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                                                Top 10 Popular SEO Tools
                                                   By Romio Abboud

    We know that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is very important for any web site to achieve
success. But, big SEO companies are taking coup bucks for it. So, why pay so much when you can do
it yourself within no time with the right SEO tools? Well, below is a list of top 10 SEO tools that will
surely help you to SEO your site like a pro and without spending a lot of dollars:

1. ResellerGo

 This is a great SEO tool that allows you to submit your site to over 2,000 directories within no time.
You can try this great SEO tool free of charge by joining and selecting the "Free Plan." It also offers
upgraded plans with added benefits.

2. We Build Web Pages

 With the help of this SEO tool, you can compare your site against the top 10 sites listed in Google for
any particular keyword. All you have to do is enter your keyword and it will start comparing 9 different
metrics for the top 10 rankings.

3. Zippy

 This SEO tool queries all the major engines and returns results for META search in a format most
suitable for webmasters.

4. URL Trends

This tool allows you to check any of the information about all of the selected URLs; whether it is the
Page Rank of that site or any other thing they monitor.


 It is another great SEO tool. It crawls through your entire site; see how many pages you have, their
respective Page Ranks, keywords and descriptions. It also offers a sitemap generator for both Google
and Yahoo.

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6. Widexl

This tool offers the following free SEO tools:

• Link Popularity
• Search Engine Saturation
• Meta Tag Analyzer
• Password Generator
• Geo Tracker

7. iWebTool

iWebTool has a lot of SEO tools including back links and Page Rank predictor, Google Banned
Checker, Link Popularity, Keyword Suggestion etc.

8. Ezer

This tool allows you to check your Page Rank across all the data centers.

9.Link Harvester

This tool is probably the most advanced link analysis tool available in the market. It can:

• Find every single site that is linking to you within no time
• Reports the total number of pages of your web site that are indexed
• Reports the total number of links pointing to any specific page
• Reports the total number of inbound links, home page links, and deep link ratio
• And a lot more.

10. HitTail

 This SEO tool exposes the least utilized, most promising keywords hidden in the Long Tail of your
natural search results within no time. It presents these terms to you as suggestions that when acted on
can boost the natural search results of your site.

 The above tools will help you to rank high on the search engines, try everyone of them and look for the
once that fulfill your website needs, these are just tools, but the potential of having success in this field
is you and the new ideas to get the attention of your visitors. And the most important thing to succeed
in your campaign is the information that your site has which will make your visitor come back again and
again. is the number one on the internet with a wide variety of products on The seo

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                                     How You Will Get Better Search Engine Ranking?
                                                            By Markus Skupeika

Search Engine Optimization or in short SEO is the steps or action that is required for making the site
look good and properly optimized and more importantly they rank in the top of the search engine.

 Three most popular search engines are Google, Yahoo, MSN. These three search engines are
changing their algorithm every now and then. This is making difficult for the site to stay in the top for
long. So to improve search engine rank the site owners are coming to the SEO companies. Thus the
demand of the SEO companies is increasing every day.

Here are some good information and tips to about Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

 You have to invest well to get good SEO service. The SEO companies have experienced SEO experts
who are ready o help you and your site. But most important thing is you have to search a good SEO
company. For this research on the internet and find the best company suitable for the work.

 Now many people don’t want to hand over their site to other people for SEO work. They themselves
want to do the work. For this they need to have a clear idea of Search Engine Optimization. This will
definitely take some time as you have to research well on what search engine optimization is. You
need to constantly update yourself with the new trends of SEO. The search engines every fortnight
changes their algorithm and process of ranking the sites. So constant updating yourself is highly
necessary. You can’t except to use the same old process all the time. The best SEO experts are the
one who advances with time by updating the knowledge. Your SEO plan of action should be flexible.

 If the site is a small one then it is ok for you but if you maintain a big site it is always recommended
that either have in house SEO professionals else you outsource the work to some SEO company. It will
not be possible for any single person to do the work himself. It requires a team for better search engine

 Don’t expect to rank high in few days. SEO is always a time consuming work. It requires long hours of
research. But now a days you will get lot of SEO tools which are real time saver. SEO Tools help the
webmaster in achieving the information in short time. You will get the information in few seconds which
would have taken hours when done manually. Now SEO work has become little bit easy.

 Thus SEO tools give you the opportunity to get the data quickly and easily. But remember tools can’t
replace the basic SEO work which you have to do manually. Remember before using the tools you
should be familiar with the search engines and its algorithms. It will definitely help you to use the tools
as per your requirement.

 Some important SEO tools are sandbox detection tool, keyword popularity tool, back link tool, ranking
tool. These tools are most important. There are lot of other tools which will help you in many other

Learn about better search engine rankings from leading Florida SEO company.

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