
to be received as SMS text messages.

 You can follow someone on Twitter or be a follower. If you want to follow celebrities then it's easy to
follow someone like Jimmy Carr and receive all their tweets. However, this does have commercial
applications also. Using Twitter I can keep clients who choose to follow me up to date with changes in
the marketplace.

 I see my Twitter followers as my own mini "swarm" that I intend to grow. My followers will belong to
other swarms and so these swarms will be exposed to my Tweets. This means I can potentially reach
a huge marketplace of people who I have never rubbed shoulders with.

This article is free to republish provided the authors resource box below remains intact.

This article was written by David Clarke, an consultant and a partner at DBS
who offer and and related telecommunication / internet services.

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                                           Twitter Tips - What Is the Point of Twitter?
                                                             By Shannon Herod

One of the most common questions I get about twitter is what is the point of twitter? Well, at first I had
a tough time explaining that to potential twitter users. But, the more I use it I can really tell you in detail
what the point of twitter actually is. So, in this article I intend to do just that.

I want to share with you the power of twitter and why you should be using it in your marketing efforts.

First, twitter is a fantastic way to build relationships. Building relationships, in my opinion, is one of the
most beneficial ways to build your business. If you're not building good relationships you are not
building a strong business. So, in my opinion one of the great points about using twitter is the use of
relationship building. You can really connect to your potential customer and client using this platform.

Next, it is a fantastic way to drive traffic. Twitter is a booming platform right now. Thousands upon
thousands of people are starting to use twitter every day. So, you have the potential to connecting with
thousands of people if you build your follower base. So, twitter is a fantastic way to drive traffic to your
sites. But, twitter is not a platform that should be used for spam. Twitter is a platform that should be
used to build relationships. And from those relationships will come traffic.

Finally, twitter is a great way to get sales. In the process of building relationships and driving traffic, the
sales will follow. There is an old saying that that goes like this; people buy from people they know, like
and trust. With twitter it makes it very easy for people to know, like and trust you. So, if you use twitter
the right way, that is to build relationships, you will naturally get sales from twitter.

As you can see, I put the focus on building relationships when it comes to twitter. In my opinion, that is
the point of using twitter. To build relationships. The more relationships you can build, the more money
you will make using the twitter platform.

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