Tips For Accumulating More Twitter Followers

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					                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

     Twitter’s popularity has soared recently, and for good reason. What started as a simple way to update friends
               about daily life has grown into a powerful tool for business, communication and education.
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                                        Tips For Accumulating More Twitter Followers
                                                        By Luca Moretti

   Increasing your Twitter following allows you to drive traffic to your website(s), build your online
presence, and network with people from around the world. So how do you get more Twitter followers?
Some may argue that it requires posting good tweets at a particular frequency or following good tweet
etiquette while others say that it all boils down to driving traffic to your Twitter page and following
people so they in turn follow you. Let’s explore those two arguments.

What We Can Gather From the Most Popular Twitter Users

 If you go to, you can see the users with the most number of Twitter followers. If you
have a quick glance over the list, you’ll see that most of these users are already famous in real life,
whether because they have a successful business or because they are a celebrity. It’s not like they
built their Twitter profiles from the ground up and accumulated so many Twitter followers because they
write good tweets. However, this doesn’t mean that you’re doomed not to gain a good following just
because you’re not famous.

The Way You Use Twitter Has Little Importance

 If you are worried that the frequency of your tweeting or the quality of your tweeting is what primarily
affects the number of followers you get, quit obsessing. You must treat your Twitter account just as you
would any one of your other websites. The key to success is driving traffic to your site. In the big
picture, obsessing about your tweeting habits is really not going to make a difference. The idea is to
maximize your visibility just as you would on your own blog. To come up with marketing strategies for
getting more people to go to your Twitter page and follow you, think of some incentives for why those
people would want to follow you.

Strategies for Increasing Your Twitter Following

 Make your Twitter profile follow you wherever you go. Make sure you add a link to your Twitter page at
the end of emails and forum signatures. Put links to your Twitter page on your other social media
profiles. If you have an online business or application, consider using Twitter for tech/customer
support. Try setting up a contest or giveaway on your Twitter page. You can also create a free tool and
advertise it on your Twitter page. One of the exceptions to the rule of not worrying about tweeting
etiquette is using tweets to link to articles of interest to your followers. This helps you build a following.

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                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

 One of the most effective strategies for increasing your Twitter following is following other Twitter
users. When you follow new users, those users usually follow you right back. The downside to this
tactic is that if you start following many people in a short time on Twitter, you risk being labeled a
spammer. So if you are looking to build a long-term strategy and a legitimate Twitter profile, you’ll
probably want to follow people gradually. One way you can do it is start following a bunch of people to
get them to follow you in return, and then cut down the number of people you follow to make your
profile look legitimate. The problem with following too many people is that you are overloaded with
tweets and it can be difficult to actually keep up with anyone.

 In conclusion, there are two ways to approach Twitter when building your following. You can use it to
get immediate traffic to your websites or you can use it to network and converse with your followers to
build rapport. How you decide to build your following and use Twitter depends on the end goal you’d
like to achieve. If you follow these simple methods though, you’re bound to increase your followers, no
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                          To Get Twitter Followers Building a List of Followers is Crucial
                                                           By Stacey Zimmerman

 Using Twitter isn't hard and to get twitter followers isn't rocket science either. No matter what
knowledge is on the internet that you have to pay for, it boils down to using common sense when
dealing with the internet and social networks as well. There are several known ways to increase your
Twitter following and all you have to use is your common sense. Most of the paid for stuff on the
internet really doesn't help and only makes someone else rich. Let's take a look at the common sense
ways to get followers.

The first thing that you have to do to get twitter followers is to post regularly. The best use of tweeting
is between 2-4 times a day and not more than that using a mix of offer and content. When you tweet,
have something relevant to say. Your tweets should be more content than offer. Another way is to
customize your Twitter by adding a picture and your biography. This will show that you are indeed a
human and not a hated 'bot. This gives a face to the name and biography. This will help to build a

Another way to get twitter followers is to start following others yourself! By this, I mean follow those that
you are interested in and those that may be interested in what you have to talk about. Don't hesitate to
follow someone that you are interested in and don't hesitate to follow other people whose ideas you
resonate with. By following people, you tend to get a following yourself. This is a lot like the phrase
"You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours" idea. It is all reciprocal to say the very least.

The next thing that you should do in order to get twitter followers is to post a "Follow Me" button on
your blogs. This will allow people that are following your blogs to follow you on Twitter. You can use all
sorts of widgets that will allow people to follow you to Twitter via twitter buttons that are featured on
your site or blog. This will allow people to follow you from any place on the World Wide Web. Even first
time visitors will be able to follow you via Twitter. The codex for these buttons is simple computer code
that will lead straight to Twitter.

You will also need to tell your subscribers that you are on Twitter. This will also allow you to have your
subscribers follow you on Twitter. This will help you to get twitter followers. Even new signups will be
able to follow you on Twitter. When you have the Twitter button or make an announcement to your
subscribers so that they know that you are on Twitter. This will easily help you to build your list. By
using these tips, you can easily get more people to follow you on Twitter and you can build your list
easily by following these tips to build your list as well as your business.

Stacey Zimmerman is the author of many health, fitness, business and marketing related articles, and
runs numerous websites on nutrition, fitness, marketing, business and many other subjects. If you
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