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                                                   The Different Types of Blogs
                                                       By David O Connell

   Blogs are sources that provide information and news, regarding different topics. The term 'blog' is a
more casual and popular term for 'Web log'. There are various types of web logs, depending on the
kind of information, they provide.

 Blog writing or blogging initially began in the form of diaries. These blog types provided personal
information as in an autobiography of a person. This requires conscious writing and highlighted
important aspects of a person's life, which most people would be keen in reading. This trend highly
popularized the practice of blogging.

Blog Post Types:

 1. Interviews: Writers often use interviews to learn more about a particular topic, they are working on.
Thus, it may not include relevant information, but a general opinion of the public regarding a specific
topic. Mostly, one or two questions are asked to get an overview of different responses.

 2. Case Studies: It is one of the most popular types of blogs. Web sites include case studies, usually
as review posts, where they add certain content information regarding their sites. Many web sites use
case studies as a medium to generate income.

 3. News Media: These are blogs which display illegal, incorrect, or inaccurate information. Sometimes,
they take the content from a media source and make unintentional modifications and omissions.

 4. Reviews: Usually, every online product or service has reviews along with it. They contain personal
opinions or experiences regarding a particular product. This helps the readers to make a fair choice.

 5. Corporate: Business entrepreneurs use corporate blogs to advertise their products and business
processes. They update readers regarding recent projects, or services or any other modifications in

 6. Rants: These are likely to trigger serious discussions and debates. Topics can range from political
to ethical values and there are immense differences in opinions. Hence, they sometimes cause
controversies, but are highly informative.

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 7. Spam or Splogs: Their basic purpose is to advertise commercial companies. They contain large
number of links to enhance search engine results. Hence, they make use of repetitive text and

 8. Critique Posts: Often mistaken as 'Attack Posts', they are aimed to criticize a particular aspect of a
topic the site is advertising. However, critique blogs are mostly a result of criticism.

 9. Personal: Teenagers usually, make use of personal web logs to post their anger or share some of
their crucial moments and problems with distanced friends. Visitors have an access to such content
and can post their opinions or suggestions on the tagboard.

 10. Culture Blogs: A social organization designates bloggers to display content regarding the social
aspects of a culture or cultural ethics. Here, the content is highly informal and a visitor can post an
opinion, without offending any religion or culture.

 Business organizations use branding, sales, relationship, collaboration and knowledge blogs, for
different commercial reasons.

 Inspirational, humorous, cultures, collation and problem posts are not so common types of web logs,
but can bring a desirable change in thinking patterns, if used effectively.

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                        Posting on Blogs - What You Need to Know to Get Blog Traffic
                                                           By Cliff Posey Jr

Posting on blogs is easy. Getting blog traffic is not. There are a lot of blogs out there and only so many
blog readers to go around. If you are thinking about posting on blogs or if you are already posting on
blogs but not getting the kind of blog traffic you want, there are a few things you can do to make your
blogs more interesting than some of the other blogs you are competing with.

Research Prior to Posting on Blogs

 Blogs that get a lot of blog traffic have one thing in common: they cover topics that people are
interested in reading about. To make sure your topics will be of interest to the general public it is a
good idea to research various topics before posting on blogs. You can perform general searches on
the Internet to see what's popular and what's not. You can also read other blogs that are similar to
yours. If they have high blog traffic and lots of comments, they are probably hitting on good topics.

Consider Your Tone before Posting on Blogs

 Blogs are different than news stories. People read blogs because they want to hear opinions along
with facts. And as crazy as it might sound, people want to hear YOUR thoughts. Don't be afraid to state
your case or add commentary when posting to blogs. Personal opinions, tone, and writing style all help
to draw in regular blog traffic. So, consider these things carefully before posting on blogs. They will
have a huge impact on your success.

You Can Get More Blog Traffic with Short Posts

 Posting on blogs is slightly different than posting on other types of web pages. Blog readers like short
posts--really short posts. Short blogs are fun and easy to read. Long blogs, on the other hand, look
intimidating and time consuming. If you want people to actually read what you are posting on blogs or if
you'd like to see repeat blog traffic, it is a good idea to present as much information as you can in a
limited number of words. A good rule of thumb when posting on blogs is to keep each post under 250

Think About Blog Traffic Posting On Blogs

 Quality doesn't always equal success when posting on blogs. There are lots of good blogs out there
that don't get a lot of blog traffic. The reason is because nobody knows they exist. You can avoid this
pitfall by thinking about blog traffic before you begin posting on blogs. Things to consider specifically
include keywords and keyword phrases. If you can use natural keyword placement in the blog's title
and throughout the body of the text, your posts stand a better chance of making it into search engine
rankings and a better chance of drawing more blog traffic.

Always Think About Your Readers When Posting On Blogs

 When posting on blogs nothing is more important than your blog traffic (a.k.a. your audience.) Some of
the things readers like to see on blogs include: snappy headlines, bulleted or formatted lists, links, and
information that is easy to scan. - Blogs & Rss Feeds
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Cliff Posey, owner of Websites That Succeed, owns and operates . Cliff has also operated several other successful web
businesses including Love Song Cards and Radio Career Consultants. We are constantly researching
new website developer ideas and update this site regularly.

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